Chevy Express 3500 Adventure Van

Sold-For sale $14950 36k miles Holland Michigan

This is a 2005 chevy express 3500 one-ton adventure fan ready to go or you want to go it’s had a front-end conversion give you these beautiful projector headlights which are awesome on the road got some crazy led high beams got a 12,000 pound winch pulley add or whatever you need this fan has 35,000 miles on it even though it’s a 2005 i bought it at auction with

7,000 miles on it just a couple of years ago it was owned by the us government prior to me maintenance has been impeccable on it there’s zero rust underneath i’ve had it for two winters and spray the underside with a rust preventative and when i got it from the government it didn’t appear to have never been outside it was perfectly clean starting to rain here but

You know it it’s got these giant dell vac mirrors which are fantastic awesome for towing can get around any trailer they’re heated and power and beautiful you can see everything go over there rush the outside real quick starting to really rain on me it’s got a hitch rated at 10,000 pounds so no worries there it’s got a beautiful 7 pin and a 4 pin backup camera this

Is the cargo area it’s currently set up to haul eight people two rows and then the front two and then there is six and a half feet from the back doors to the back of that seat if you pop that seat out you’ve got eight eight feet and change something like nine feet or something like that i’ve hauled 16 foot goods in here before you need to go pick up a 16 foot 2×4

You can just slide it on in and it’s you can close the doors pretty amazing this is a gearbox here can’t have an adventure van without room for gear holds a 12-inch alpine sub and your inflator jumpstarter also various parts straps hooks there’s another place to stash gear in here tight ample tight ends on the sides the stereo not that you’re buying this thing

For the stereo but the stereo there are two amps under here one for the sub one for the component speakers in the door let’s get in the driver’s seat so i can get dry so yeah the mirrors are power and heated i’ve got the original mirrors if you don’t prefer i’m selling it with the electric brake actuator which is the best on the market we’ve got an obe – scanner

Here that i use just keep an eye on things when towing otherwise not really needed you can see the vehicle that’s 35,000 355 miles how do you drive it occasionally not everyday so it’s not gonna accrue too quickly we’ve got a touchscreen bluetooth stereo with all the stuff also an ipad mounted you can bluetooth the ipad to the stereo hotspot from your phone or if

You have a 4g ipad and play the audio over the stereo which is pretty awesome great for road trips there are various screw holes here and there holes drilled this is part of the badassness of the van the government had lights and sirens and crap mounted in here there is a little hole in the headliner here that has been sealed over on the roof but that little hole

Is there again just makes it sound awesome they drilled something in the cupholder so really it’s a it’s a cop car van i like rolling up rolling up hot with it the van is lifted four inches as you can see from the outside and you sit real commanding it’s just a blast to drive super stable and yeah the more interior here a little cubby and pass through back there

More storage anyway that’s the adventure of an badass

Transcribed from video
Chevy Express 3500 Adventure Van By Art knuckle