Changing Steering Knuckle On my 2005 Toyota Avalon From eBay (Bad Bearing)


Okay so this is mainly everything you will need here you will need a drill or you can use um a basic socket or you can use a basic you know wrench but i rather a drill um i’m using this type of drill the wall 20 volt max it’s not the strongest i wish i bought a stronger one but um but yeah that’s what that’s uh the first tool you need then you need a hammer um

That’s the i was using a different hammer in the video i bought that one because that’s a better hammer um i also link most of these in the description uh you’ll definitely need wd-40 if your car is that old in mine i’m not sure what model um vehicle i don’t know what model it goes up to like what year that avalon’s changed up the design and stuff like that so

I’m not sure what year this video will be catered to because mine is a 2005 but it can also be used for different type of vehicles just let me know but i’m not sure which vehicles exactly okay mainly um the sockets that you’ll be using here is a 17 millimeter uh and 22 millimeter which is 22 and 21 um but yeah i recommend you buying the whole set because that

Would definitely help you um in all your endeavors when you you know need to you know socket things or whatever like that uh you’ll need what is this a 30 millimeter socket 12 point i’ll also link that down in the description it’s about like 20 bucks on amazon 20 plus i think and you need this to uh for the axle nut um if you strip your actual threads you need

A re-threader which also you know leave that in the description um linked up and for this reprinter i had to go to the store and buy this 32 point i mean it’s 32 uh millimeter socket five i think five point six point i’m not sure i’m not counting i don’t care but yeah this is mainly the tools you’ll need and obviously you’ll need the you’ll need this the axle

I mean the steering knuckle so that’s basically all and yeah let’s get to the video i forgot to mention obviously you need a breaker bar because you know it’s a car this job isn’t too difficult but um it can get a little annoying so i just start by you know jacking up the car first you want to unscrew all the bolts or loosen them up so you can um you know more

Easily be able to take the wheel off so do that first as you can see here they’re already loose so all i need to do is just you know take them out afterwards you know you take off the wheel and you go on to um i messed up here because i was supposed to drop i was supposed to do this when the car was on the ground because as you can see now i can’t do it so now

I have to drop it so i drop it and now once i drop it i’m able to you know i’m able to take out the axle nut the axonal needs about 217 pounds of force to unscrew it so yeah good luck with that use a long breaker bar and a lot of force and i’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get it yeah so good luck with that no i think i thought i was just like i’ve now taken

Those two bolts off now i’m taking off my sensor my oxygen sensor army speed sensor sorry but right here so that’s a 10 millimeter those were 22’s um the big ones right here in 22’s um the rest were 17 including the one underneath here uh where is it right there those three but yeah let’s get back to it now i’m turning on my car just you know to get more of a

Better angle to turn the wheel so that’s a tip for you i took off the bolts on that side now i’m turning it off to the other side i’m going to leave more on a better detailed videos in the description below so we can help you out with uh this process right now my car is like you know it’s about 15 years old so the bolts are kind of difficult so using wd-40 is

Definitely a plus to take off some some other boats right now i’m jacking up uh there’s a uh there’s a piston not a piston but there’s a bolt stuck right now and uh it’s a joint and it’s just not coming out so this is the tip that i i’m going to give you in a second here what a flipping flip flip okay so basically um what i just did take out the tie rod arm here

Um so this was kind of weird to take off it wouldn’t come off and pulled or nothing so what i had to do was go ahead and hit it right here don’t hit the tie rod because i’m pretty sure i can damage it um but i was hitting here so uh just hammer this because i already took off the the boat or the nut and it wasn’t coming off pulling nothing like that so you have

To hammer here and i guess the vibration is enough to um take it out also use a big hammer and yeah so i have all the bolts taken off um now let’s get to it okay this was probably the longest part of trying to take this out here trying to make this go through this hole um that part right there and holy moly when i tell you that took forever it took forever i

Finally got it i kind of messed up the threads by hammering away at it so i just put this on it hammered it on and and just gave it uh just use the the wetter what else i can’t even speak i just use this drill and then it was just coming out i don’t know how that worked but it worked so now on to the next one i just gave this a couple smacks over here smackaroos

And i finally was able to take this out from here uh on to the next one because this is uh straining to the next day now we have to get started on my friends here oh boy i’m putting is this part belongs right here on the bottom side right here like this also make sure this is the right this is appropriate side it has uh the markings it has l right here for left

And you know r for right i didn’t really torque this down to a specific spec just um you have to just get this slip through um on any side here okay so in this clip here i am currently putting the steering knuckle on a bucket and adjusting it so i can you know put it on the right position that was the only way that i figured out how to do it so you want these

Torque down to 156 pounds you want the actual nut to be 2 217 you want uh this a nut that’s going to go down here to be 94. you also want this nut that is right here to be 94. um i didn’t really do that to 94 exactly i just kind of put the you know the pin that’s supposed to be there there so these in the bottom these three are supposed to be torqued down i’m

Pretty sure to 75 or 94. so um i’ll put all of that in the description below but yeah we’re almost done holy cow i’m currently just twerking everything down here down to spec remember all that stuff is down in the description okay so here is the most frustrating part that happened to me all right so i just biked like five miles to get some new axle nuts because

The ones that i have i do not think are too good so yeah i haven’t biked in years here i am desperate times calls for desperate measures i’m currently trying to file down damn you think it’d be easier but file down the bad threads and this didn’t work too well that is the rethreader that i bought on amazon it helped to a degree i will also link that down in

The description just in case you mess up like i did after a couple days i was able to put on the axle nut so now i’m torquing it down to as best as i can because um my torque wrench does not go up to 217 pounds of torque so i was just trying smarter the harder my hardest instead of instead of lifting it you got you got to put it this way and then put your foot

On it and then go like that what are you doing there we go okay finally you gotta torque down to whatever i feel like i felt like it was you know at least 200 it should be 217 i um over 217 i have to at this point in time so i gave it my best effort and yeah so that’s what it looks like uh you see those threads right there kind of messed up in the beginning but

Then it gets better towards the back um a key like i was about to buy a whole new axle but i it finally worked i bought a re-threader where is it i bought a re-threader and it helped a bit so i can at least get the nut and bolt on there i mean the nut on there and yeah that’s that’s how it is i’m gonna use this to to hammer this down so it won’t move and that’s

That’ll be it also when i was driving uh it was making a sound like a scraping sound all that was was this dust cover was too um close to the brake pad or the brake yeah the brake it was too close to the rotor sorry and yeah and i just pushed it back and there’s no sound anymore uh my brake squeal is also gone i just you know lubed it up and you know messed with

The brackets a little bit and also painted the caliper or the whole thing and yeah it looks okay i don’t really care but yeah that’s it uh i’ll probably yeah i like posting yeah oh

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Changing Steering Knuckle On my 2005 Toyota Avalon From eBay (Bad Bearing) By The Benefactor