Chevrolet has fully unveiled its 2024 Blazer EV

Chevrolet has fully unveiled its 2024 Blazer EV, which will go on sale in summer 2023 as the brand’s first all-electric crossover based on GM’s EV-dedicated Ultium Platform.

Blazer ev is the complete package with style performance and technology available in multiple trims colors and battery ranges this deering new all-electric mid-size suv is built from the ground up around the game-changing altium battery platform altium offers flexibility in charging speeds range and performance giving the sporty blazer ev the sheer

Power and confidence needed to go the distance whether you’re driving around town or across the country blazer ev offers a gm estimated range of up to 247 to 320 miles on a full charge when enabled reagan on demand and one pedal driving help convert the vehicle’s kinetic energy into energy stored in the battery for later used to help get the most

Range designed from the ground up to power most of our all-electric lineup the altium platform allows blazer ev to offer a variety of performance and driving characteristics the all-new body architecture supports the multiple range options along with three available drive systems front-wheel drive all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive chevrolet has

Fully unveiled its 2024 blazer ev which will go on sale in summer 2023 as the brand’s first all-electric crossover based on gm’s ev dedicated ultim platform targeting the heart of the growing midsize electric crossover segment the blazer uv is out to make ed ownership more accessible with prices starting at four thousand nine hundred and ninety five

Dollars for the entry level 1lt model chevrolet will offer the blazer even several distinct trims with multiple range options including an available gm estimated 320 miles 515 kilometers of range on a full charge and available front dash rear and all-wheel drive configurations trim levels include the 1lt 2lt rs and chevrolet’s first ever electric ss

Performance model in addition to an ss based pursue rated police pursuit vehicle ppb model for police fleet applications 2024 chevrolet blazer ss 557 horsepower 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds the range topping blazer evss will offer customers the most powerful experience in the lineup thanks to an exclusive performance awd powertrain configuration designed

To produce up to 557 horsepower for 115 kilowatts and up to 648 pound feet 877 newton meters of torque as well as unique wow wide open once mode enabling 0 to 60 sprints of approximately less than 4 seconds it will also be equipped with high performance front brembo brakes for now we don’t get any information about battery sizes but chevrolet does

Mention that the structural positioning of the battery pack and the low wide proportions of the altium platform contribute to a comparatively low center of gravity that enhances driving stability regardless of the propulsion system all blazer ev models offer independent front and rear suspensions for exceptional ride comfort and responsiveness we

Also learn preliminary charging specs namely 11.5 kilowatts level 2 ac home and public charging and standard dc public fast charging capability of up to 190 kilowatts depending on the model when dc fast charging at the maximum rate the 2024 chevy blazer ev will add about 78 miles 125 kilometers of range in 10 minutes thanks to ultium charge 360 owners

Will have access to more than 100 000 publicly available charging points in the us and canada chevrolet’s latest charging infotainment and driver assistance tech from a tech standpoint the 2024 blazer uv is said to feature chevrolet’s latest charging infotainment and driver assistance technologies that work together holistically to offer customers

Greater convenience comfort and confidence when it comes to making the transition to an all-electric vehicle highlights include key fob enabled hands-free start the driver simply pushes the brake pedal after closing the door and the blazer ev is ready to go powered opening charge core door navigation to charging stations and route planning through

My chevy app rigging braking including one pedal driving mode available hands-free opening liftgate and available super cruise hands-free driver assistance technology the blazer ev also packs chevrolet’s latest driver assistance technologies including reverse automatic braking and advanced park assist in addition to the standard chevy safety assist

Suite of technologies the latter includes automatic emergency braking forward collision alert front pedestrian braking following distance indicator lane keep assists with lane departure warning and intellibean thanks to gm’s ultify end-to-end vehicle software platform that separates the vehicle software from the hardware to enable the frequent and

Seamless delivery of software-defined features apps and services the blazer ev will be constantly upgradable and personalizable sporty design inside and out ample space and storage when it comes to design the 2024 chevrolet blazer ev wasn’t exactly a secret anymore after the teaser photo released in june that revealed the design of the ss model’s

Front end and side profile now we get to see more of the electric crossover including the rear end featuring t-shaped taillights and the driver-focused interior with a 17.7 inch customizable infotainment touch screen and 11 inch diagonal driver information center instrument cluster trim levels are clearly differentiated visually with the lt adopting

A monochromatic appearance and standard 19 inch wheels the rs striking a sportier presence with a black grille and other black accents plus standard 21 inch wheels and the ss offering the most aggressive package ss models get a unique front grille two-tone color scheme featuring a black roof and a pillars standard 22-inch wheels and more all models

Feature full led exterior lighting with choreographed walk-up splash walk away animation on rs and ss models as well as motorsport inspired front fender extractor vents so you

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