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Chevrolet Express/GMC Savanna Inside Door Handle Replace

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In this video I show the steps for replacing the inside door handle on a Chevy Express or GMC Savanna Van. Failure of the inside door handle is a common problem for these vehicles and this easy DIY repair can save you money and get you back on the road in no time!

Hello i’m tim with the car doctor channel coming to you from my repair shop your donor automotive in anchorage alaska and i’ve got a quick video on replacing the interior door handle this particular vehicle is a 2000 gmc savana 3500 but this video is going to kind of cover chevrolet express fans as well as the savannahs the interior door handle which breaks and is

A common failure the inside pull itself breaks off it’s just cast aluminum and they fail especially and pull their climates here in alaska they get cold and the door freezes and people pull on it maybe they get in an argument with their wife or girlfriend and they have to exit the vehicle immediately then this happens and then bad things happen after that you’ve

Got a roll the window down actually jump out but anyway it’s good pretty straightforward the simple fix here gonna require pulling some door panel hardware some linkage clips and removing the inside handle assembly so let’s get right to it so in this case we’re going to remove this basically the inside armrest area here there’s just two two screws attaching this

To the inner door frame itself once you remove those you pull this armrest out of the way and get that out of the way and then there’s a little philips screw here just securing the candle assembly to the door panel you want to remove that as well just a little philips screw there now we’ll remove this small bezel here and that will expose a philips screw behind

It we’re also going to remove that now we have a little trim piece up here which i’m using a trim tool to just pop gently pop those retainer clips out there and remove this unit okay here’s the part where you want to make you some caution you know the old school door panels they used to pop out you take our trim tool and get behind it and pry it out don’t do that

In this case this poor panel once you’ve got the screws out it slides straight up and then releases off the retainers then you want to continue to support it and then remove the wiring and in behind there they go to the window switches and other control all right now we’ve got the inner door exposed we’re going to pull back our plastic here and this is the handle

Assembly we’re going to replace we need to take this retainer off and basically it’s just a little button in the center that we depress once we’ve got that little button pushed in we can pop this retainer out like so now that gives us the ability to slide the handle assembly you’re gonna slide it forward here alright now that gives us the ability to access these

Linkages on the backside okay now we’ve got the handle assembly pulled back first we’re going to remove the linkage that actually opens the door latch by tilting the handle assembly up and that’ll give us the ability to remove the linkage that actuate the lock itself just carefully work that off the linkage like that now we just reverse the procedure and install

The new handle assembly so just remove your new part from the box and let’s get ready to put this thing on okay again first we install the lock linkage to the replacement handle work it on there careful not to break any of the plastic parts now we’ll move on to the door latch linkage and there we go now let’s line things back up just tap it back into place now

I’m going to use a replacement retainer to secure the handle assembly go ahead and then button things up now we reinstall our attaching hardware and trim pieces attach the inside armrest all right i’m going to go ahead and verify the operation of the door handle itself make sure the lock is cycling properly we’ll verify that the switches are all functioning as

They should and we’ll clean it up and get this thing out the door great diy project for you guys out there who have a little bit of mechanical ability and want to save a few bucks by doing it yourself hey i appreciate you watching i hope this video was helpful and we’ll catch you next time take care

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Chevrolet Express/GMC Savanna Inside Door Handle Replace By The Car Doctor