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Chevy Bolt EV: CES 2022 – Announcement of 2024 Equinox EV & Blazer EV – 6 Networks, LLC

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Yeah baby, it’s getting real for GM…

Good evening everybody and thank you for joining me on this late night video it looks like uh you know we’re in a pattern of doing these late night uh shoots from the inside of the bull tv for a while just because of the situation of my going to training for most of the day and then working uh the the jobs between uh you know the end of the class and then somewhere

In night i’m still in the car uh haven’t gotten out yet i parked uh the only thing i did was i did plug it in because i wanted to make sure that this thing got to its uh you know target charge level before i went to bed tonight but um anyway thank you for joining me i wanted to quickly point out uh an interesting conversation that that was held last night

By a good buddy of mine and myself he’s a fellow ev owner and he uh pointed out pointed me to actually this topic and i had some time earlier you know during break and whatnot to try to research this a little bit and turns out that chevy’s about to release two more uh evs and they’re on their way quickly looks like the chevy equinox ev and the blazer ev are

Gonna make a debut in 2023 it doesn’t say when in 2023 and also they haven’t really uh formally discussed the pricing of the blazer ev they did say that the equinox ev will have a starting point a starting price point of about thirty thousand dollars would put which puts it right in line with the bolt eevee and the bolty uv um now the first thing that kind of

Came to mind and my buddy and i were kind of you know talking about this last night is would that step right there would it cause a problem for the bolt ev bolt euv specifically i don’t know it’s all speculation for me um i have not heard anything i don’t think that it would wow this is what i was talking about you know if you’re sitting in your car you

Turn everything off you close the doors even if you have the switch on manually the lights just turn off so remember that if you’re shooting video in your car at least have the ignition on because otherwise the car will think you just left the light on and then it’ll turn the light off for you so apologies for that stay on you hear me good where was i okay so

You know i guess the only thing we can do is just wait until um you know time kind of passes and the the timeline for these two vehicles kind of matures when it comes to the release of them you know i don’t know what their what their where they’re at with them but they did say specifically that both suvs will hit dealers in 2023 which mind you 2023 is already

Less than a year in so or less than a year away i should say and i don’t know i guess we will just have to see how this plays out i’m curious uh you know i had uh i had another conversation this is kind of a side note with a complete stranger this was kind of one of those parking lot conversations where we briefly talked about the recall and this person was

It wasn’t concerned it wasn’t like the initial parking lot conflict that i actually had but this was more of a you know how do you feel about the bull tv and i was really impressed because this person was driving um an ice vehicle and i think they were trying to get an idea as to what my experience with this car was and and i mentioned you know the recall and

We talked about it a little bit and um kind of the pain points and the pros and cons to owning this vehicle and i told this gentleman the truth you know i have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is one of the most reliable cars that i have ever owned you know to have it for a year already actually more than a year it’s been a year and a month now almost 14

Months to have a car that doesn’t need anything other than you know tire rotation and maybe a filter replacement for the for the air filter you can’t beat that you know with the fact that we have solar on our home and i have a lot of uh you know credits with the utility because i generate more uh electricity with my panels than i actually use so i get a lot of

Uh free energy back in with regards to credits and those credits essentially charge this car so right now this car is plugged in it has an hour to go and that hour of energy essentially is free because i over generated today the sun was out it was warm it was it was very sunny i yeah i basically charge my car for free here at home i mean obviously there’s a lot

Of other logistics included in it where you know okay you pay for solar panels you pay for the system the inverters the the monitoring uh you know equipment that’s on the wall on the side of my house etc etc so there is a you know a two-sided argument whether or not it’s really free or not but you know what when it comes to the car when it comes to this vehicle

It doesn’t really matter if i paid for the electricity that goes into this car or not because it is significantly less it is a fraction of the cost of what it was for me to drive either a diesel powered or a gasoline-powered vehicle on the streets of los angeles and i mean that wholeheartedly i cannot compare you know the the 18 plus thousand dollar savings in the

One year of ownership the the amount of fuel that i was literally just pouring into um i guess the exhaust because it never really stuck around long enough to be in the gas tank or or in the fuel lines that go to the car it was always like this it was a revolving door i basically had every uh frequent shoppers card for every gas station that you can think of

You know especially the ones that sold diesel i had i even had truck stop cards for for you know diesel gas stations at truck stops just because why not and the fuel was cheaper there too so anyway to to you know i apologize for going down that that tangent but the bull tv and this conversation that i have with this gentleman um you know the bull tv is a great

Vehicle you know granite it’s marred it’s scarred by the recall it has um a very bitter uh public opinion in most cases but you know what i don’t care i’ve said it before i’ll stand by this bolt evie any day this is my absolute favorite car i have a hard time getting into my wife’s rav4 that’s actually parked right next to me here um just because you know i feel

More confident in this car i feel like you know just the way you know with the with the one pedal driving you let go of the gas pedal in her car the car keeps going in some cases it speeds up if you’re going downhill in my case i generate some power so anyway i’m not going to bore you guys uh anymore i’ve i’ve said my piece as always the comment section is open

Down below uh please strike up a conversation i always love uh listening and reading what you guys have to say and uh you know we’ll start up a conversation in the meantime uh please forgive me for for these short uh you know videos i try to do um you know more creative content a little bit better shooting and whatnot uh during the day when there’s light not

In this situation where the lights randomly turn off um but in the meantime i hope you guys have a great evening and until next time thank you for watching

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Chevy Bolt EV: CES 2022 – Announcement of 2024 Equinox EV & Blazer EV – 6’ Networks, LLC By 6’ Networks LLC