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Chevrolet Camaro 2014 review:

As he probably gathered we’d like a little bit of value for money here at car buy and that’s why we’re testing the chevrolet camaro because when you consider under there is a corvette engine very few cars offer you this much bang for your buck you’ve probably noticed this is the convertible version which cost an extra five thousand pounds more than the coupe a obviously

You wanted to the roof working don’t you so i’ll just show you i’m not forgetting this car is left-hand drive only though i’ve gotta go round the proper driver side okay right to low the roof it’s just a case of undoing this catch then pressing this button do its thing and i’ll give me enough time to tell you that a standard this car comes with leather heated and

Electrically operated seats you’ve also got a heads-up display there’s a rear-view camera just there in the rear view mirror and you’ve also got an 8 speakers stereo system which let me assure you he’s very very loud anyway hopefully the weather all hold out the heart of this car is of course it’s 6.2 liter v8 and it has in the case of this automatic version

Which incidentally comes with paddle shifters and is way nicer than the manual 400 brake horsepower which is good for naught to 62 miles an hour in just 5.6 seconds now we all know that american muscle cars are very good in a straight line but when it comes to going around corners not so much however this guy actually features all round independent suspension and

As long as you don’t expect it to handle like a porsche boxster in actually corners and steers very well in reality though we can spend most of time just cruising about in this car he’s actually very good for that because the engine is just so relaxed at 70 miles an hour it’s barely above take over that means that it’s relatively quiet however that does bring

Me on to the downsides because really for a v8 you expect a bit more noise and a bit more drama unless you knock it down a couple of gears and then floor it it doesn’t make much noise but you don’t want to do that too often on these narrow roads because his car is just so wide and because it’s only available as left-hand drive you almost end up driving to the

Bushes if a cars come in the other way the biggest problem we’re throwing this car though is of course the economy now chevrolet say that it will do 21 and a half miles per gallon but do you wanna know what i’m getting in reality don’t know what the trip computer is saying have a look at that idea there are some other problems too inside the camaro fills with no

More upmarket in a korean supermini the plastics are a bit cheap and fit and finish isn’t great what’s more the dolls and instruments look like they belong in a toy car not something that costs forty thousand pounds the heat controls are pretty fiddly to an in-car stowage is limited to say the least if you’re after a proper four-seater convertible you may well be

Better off with the mercedes e-class cabriolet because despite being absolutely massive on the outside the camaro isn’t that big on the inside as evidence by well how little room i’ve got here in the back my knees oppressor pagainst a seat in front i’m having to sit slightly twisted because the transmission tunnel actually eats into the foot well also to get out

You can tell the seat but it doesn’t slide forward which is a real pain believe me feeling the coupe a version or the convertibles roofs up then there’s the boot which isn’t that big to begin with but when you have the roof down it’s even smaller because the hoard eats into space and look trying to fit bags larger than that in there because this small opening

Means that it’s very difficult to squeeze larger items in but let’s face it you don’t buy a car like this which practicality you buy it because it’s a v8 muscle car that offers you plenty performance for your money and really there’s nothing else quite like it on the road subscribe to the car buyer channel for our latest videos click here to see our reviews of

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