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Chevy Express van, ABS Control Module Replacement, ABS Light on, Fixed

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Serve event we are going to do the abs control module we have the abs light on and also the brake light on i will try to find the problem by taking all the sensors and all wires first fuse and before we go to this box abs dual is under the driver sitting the car in the chassis okay way under the car so i will check the wiring down here which looks good check

The fuses the abs is number 48. it’s this one here so the fuse checkout for the abs no problem there look all the wire harnesses and under the abs pump and i will try to disconnect the battery but i also want to discharge the system i did replace the wheel bearing i was damaged on the left side and maybe that’s where the ai code for the abs still stored so

Unless you have a diagnostic tool or take it somewhere we’ll try it this way maybe this will help out so what i’m going to do is disconnect the battery first the negative first and then the positive and i will try to bridge both wires we use a vice grips okay so i jam both wires make sure they don’t touch anything for about half an hour or so and we’ll try again

This way if not probably is the abs will do a 250 bucks from ebay or about 50 bucks probably repair before we go all the way down there let’s try this first okay we disconnect the battery for a long period of time and now we’re connecting try to reset the abs light if this doesn’t work the fuses are good and everything else is okay the connections the sensors

So it will be definitely with the abs to let you know what i mean if it worked okay so the ignite is set the abs is on the brake light is on and uh the airbag light is on so next thing is we remove the abs module that’s what it looks like standard plaques plugs this one here it’s easy just pull it out no problems this one here it has a lock you have to remove

This lock the screwdriver it has a little pin in the center you have to push it down remove the lock press down and then pull now the problem with this thing here is uh the bolts you don’t clean it first and set inside you might strip it and then the only way out is by removing the entire pump and the unit you have to release all the hydraulics and that can

Be problem bleeding the brakes and stuff like that so my advice is take your time whatever you have to close balls and uh try to get them out the first time don’t mess with them okay i was able to remove the four bolts so they out so now if i want to separate the unit best i remove the plug one plug is easy the other one try to understand it first this is the

Safety by pressing down and pull just make sure the connections are right and the wires are not cut or anything and that causes the abs light to come on so now what i gotta do is just move this up apart there you go abs module out okay the new abs control will do is install but you work by feel but here you cannot see what you’re doing in the back bolts so uh

Best to give it a lot of effort just plug in the job is done now we’ll turn the car on and see if the abs and the uh uh light this gun off after replacing the abs control module the lights went away we clear the abs light okay good luck guys you

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Chevy Express van, ABS Control Module Replacement, ABS Light on, Fixed! By YouFix N Save -Garage