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Chevy Express 2500 Oil change and more

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This is a 2012 Chevy Express 2500 , 4.8L V8 Motor (flexfuel/gasoline)

This is the 4.8 liter vtec this is the 4.8 liter vortech air intakes here you can kind of see the filter obviously it could be worse we’re more than well it doesn’t even touch the dipstick okay so i went to autozone i picked up some fluids a new air filter a lot of tlc easy peasy guys old one out do the comparison difference in color shows how much dust is in the

Old one especially now that i dropped it make sure it’s secure to where it holds itself without leaning against the edge of the airbox line the air was up then this one goes easy alright so next is going to be the wiper fluid dig your finger through there open her up and pour it in like it’s a cup of water who cares if your spill this is another one alright we

Still got a splash left for later that’s nice marty 95% sure how to do it because i had a 4.3 liter v6 vortech a few years ago on the chevy blazer alright let’s get going with this wheel change disclaimer i am using jeff samms if you’re gonna be working on a vehicle this large make sure you have the properly rated jack stands for the weight and always take proper

Precaution getting the vehicle on and off jack sands never ever rely on one of these to hold the vehicle especially while you’re under it i have an oil wrench over there somewhere there’s probably less than four quarts of oil in here from what the dipstick told me we need a fifteen it looks like fifteen you could try a breaker bar let’s try not to make a mess you

Can kind of feel where this the threads end see how it’s dripping look at that so we’re gonna let that drain out all the way and once that’s done we’re gonna crack the oil filter oh you always watch for that it’s okay if you spill a little bit just make sure it doesn’t turn into a huge mess no it was mostly drained out go ahead and put that back in when you finish

An oil change you always make sure that this is as tight as you want it if this loosens up via vibration and it leaks even drip leaks like this and you don’t notice it you could end up with a blown motor in a short amount of time and so next we have to take off this oil filter i’m using this type of grip there’s different kinds but for me this one has always worked

The best feels like it wants to move it’s starting to go cool it’s still going it’s a little slippery now because i deformed it but yeah there we go okay pretty damn warm you can feel through the metal it’s pretty full so you gotta watch you face your hands when it goes to come out so it’s already leaking a little oil so it’s gonna start running down my arm roll

This back a bit just in case here we go roll roll roll roll roll rule that’s messy and it will it should come off in a second guys oh here we go that’s out this is fit oh my gosh this especially with this kind of filter where it’s pretty much at the lowest part of the motor you’re gonna have don’t be afraid just be ready to clean now the oil is completely drained

From both points we can go ahead and pull out the new filter but before we put the new filter on you have got to make sure that this metal ring right here that the oil filter sits on doesn’t have the old oh ring from the old filter because if you double up the o-rings you can have a leak it most likely will leak and that could lead to the engine running low or out

Of oil or almost out of oil and you could have engine problems so always check for that and always make sure you wipe everything down as clean as possible before putting a new filter on with fresh oil lubricated on the ring all right so we got the new oil filter you took a little bit on our finger and we rubbed it around the o-rings i also took the oil and put a

Tiny bit just just into some of the cracks on the top it’s it’s what they call priming the filter make sure it’s nice and nice and wipe down because your tool will slip on it and the more you slip the more frustrated you will get we do not want to deform the new filter because this is gonna be on the motor for a while so we need to take these necessary steps to

Make sure this goes on properly all right let’s get to it all right so now that we have the new oil filter right here i’ve wiped it down i’m ready to check to make sure the old oil ring is gone and the new ones got fresh oil on it make it is hand tight as you can and then come back with the tool but do not crush the filter and your mechanic will tell you that’s

An amateur mistake you scratch the metal slightly to the page on it it’s okay just do not deform the actual metal shape itself we’re just about there guys okay so we voided deforming it as best we can so we got the oil plug back in we got the oil filter switched out lubed up and tightened without crushing it now let’s go and put 5.7 ports into the motor and we’re

Gonna turn it on okay here we go you can stick this in the fill tube then we can get going check to make sure you have the right weight and begin good thing to do is if it’s on such an angle like this where you have to hold it and it’s dripping just lay some rag down under it it’s gonna catch whatever oil you spill and you start the pour you don’t want it to be

Too slow because it will dribble down the front of the container don’t fill up the funnel too fast and just let it drain at the same speed it’s filling we’re pretty much there so that’s good enough for me so i don’t know if it’s okay yeah it’s a 946 milliliter so 7/10 of that would be just around 300 milliliters left in this to make 5.7 liters in the engine i’m

Sorry 5.7 quarts in the engine trust me leaders are bigger than coarse start the pour perfect right at about 300 now that the oil is in we will close the cap go under one more time and check the drain plug then start the engine and let it run now that the engine has been running for a couple minutes we’re going to turn it we’re gonna check the oil dipstick while

It’s running it’s gonna spit oil up the dipstick so just allow the oil to settle back down before you go back in and check for the actual oil level it should only take about 60 seconds to two minutes the oil has now leaked back down put the oil dipstick back in so we can get a better reading you can see fourth hole from the top so i’d say we’re at a safe level now

For sure yep we’re pretty much down here with that being said i hope you’ve learned a lot from this video and if you want to see more like and subscribe because i’m gonna continue making videos about this fan and other things in my life have a nice day

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Chevy Express 2500 Oil change and more! By Matthew Warpenberg