Chevrolet Bolt EV Screen Protector 2017-2021 Model

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Hello everyone welcome to channel 10. today we’re going to install a tempered screen protector for 2021 chevy volt ev now this screen protector should fit 2017 models to 2021 models as their screen sizes are the same i’ve attached a link to the description in case you’re interested in getting one inside the package there is nothing special except that there’s a

Suction cup inside and then there’s the screen protector part in the white packaging with the padded material and i’m sorry about the background noise my neighbor is mowing and looking at the instruction it’s pretty simple clean with alcohol pad then clean with the cloth and use sticker to dust removal tool and align it with the suction cup as i was peeling off

What i thought it was a vinyl sticker that came with the car i actually found out that it was a screen protector but anyways i’ve got a better one in my hand so i’m going to use this as a dust removal tool and install the tempered glass screen protector anyways and then i’m putting the tempered glass screen protector on top of the screen just to see how it fits

How much gap i should leave it on top bottom and the sides turns out the top and bottom are almost perfect fit and it has a little gaps in the sides but it won’t be too noticeable if i can install right in the middle and i’m opening the cleaning kit and it includes the alcohol pad and cloth pad and two sticker type dust removal tools so we’re gonna use alcohol

Pad first unwrap it and clean the screen now you know some of those screen protectors especially the cheap ones come with the small little tiny alcohol pads but i’m glad they didn’t go cheap on this one and after cleaning with the alcohol pad i should be using the cleaning cloth but i forgot that step and went straight to the dust removal tool as you can see but

It didn’t really matter because the bare screen was never touched by someone before now here’s the actual screen protector first i’m making sure which side has the adhesive so i can attach the suction cup to the other side and there’s the suction cup and now we’re going to remove that vinyl sticker to reveal the adhesive side and carefully align it to the

Screen now i feel like i got the alignment done right in the middle and it’s time to apply pressure i’m using top to bottom you can do whatever you want but make sure there is no air bubble in between once i’m done i’m removing that suction cup and when you remove the suction cup there’s going to be a little air bubble so you gotta push that out as well and

There it is the screen protector is installed and there’s a little bit of gap in the both sides but no gap in top to bottom that’s it for today thank you for watching and if you have any question please leave it down below as always thank you for watching and i’ll talk to you later with another device bye you

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Chevrolet Bolt EV Screen Protector 2017-2021 Model By Joe Cho