Chevy / GMC Truck: Driver Window Switch Not Working On All Windows

TAKE TWO! Let’s try this again. In this video I bring you along as I check out the driver window switch in this 2013 Chevrolet 1500. It works on all switches except the one for the that controls the passenger window. Piece of cake! -Enjoy!

Hey there viewers and welcome back to the self made knowledge channel that’s a 2013 chevrolet it’s a silverado it’s got the big five three and the driver’s side window switch works fine for all of the windows except for the passenger side window that one doesn’t go up or down unless you go to the passenger side and then it works over there but everything else works

Good so let’s have a look yes so we’re all on the same page here we’ll kick the key on and you can see the driver’s window functions rear functions right rear functions they all go up and down everything works from the master switch except this little guy the passenger one nothing happens but if we go over there it works just fine so typically i would just grab

A little wiring diagram here but i see there’s a couple different ones it says power window circuit with bucket seats and power mirrors and then it shows you know the switch over here and it show which i was surprised as i can’t believe this doesn’t work on a low speed data network this is old style like you know mechanical switches and then i scroll down keep

Scrolling and then we get to the diagram power window circuit without bucket seats and power mirrors and this one you can see there’s no wires on the switch we’ve got a power ground and low speed serial data which i would expect this to work on so long story short fast way to find out is just pull that switch out and see how many wires we have going to it and

That’s going to determine how we’re going to test it i think this grab handle here has to come off if i remember correctly you don’t tear many of these chevy doors apart as you did like the old ones where you’re always doing window regulators i’m pretty certain that this thing comes off yep it does so a couple retainers one there there there and there and then we

Need the classic 10 mil and then i think this yeah i think this just pops out once you get the pull handle off i just can’t imagine this having like old mechanical switches it may be i guess you know the other thing that would be faster is just to plug a scan tool into it to see to see what we see i don’t know where if it’s just a a lin data bus where it just

Talks to itself but this really didn’t take that long i don’t think to get into this i could be wrong here though pretty sure these little guys just pop up yes sir look at that okay let’s see how many wires we have on the switch oh who does what here that’s the lock that’s the unlocker thing let’s get this i’m going to unplug the unlocker and the mirrors just

To keep the wires out of our way and then we’ll do whatever kind of testing we gotta do to determine what’s wrong there’s that one and i’ll move you guys to a better spot to see come on baby there we go okay now we can see how many wires we have we got quite a few looks like we got four eight 9 10 11 12 13 14. let’s go see here’s what the back of our switch

Looks like it’s a eight pin there and then a couple up on top so we got two eight pin connectors minus two wires so 14 wires this is though just said dinner is ready or lunch is ready rather so it is this diagram here the one with uh bucket seats because that’s what this truck has so it is correct so after i eat lunch we will come up with a plan of attack see

What we need and what we don’t need and who works and what doesn’t and see how these signals work and then we’ll take it from there folks they’re dropping stuff right it’s the lunch is over uh let’s see here i grabbed this a little tesla i think we’re gonna need it we could probably look up the theory in operation how this works i don’t know because it just says

Like the outputs uh past your up signal past your down signal right rear up right rear down left your up left right down all these they just caught signals i don’t know if these have logic in them i don’t i don’t think they probably do or they do to a certain degree but anyhow let’s just go through and see what we see so we have a power in the ground which we you

Know know is good because everything on everything works up one side so that’s really all we’re concerned with is just the one side but just to show you uh so we do have power and ground and then this brown and blue this should be the output to the driver side motor which this should light up a test light in both directions because it’s just going to reverse the

Polarity on it to make it go up and down okay so let’s see let’s check it on a known good one like let’s uh for example let’s do the right rear window right rear output uh let’s see so right rear up signal is light green let’s see let’s go grab that suspected spanish as i can see it from here let’s see so we’re not worried about that light green so here’s a

Light green wire sorry about the cell phone folks i just want to try to back probe beside that and then we’re going to go to ground 250 milliamp light here right rear okay so it does put out enough current to light a test light so that’s which way am i going here so that’s up and then that’s down so okay so we do know i guess we can find the down circuit for

That one and it should do the same thing right rear down it’s purple so we should be able to go to the purple wire and that should light up when we go down with that window and it does so that’s down green wire up so that’s what we expect to see for the passenger side so let’s see if we’re receiving a signal here so passenger up is light blue passenger down is

Tan so must be these wires right here so there’s light blue passenger side oops bumped into there so that is passenger yeah no signal out of that one let’s go to down no signal out of that one so that’s easy the switch is bad which i suspected this when the guy called because i thought it worked on a lin bus and i figured well if everything else works it’s

Got to be a bad switch so i ordered one from chevy it should be out there on our shelf so let’s go let’s go get that there it is folks genuine chevrolet i suppose we could have just got it out and plugged it in but then what do we know it’s a good guess on our part anyways right plug it in hey look that one works now this one works so you guys are wobbling all

Over the place yes sir so they all work so that’s that that was a stupid video anyhow at least we all know now uh i’m i’m a little surprised i’ll be honest with you that they don’t run this off a some sort of network i mean i would think it’d be a whole lot easier to run one wire to each window switch as opposed to you know multiple wires but i guess it’s not a

Whole lot of extra i don’t know what do i know so you just have to very carefully get this thing out without breaking any stinking tabs amazing how much of a car you can take apart with a pry driver so there’s that you could probably pop this apart do a full russian no parts required fix but i think it was pretty cheap and then we go like this i don’t have to

Worry about coming back to haunt me at least for something i did there’s that we’ll plug his mirrors back in plug in the lockout switch oh i had a good one in today earlier too i probably should have shared with you guys but i didn’t there was a fatal error in service data i always tell you guys never to trust service data or if you if you’re in service theater

And something looks abnormal it probably is so i was working on this subaru an o5 outback rear windshield wiper i just wanted to get the diagram so i could see if i had a bad motor or what the deal was but uh if you followed the flow chart and service data yeah i caught the little guy on fire it was fantastic i should i should just do a separate video on that

Just showing like i don’t know it’s hard to explain but they gave a pin out of which motor to or which connector to jump power and ground to and uh i was looking at a diagram while i was also looking at pin out i’m like man if you do this she’s gonna go up and smoke and then so i looked up on oem service data and sure as heck they had their diagram flip-flop

So anyways short story nonsense yeah everything works all right let’s quit flicking buttons because pretty soon we’ll be putting regulators in it and that’s that folks and one thing i’m not gonna regulate is how much time you spend in that comment section leave in your questions your comments your concerns find us on the institute the facebook you know what to

Do and just remember viewers if i can do it you can do it thanks for watching bonus footage time folks come on i know somebody’s gonna ask tell me about the subaru this kind of stuff is kind of boring so it’s hard to make a video on anyhow uh you can see o5 outback i was working on the rear uh wiper motor wasn’t functioning and i wanted to go and see you know

Who’s supposed to have power who’s supposed to have ground and then a quick bypass test does the motor work or is it you know wire issue so here it is pretty simple circuit we have power here we have ground here and then we have our our park uh position signals getting sent back to the i think it’s the intermittent wiper module or whatever um but it’s clear to

Make this motor run we supply you know we can supply power to pin two and a ground to pin three okay however when you look on mitchell on demand it tells you connect the battery to the wiper connector and confirm that the wiper motor operates now this is for a o5 they want you to connect the battery positive to pin four and the negative pin three of course you

Know no fuse which you know whatever you know it doesn’t matter but uh if we connect battery power to number four and the ground to number three and the park switch is closed what do you guys think is gonna happen that’s why it happens your little jumper wire goes up in smoke however when we look at another source of service data we connect power to or ground

To pin number three and power to pin number two so let’s see if we hook it to number three ground and power to number two what’s gonna happen well the wiper motor is going to run so and then as you scroll down through the rest of their service data where you check the operation of the park switch which they have you doing here they have it all pretty close

Like this this diagram is correct um and this diagram is incorrect this should also be pin three and two so like i say if something doesn’t look right like i said the only one i had correct was was this one as far as checking um the intermittent position or the or the park switch rather but if something isn’t right it probably isn’t if it doesn’t jive with your

Wire diagram get a factory diagram if it still doesn’t jive don’t don’t do something that looks stupid and if you do make sure you record it so that’s it folks never trust service data ever sometimes you can but it’s not always right just because it comes from the manufacturer doesn’t mean it’s correct i think any time that there’s human involvement and stuff

Writing manuals or anything like that then there’s bound to be errors and a simple discrepancy in where to you know test a certain pin or where to you know apply power don’t apply power can make a big difference as to whether or not your jumper wires go up in smoke or your new component that you’re testing or something so compare sources that’s why i absolutely

Hate flowcharts because flowcharts will often tell you probe pin you know pin number two and then put your ground here and then it tells you what the value is but if you don’t know what you’re doing if you don’t know you know what’s pin number four why am i probing it you got to ask yourself those questions like why does it want me to probe this and why is this

The value that it expects to see and that’s why as you progress or you know become a better mechanic you’ll you’ll start to just you know throw flow charts in the garbage you’ll be able to pull out a diagram look at it and say okay well let’s see what makes sense you know pin 21 should have power this one should have this this one should have that make the notes

On your wiring diagram you know what to test you know what pins they are and you know what it value to expect so you can go right there and make the tests that you need um i think skinner danner preaches on that or at least he used to uh you know he hates flow charts too and then you just look at it but sometimes there is valuable information in flowcharts that’s

Why we still look at them as mechanics we’ll go in we’ll look because sometimes they’ll have values hidden within the text to tell you you know this you know thermistor should be you know whatever you know it’ll give you a voltage range or a a resistance range on certain items so sometimes that’s helpful and that’s hidden within the flow chart but anyhow long

Story short just don’t trust anyone is the moral of this story trust no one you

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