Chevy 2500 Van Door Fix

In this video I repair the side door on my 2009 Chevy 2500 work van. It’s a poor design by Chevy and the standard replacement part is ridiculously over priced. So, I fabricate a fix instead. I hope this video helps other Chevy van owners save some money.

Hey youtube it’s napalm here gonna do a video today on my 2009 chevrolet 2500 work van i got a issue where my door isn’t opening and closing in this little piece of plastic is dry rotted and on the rod assembly and it’s caused my door not to open and closed i have to manually push this rod back into the thing and then open it with my other hand on the handle i’ll

Show you in a second what that is but i’m gonna try to fix this thing without having to replace that piece of plastic i went over to chevrolet and all their infinite wisdom told me they don’t sell just a plastic piece which has got to be a common part that breaks all the time you have to buy the whole rod assembly disassemble the door and it’s like a hundred and

Thirty hundred forty dollar part for this little piece of plastic so i’m gonna try to fix this thing using these little carter pads hitch pins i just need one of them and i’ll take you guys along for the ride maybe this will help somebody out if they have a chevy van with the same part broken on it like i said it’s got to be something that breaks on everybody’s

Vans over time i mean it just dry rotted and broke on me so let’s get started alright so here’s the part that broke it’s this piece of plastic in the door if you have to open the door right here on the side and when you open the door this little rod stays in there and it pulls this little latch well what happens this little piece of plastic broke off i’ll take you

Over here and show you what a full piece looks like but when you a lot of times when you shut the door this piece pops out so then it won’t open the door so you have to shove this thing back in with one hand and then open it with the other hand let me show you what the other one looks like so here’s my back door and this is the part that that broke this thing just

Dry rotted off and you can’t just buy just this piece according to chevrolet i went over to the dealership and i mean this thing is like cheese weighing is crap little piece of plastic i mean look this one’s already cracked too look at that so this thing is already cracked in the back it’s just stupid that you have to buy this whole rod assembly and disassemble the

Door to fix this part this is a gotta be a common problem that other chevy owners have experienced so let me show you what i’m gonna try to do so i’m not sure if chevrolet was lying to me or not but they told me that you got to buy the whole rod assembly and it’s like a hundred and thirty hundred $40 part i can’t remember exactly what it was but i asked the guy if

He was freaking hi what i’m gonna try to do is drill through this rod over on this side of this attachment and slip in this little carter pin or hitch pin whatever you want to call it get it to slide in there and hold this thing from sliding out so let’s go ahead and try to do that and if it works and this will be online for other people to see so that maybe someone

Else doesn’t get screwed by chevrolet and by a part for ridiculous amount of money that they can fix themselves so what i’m going to do is take this 3/32 drill bit this carter pin is 1/16 of an inch thick i went a little bigger i could have gone with one size smaller drill bit than this but i want to make sure i got a little play in this thing so i’m going to use

This one and see if i can drill out that little rod here what i’m going to do is push in on it and try to put my drill bit here and go through the outside edge of this rod right here and then i can slide the pin down over it keep it from popping out so let’s go ahead and try that see if i can do it might get lucky so you can see it’s getting a good drill there

The important part of drilling through metal when you are drilling through metal is not to overheat the drill bit take it slow don’t drill too fast and just slowly let that drill bit do its work and don’t put tons of pressure on it you just need enough pressure for the drill bit to do it to work and don’t go fast nice and easy slow and steady wins the race so so

Far this thing’s going really beautifully it’s going right through that metal so i’m going to keep going all right i got the hole drilled there not sure well the cameras gonna pick that up see it right there straight through so now i’m going to slide that carter pin and see if it works looking good so far check that out looking promising all right there’s the

Hitch pin carter pin in place there check that out looking pretty good let’s go ahead and shut the door and see if i can open it without this thing falling out all right still in there nice see if the door works all right so there you go boom thirty cent carter pan hitch-pin here saved me a hundred and twenty one hundred forty dollars plus tax and the headache of

Disassembling this door and having a full with replacing this whole rod assembly so screw you chevy i’d say that’s a successful repair that’s pretty sweet i came with the two packs i still got one left for when the back door finally breaks but i can’t believe that chevrolet charges a hundred and twenty one hundred forty dollars plus tax for the whole rod assembly

When obviously this piece of plastic here is the only problem with this door and they know they have to know that this is a piece of junk designed and that this is going to break and it’s got a break on other chevy owners so i hope this video helps somebody out don’t spend the freakin money the chevrolet wants you to spend on buying a whole new rod assembly for

Your door drill it out slight a car door pin in it and call it fixed don’t sit there and waste your money cuz that’s crazy a little tiny piece of plastic and i asked him if they just had sold the plastic by itself of course they don’t so some genius engineer or parts guys and wanted to said hey let’s screw our customers over after they bought one of our products

And overcharge them for something alright so if you’re a chevy van owner and you have those little cheesy broken plastic clips on your van all you need to fix your problem is this hillman 1/16 inch by one and 5/16 inch hitch pin you get a 2-pack of these at lowe’s home improvement this is what it looks like here you get a 2-pack of them for 60 cents at lowe’s and

You need a 3/32 drill bit it’s made to drill through metal i used a bosch 3/32 drill bit made for metal and wood went right through the rod assembly in the door sled the hitch pin and – right here this middle part problem solved so if you want to save yourself some money and you do drive a chevy van and you have those broken clips that are driving you freakin

Nuts when you got your hands full and you’re coming back to your van to load it up and you got to drop all your stuff in the driveway just open your door this will solve your problem so don’t spin the freaking money that chevrolet wants you to spend don’t let them rip you off like they tried to do to me just fix it yourself so i hope this video helps somebody out

I’m gonna put this up on youtube so that maybe it’ll save somebody money he’s also driving a chevy van and it’s a eight year old van with dry rotted plastic so not real impressed with the quality of chevrolet on this part i mean this is just poor design made to break and then made to make you go and buy a really expensive part just to fix a piece of plastic let’s

Hope everybody’s having a good one want to say thank you for watching the video thank you to all my subscribers take care and i’ll see you on the next video later

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Chevy 2500 Van Door Fix By Jake Porter