CHECKING OUT this RARE 2022 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition

Heather Ballentine, Lamborghini sales specialist and entrepreneur talks you through a RARE 2022 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition in Aston Martin Racing Green!

I’m heather valentine sales specialist and entrepreneur follow me and enjoy the ride hi guys heather valentine here so today i’m super excited to talk you through the spec of this very rare special 2022 aston martin vantage f1 edition as you guys know i typically specialize in lamborghini but one of my great lambo clients got super excited about this car and i was

Happy to sell it to him and he was gracious enough to allow me to share it with you on the channel so first of all let’s talk about this spectacular paint this is called the aston martin racing green paint and it is an f1 special it has a satin finish paired with dark gray accents that stretch all the way from the hood to the trunk lid and i think it’s spectacular

I mean when i first saw it come off the truck it took my breath away it’s so sporty edgy stealth cool but it’s colorful right a lot of times when we see cars that are stealth and edgy we imagine like dark grays or matte black but they actually pulled that off with this beautiful satin green so i love the finish of it it looks amazing another thing you’re going

To notice on the exterior is the new arrow kit that’s exclusive to the f1 edition this includes the rear wing and the front canards so again bringing that edge to the car it’s really cool and i love the way it turned out this car has a new satin black it’s actually a 20 spoke 21 inch wheel it was designed for the f1 edition and i love the look of it it’s very

Cool again with all the black accents this wheel just it works it’s perfect you’re going to see the body colored rear diffuser and blades and you’ll notice that the black chrome wings and badges bring a lot of depth to this build they just look very fierce and mean i love it it also has a matte black quad exhaust and it sounds fantastic this is a sold car and i

Don’t want to rev a client’s car but let me tell you guys the sound is amazing you’ll also notice on the f1 it has the f1 badges on the side grille and it has the louvered bonnet vents so this looks you know very edgy very cool gives it that sporty feel okay let’s talk about the performance so with the f1 edition vantage it has 528 horsepower and 505 foot pounds

Of torque the zero to 60 is 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 195 miles per hour and when you pop the bonnet you’re going to notice the silver underbonic cross brace it has 200 kilograms more downforce than the regular vantage at top speed it also has the adaptive damping system with skyhook technology modes sport sport plus and track my favorite and when you

Open the doors you’re going to notice this stunning interior most aston martins have leather interior but the f1 edition has this beautiful exclusive to this model alcantara upholstery and it’s on the center console and the door panels it has an f1 edition sport bucket seat with a trim that is lime green so this trim split lime green accents that you’re going

To notice throughout and it’s got neon colored contrast stitching throughout as well so you guys know that i typically do lambo but this aston martin is definitely right up my alley it’s very edgy very sporty i absolutely love the way they pulled this off you’ll notice on the seat it has the silver embroidered wings of the aston martin logo and it also has gray

Alcantara and black leather inserts on the steering wheel with grey stitching and last but not least you’ll notice the f1 badge on the driver and passenger kick plates all in all i absolutely love the spec it’s such a unique rare cool car and i’m so glad that i was able to sell this to my client because i know he’s going to enjoy looking at it within his beautiful

Collection all right guys thanks so much for watching i’m so glad i could share this stunning 2022 aston martin vantage f1 edition with you as always if you’d like to know more about any of the brands we sell at grand touring automobiles be sure to make an appointment with me at grand touring automobiles in vaughan thanks for watching my video guys if you haven’t

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CHECKING OUT this RARE 2022 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition! By Heather Ballentine