Chevrolet Blazer EV Reveal 2024

A new electric vehicle is coming to Chevrolet. The 2024 Blazer EV, unveiled this week in Los Angeles, promises to directly compete with the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Kia EV6 and Tesla Model Y of this world when it hits the market starting in summer 2023.

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Like to speak with you go to to contact them well hello there and welcome to this edition of the eevee revolution show my name is kenneth mccoy your host thanks very much for tuning in to this special edition i’m here in los angeles california at the pacific design center in west hollywood for the gm blazer ev reveal here in

La and obviously by now by time you’re watching my show you’ve already seen a lot of the stats and stuff on it so what i’m going to try to do is just cover some of that information again go through some of the particulars and hopefully get a couple of interviews with some folks here but i want to thank gm canada for inviting me down really stoked about

This let’s get into it don’t stand a place so chevrolet revealed their first ever all-electric 2024 blazer ev this is expanding the brand’s growing ev portfolio and it makes ev ownership much more accessible and driving chevrolet as they say into the heart of the growing midsize electric crossover segment which of course is the biggest segment there

Out there the blazer ev is based on gm’s altium platform which is their go-to all-electric architecture for the next generation models of all electrics coming from general motors with athletic styling that elevates the heralded design established in 2018 by the gas-powered chevrolet blazer and performance cues inspired by the camaro and corvette with

Design and engineering developed to live up to the legacy of the iconic super sport performance designation the blazer evss offers customers the most powerful experience in the lineup it features an exclusive performance all-wheel drive propulsion configuration unique wow what chevrolet calls wide open watts mode enabling up to 564 horsepower and up to

648 pound-feet of torque and 0-96 kilometers per hour in less than four seconds and that’s based on gm’s current estimates staying with the design each of the blazer ev’s trims share a muscular athletic profile enabled of course by the altium platform including tout converging body lines they convey motion while prominent front fender extractor vents are

A nod to chevrolet’s motor sports legacy the distinctive trims take on their own characters the lt features a monochromic appearance and standard 19-inch wheels while the rs strikes a sportier presence with a black grille and other black ass accents along with standard 21-inch wheels the ss serves up the most aggressive aesthetic with a unique front grille

Two-tone color scheme featuring a black roof and a pillars that complement the blazer ev’s body color palette standard 22 inch wheels and more designers also elevated the blazer ev’s presence further on the rs and ss models with a bold dual element led exterior lighting signature that also has choreographed lighting sequences which activate when the driver

Approaches or walks away the effect features a full light bar and illuminated bow tie emblem on the front the blazer ev is a two row vehicle which sits in the midsize suv segment for general motors and supports a five-passenger layout thanks to a flat floor the interior offers a spacious cabin and good storage options inside a refined cabinet also makes a

Modern design statement like the exterior many of its elements draw inspiration from chevrolet sports cars and perform its heritage such as a flat bottom steering wheel for the rs and ss trims and sculpted vents inspired by turbines an expansive 17.7 inch diagonal color touch screen is the focal point of the cabin and the command center for the vehicle’s

Infotainment system and additional features a large 11-inch diagonal color driver information center in the instrument cluster complements the central touch screen within the interior standard ambient lighting with personalization function is available on the rs and ss trims and these trims offer design cues that are unique to them including blue and red

Contrasting stitching on the rs and sueded microfiber seating on the ss with adrenaline red seating surfaces and available argon orange accents standard heated seats and heated steering wheel is available on all trims and ventilated front seats on the rs and ss along with heated rear outboard seating positions are also standard on the ss and available

On the rs trim now the blazer ev features chevrolet’s latest charging infotainment and driver assistant technologies that work together holistically offering customers great convenience comfort and confidence when it comes to making the transition to an all-electric vehicle one of the unique features of the blazer av is that there’s no button to push to

Start their vehicle with hands-free start the driver simply pushes the brake pedal after closing the door and the blazer ev is ready to drive with sufficient charge the key fob also authorized the hands-free start system other technology highlights include powered opening charge port door it features a powered opening when the door is pushed navigation

To charging stations and route planning through the available my chevrolet app this feature helps locate and plot routes to charging stations regenerative braking comes standard with all electric vehicles and the blazer ev also includes one pedal driving which can slow the vehicle to a full stop using only the accelerator pedal there is a presence-based

Lift gate for convenience the tailgate can open hands-free when a customer with a key fob is recognized by the sensors at the rear of the vehicle which is standard on all trim levels and gm’s super cruise is available as well on all trim levels allowing drivers to travel hands-free on divided and compatible highways in the u.s and canada in addition to

These features the blazer also offers latest adas technologies including reverse automatic braking and advanced park assist automatic emergency braking forward collision alert front pedestrian braking follow distance indicator lane keep assist with lane departure warning and intellibeam gm did not provide the sizing for the battery pack but they did state

That the driving range is estimated up to 515 kilometers or 320 miles on full charge on the rs rear wheel drive version charging is supported ac up to 11 kilowatts for level two and at a dc fast charging capable station you can get up to 190 kilowatts of a peak rate this rate provides approximately 125 kilometers or about 78 miles in 10 minutes per charge

Just having a quick couple of minutes inside the blazer one of the ones here it’s a big size suv it’s a really good size suv lots of room in here i mean obviously we can’t drive these and do much with them they’re static they’re early very early but you know i like the looks of it very comfortable seats and even in these really early productions we fit and

Finishes nice so good job all right so you guys know i like to do interviews so i’m here with doug houlihan how are you doug good good to meet you yeah you too doug’s the executive uh executive engineer on the blazer ev program did i get that right executive chief engineer executive chief engineer i always forget something my viewers know i always screw

Things up so it’s all good thanks for taking the time doug i know it’s kind of crazy after the announcement super stoked as the viewers know about gm and what you guys are doing tell me a high level some of the you know the buses of the new ev laser ev yeah the blazer ev starts with the ultim propulsion system which we designed across gm’s portfolio for this

Modular capability and with that we’re able to package three different battery sizes we took the largest size we pushed the wheels out and set the wheelbase and then we integrated it to the underbody with a low center of gravity and if i show you in the rear seat we got this flat mode that’s the beauty of that platform right and lots of interior space all

That kind of stuff well let me tell you a little bit about the drive control okay so we’ve got front wheel drive yep rear wheel drive and all that which is exciting on that yeah that was and actually two different all-wheel drive systems yeah so we have basically on the lt we go with the front wheel drive yep and then with the 2lt we do front wheel drive

And all-wheel drive and then when we go to the rs we put rear wheel driving we put a larger rear drive unit right oh okay so more power that gets more power than what we do on this ss which i have behind me is we put the front drive unit in combined with the large rear drive unit okay and we get 557 horsepower and 648 foot-pounds of torque yeah so that’s

What’s pretty cool about it is that altium has the flexibility to plug and play these different drives absolutely absolutely and pick and choose for consumers right you give them the choice we’re giving them the choice all right we can talk a little bit about range yeah so like on the lt 1lt it gets 247 miles in range and on our rear wheel drive we get 320.

And on this vehicle that you see behind me the ss we get 290 290 that’s the number i thought it was going to be that’s a perfect pretty good number and then speaking of ss we’ve got lots of technology and lots of cool things we’ve got these 22-inch wheels yeah we got front brembo brakes we got a sport tuned chassis we’ve got supercruise standard we’ve got

Heads-up display standard you know just all kinds of neat you know technology to help the customer you know even our the large 17.7 screen that justin talked about just really cool and it’s a freeform display right so it gives the ability to have all the data across the entire screen and leverage that that that really large screen that we have yeah well

We think our customers are going to be extremely excited about the blazer eve because of the choices that we have but this is this is an opportunity to have a different experience and the level of performance that you see in this ss yeah we’re talking zero to 60 in less than four seconds i know it’s amazing that’s something that we really can’t offer on

Our current blazer which we’re really excited about as well i know but but this one’s got just a different level of technology and you know great design presence we’ve got bigger tire od yeah bigger tires and we’ve got 19-inch wheels on the lt 21s on the irs and 22’s on the ss and then we’re doing that police pursuit vehicle yeah and that’ll be based on

A rear-wheel drive and that performance all-wheel drive that we offer on the sf and the large and largest battery pack you could cram in it’ll get the largest of our three battery sizes excellent excellent what we did as i mentioned earlier is we we took the largest battery size and that set the wheelbase and then we we shaped the underbody around it and

Then we created that flat load floor and when you go over the bumps it’s like really that’s all you got yeah it’s really nice any final thoughts about the vehicle you know how stoked are you guys in gm in the direction you’re moving yeah we’re extremely excited we think that this has the level of choices that chevrolet is going to be extremely proud of and

The customers are going to have just buffalo drive rear wheel drive all-wheel drive in fact on the ss we have wow the wide open watch that’s right so lots of great technology lots of safety features and uh we’ll uh we’re it’s and this is a big segment so we’re all in and we’re really excited well thanks doug it’s an honor to meet you thank you very much

Thank you appreciate it now the blazer ev models won’t be coming until the summer of 2023 but they’ve already talked about pricing so gm is going to start with the 2lt in the rs models and they’re going to go on sale as i mentioned next year in 2023 in the summer now prices in canadian dollars start at 598 msrp and 61 298 dollars for the rs model the ss

Model will follow later in 2023 priced starting around 80 998 dollars and then in the early part of 2024 the 1lt will come out then it’ll have a base price of 51 998 canadian additional details and ordering information will be available closer to the start of production general motors has now opened reservations for this and you can go onto the website

See this link and get more information as well as if you’re interested for fleet or commercial businesses you can see this other website finally the blazer ev will be produced at gm’s ramos arizpe mexico production facility which manufactures the current blazer alright so i’m wrapping this up the chaos of mayhem that is a new reveal thanks very much for

Tuning in that’s it for this episode i appreciate you watching on youtube you are supporting me on patreon thank you very much always very humbled by that hope you enjoyed this quick look at the new blazer ev gm continues to march forward next up on there in another month or so will be the equinox ev so really stoked for that so keep watching them thanks

Very much for tuning in and until the next episode i will see you when i see you take care bye you

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