Chevrolet Silverado EV 2024 | What We Know So Far

At the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Chevrolet unveiled the 2024 Silverado electric pickup truck. When it first rolls off the assembly line at GM’s Factory Zero in Detroit in 2023, it will be available in two trims: the fully loaded, consumer-oriented RST (Rally Sport Truck) First Edition and the fleet-focused WT (Work Truck).

2024 chevy silverado ev what we know so far hi there internet friends welcome back to our channel the 2024 chevy silverado ev is a fully electric pickup truck stay with us until the end as we’ll show the interior exterior colors drive and reveal the price of the 2024 chevy silverado ev jump into the seat next to us buckle up and enjoy the ride the chevrolet

Silverado and ford f-150 have been competing for supremacy in the domestic pickup truck market for longer than some of us have been alive thanks to electrification it is about to enter a new generation we’ve already seen a lot about ford’s f-150 lightning and now it’s time to bring the 2024 chevrolet silverado ev into the mix at the ces 2022 in las vegas chevrolet

Unveiled the 2024 silverado electric pickup truck when it first rolls off the assembly line at gm’s factory zero in detroit in 2023 it will be available in two trims the fully loaded consumer-oriented rsd rally sport truck first edition and the fleet focus wt work truck design if you’re familiar with gm’s current lineup of electric vehicles the silverado ev’s

Design appears to be a natural extension of that the front fascia borrows much of its aesthetic from the bolt ev and bolt euv with that thin strip of running lights covering the entire width of the truck unlike modern pickups the lack of a massive internal combustion engine means the front overhang is positively tiny making it easier to park than your workmates

2500 duramax the macway elements on the rst are limited to the lower body whereas the unpainted look on the wt extends all the way up the front bumper and yes there is space at the front to put your goodies in which gm refers to as the e-trunk the buttressing between the cabin and the bed is my favorite feature of the silverado ev it reminds me of the chevy

Avalanche but in a good way when you look a little further back the rear end appears to be typical for a pickup with gm’s multiflex tailgate opening to a bed that can accommodate items up to 5 feet 11 inches long i’ll let you in on a secret hidden between the cabin and the bed it’s known as the multiflex mid gate by gm this pass-through which is available on

Ost models allows buyers to carry even longer loads by folding down a portion of the 40 to 60 split second row with the mid gate open the silverado evr st can transport items up to nine feet long when the tailgate is in its maximum storage position that number rises to 10 feet 10 inches if you’re trying to imagine the size of this truck i can tell you after

Seeing it it’s quite respectfully large and the wheels you see in gm’s promotional photos believe me those bubbles have a 24 inch diameter gm didn’t reveal many details about the silverado but its overall length of 233 inches is a few tenths longer than the f-150 lightning the roof height is 76 inches which is about 2 inches lower than the lightning chevy

Could have replicated the interior of the refresh 2022 silverado but it didn’t instead we see a clean sheet design that resembles both a passenger car and a pickup truck according to gm the center console can hold seven gallons which is enough for a launch cooler and there’s a fixed glass roof adding to the spacious feel of the cabin powertrain charging and

Potential the 2024 chevy silverado ev like the hummer ev will ride on gm’s ultim platform at launch both the rsd and wt variants will use the same battery which gm estimates will provide 400 miles of range for both models the rsd produces more power in wide open watts mode the silverado rst can produce up to 664 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque pricing

And release date the first 2024 chevrolet silverado ev variant to go on sale will be the wt which is expected to begin deliveries in spring 2023 and a gm spokesperson did say that the first model year is already largely spoken for because these are fleet purchases gm has not yet announced a price for the wt however once production is up and running gm intends

To sell the wt for 39 900 before destination though the model will have a lower range than what has been mentioned thus far the rsd first edition will not be available until the fall of 2023 and it will cost an eye-watering 105 000 before destination other trims such as trail boss and other familiar badges will eventually follow gm hopes to have a silverado

Ev variant available at multiple price points in the 50 000 60 000 70 000 and 80 000 ranges though no timetable was provided that gives the f-150 lightning a significant head start in the burgeoning new pickup truck segment but chevy fans can start lining up for the silverado evrst first edition today by placing a 100 reservation on the automaker’s website

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