Chasing The Ferrari 812 Competizione in Knokke-Heist

Like always as usual the sun is out it feels like  summer like it’s gonna be a perfect day i guess   let’s hope so we got a blueberry pink porch taika   so i found this mercedes g500 4×4 for only 200k  oh man that thing is huge just look at that   okay let’s go further into knocker let’s see what  we can find today oh yeah here

We go we need that   pretty soon okay so i gotta make sure i don’t  get out but look at this boys the ferrari 812 gts   silver wheels some carbon fiber options  over there oh that’s pretty clean to get your number plate it has like  british green or something like that but  that’s dope i don’t know much about  that’s cool that

View in the  rearview mirror is pretty pretty nice okay to start we have this beautiful porsche gt  2rs with a it’s that gold no that’s the same gray   the wheels are also matching with the exterior  color i think it’s the crayon gray but that looks   dope really sad of the unmatching number plate  but that’s great this gt2rs hood ate

A lot of bugs   okay boys just two cars in front of me is  the newest ferrari 812 comptis yoni the   one off there she goes boys oh no it’s red   okay man let’s see that’s  a ferrari 8012 competition   when the pista alarm goes off  as the 8012 rolls by iconic just chilling on my on my chair it’s a bit   right

Now we are just chilling  and waiting let’s hope the   i forgot my zoom lens this is so  annoying but yeah you guys can see it camera was already filming here we have a gt3   so over here we have another  812 gts yeah okay it’s the gta   the only car was with gray wheels these are with  motivating number plate you can do it

Too okay   boys right now i’m heading home since i’ve got  first of all thank you all for the 600  subscribers that’s it say thank you all   road to uh 700 i guess and then do the 800 900  and then 1k but my rewind event was pretty nice   i’ll slow down a bit so that i can talk  yeah since i’ve organized like my first 

Event some sponsors and stuff you really see   effort to come but i still want to do a   stopped by and enjoyed the evening with me   and to give like an update because the school  year is coming to an end i got like six exams   there’s gonna be two more videos and then   a a long break for about a month so i hope i

Can  get enough footage for that but i will be a bit   the summer we will do a lot of crazy content   i’m going to london for five days then i will  and then another 14 days to marbella  and hopefully make some cool  videos with other supercars   for now on i think this is it for today’s  video i hope you all enjoyed

It make sure to   i’ll see you in the next one boys peace out

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Chasing The Ferrari 812 Competizione in Knokke-Heist! By VictorDoesCars