Changing My Transmission Fluid – Lexus IS 350

In this episode of Marty Motoring, we drain and fill the automatic transmission fluid in my 2007 Lexus IS 350. Thanks to Steve of Hammerdown Motorsports for providing tools and the lift in his shop!

In this video we’re gonna drain and fill some of the transmission fluid on my lexus is350 hello everybody and welcome to marty motoring so my car has almost 170,000 miles on it i decided that i want to introduce some new transmission fluid into the system now with a flush you’re flushing out everything out of the system so all the old fluid with the clutch residue

And debris and that could get stuck along the way in the transmission so you don’t really want to do a flush with a drain and fill you’re just draining some of the old fluid and introducing some new fluid into the system so everything can keep running efficiently smoothly and keep it lubricated so the drain and fill that i’m going to do is probably just going to

Get 2.5 to 3 quarts out of it that’s just kind of what’s at the bottom there is i think six to eight quarts and the whole transmission and that’s what you can get out with a flush but in this case i’m not doing that so since i don’t really know the maintenance history of this transmission if it was ever flushed i checked out my alexis drivers account and there’s a

Bunch of repairs and you know an emissions inspection and everything like that but there’s nothing about a transmission flush so let’s drain this almost 170,000 mile fluid and see what it looks like so we are in the hammer down motorsports shop today as you can see things are still coming along but steve allowed me to use his lift today so shout out to steve with

Hammer down motorsports you can check his channel out there’s a lot of stuff on this awesome camaro ss supercharged really good-looking car and he does a lot on that and here he is so basically martin’s gonna have to put some underglow on this now that we got the lip put it on i just put it on this car that looks pretty sweet yeah so maybe we’ll have to do that

Comment below what do you think should i put under glow on the lexus so we got the very dirty lexus ice 350 on the lift as you can see my f sport exhaust axle-back is still doing well a lot of people have asked me about this resonator delete what i had done was the big one cut out and put this little ebay one i call it a delete but really you can just it’s a tube

Has a very little baffling you can just put a straight pipe and it does give it a little bit louder and raspier of a sound it’s a little more aggressive so that’s my exhaust setup i don’t get under this car too often so it’s always nice to check out how things are going this is what we’re gonna be working with today here you have the drain plug and the over fill

Plug they call it so once you’re up the temperature you drain this and any excess would come out but this is what we’re gonna be draining today and up here under this cover is the fill plug so you just need to take that out and kind of put a tube in there to get the new fluid into the system all right so we’re under the car and the drain plug is actually going

To take a 14 millimeter of course you can just drain this into anything on the floor that’s you can see it’s pretty dirty you see it on the container it’s like a dark brown and it’s coming out of here it’s it’s pretty bad so introducing new fluid it’s probably not a bad idea at this point just to get a little more cleaned up what we’ll do is put two or three

Quarts in put that in and then run it and then drain this and whatever you want to stop the draining that means it’s at the correct level heated up so once you take this cover off oh it’s those pretty dirty in there once i got this off it’s a 24 millimeter i think i got it broken loose all right so there is the fill plug so now we can actually put a new fluid in

So of course we’ll be using the toyota automatic transmission fluid the ws type that’s what these cars call for i got four quarts of this that should be more than enough for this little drain and fill and yeah we’re gonna put it in and then we’ll do the overflow and see what drains out and then won’t be good to go all right so once this is done draining and you

Got your new fluid all ready to go back here so now all three courts have been added and we are going to turn the car on let the transmission get up to operating temperature and then we can do the overfill plug here and drain out any excess we didn’t measure it exactly but but the overfill plug will do its thing all right so we lowered the car and we’re

Gonna use this to check the transmission temperature after letting it run and get up to operating temperature after a few minutes and then we can use the overfill plug to drain out any excess fluid so we check the transmission with is running about three to four minutes it should be up to operating temperature to know you do the overfill plug get out as you

Can see that stuff is still dripping out and it’s slowing down so we can put this back in clean it up so you can actually do this a bunch of times you can fill up transmission drain get cleaner fluid i’m just gonna do it this once you could also change the filter and that’ll help as well but this should at least introduce some new fluid into the system and keep

It running a little bit smoother and so i’ve tested the car for about two days now and no problems to report actually the shifting is much smoother the down shifts especially usually when i downshift it was pretty rough this is like super smooth oh it’s it’s super smooth compared to what it was before and if i have an empower mode it just goes the paddle

Shifters seem a little bit more responsive but that could just be a mental thing with me with power mode on if you go to stop sometimes it’s a little jerky downshifting now it’s nice and smooth the car is running great there’s no issues so all in all this small little maintenance item actually did make a difference it was definitely worth it and i’ll have links down

Below in the description for all the tools i used and the fluid and everything so that you can get it too and do this at home now you could do this at home with jack stands you can just crawl under the lift does make it a lot easier if you have access to one big shout out to steve from hammer down motorsports for lending me the tools the lifts the whole shop and

Everything and his help for the day that was really helpful also i just want to say recently i did find out how to disable my drl my daytime running lights and also i have a via c light on the dash so we’re going to take a look at that in another video using toyota tech stream i’m going to show you how to do that so look out for that in the future i really wanted

To get the transmission out of the way before i did anything else so i have a bunch of cool mods coming up if you liked this video and found it helpful give it a thumbs up if you’re new to the channel and want to see more lexus content in the future hit subscribe thanks for watching marty motoring and as always leave a little rubber on the road you

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