Chris Forsberg RIPPING The New 2023 Nissan Z | Formula Drift Atlanta 2022 Recap

We went to Formula Drift Atlanta to get some clips and ran into some homies and also stumbled into Chris Forsberg, Alex, and the rest of Forsberg racing! We got close up shots of the new 2023 Nissan Z with the GTR (VR38) motor swap! This was insanely fun and shout out to Forsberg Racing for the GREAT hospitality. Also shout out to Team Rowdy for allowing me to film in their camp! I never really watched FD ever and this was my first time here, but I see myself going all the time! This was insanely fun to film and the competition gets so intense! Enjoy the vlog!

That’s what look you’re making look at this guy before i let him in the house look at this guy we haven’t seen shimmy in like on the vlog in like a very long time but look at this very gap-able twin-turbo de with a built motor oh wait it’s manual now that’s right all right never mind i will stop talking crap let me look let me get this guy in because uh

What’s the play is we’re actually gonna head out to formula drift so letting shim channel stay in my house for tonight it actually sounds so mild too but i’m going to be a gentleman and i’m going to street park my car even though you know if it crashes whatever i got insurance i’m curious i want to see if he makes it he’s trying to i got to explain to him

How he gets in his own driveway you come up just like you are okay you come up you come in at a little bit of an angle and then you go full lock so that way your front tire comes up your bumper’s over here your front left comes about here and then you just come in without destroying your pretty nismo v2 bumper yeah but you park in head in like a peasant

All right change of plan instead of me riding with shim sham i’m just going to end up taking my car because my girlfriend’s a weenie i got the gopro everything’s got my actual camera you ready we all here at fd atlanta we made it so i’m gonna hit y’all with the montage in a second but i’m here with vq bella of course the famous one and i got the homies the

Gentleman’s everybody’s out here i’m saying so first time at fd atlanta uh it’s lit because a lot of people i’m meeting a lot of people i haven’t seen in years of shooting some media freelancing for a couple of companies out here so it’s pretty lit uh but yeah i guess once the event actually starts uh we can get the eclipse back going i don’t know i might film

This on the gopro i don’t know i don’t know do so oh uh it’s like 80-100 what’s up oh baby so done god so foreign uh oh um so thank you foreign oh heads up right here right here bro right here oh yeah you know it you know it hey the fields are good

Baby hey we formula d 22 baby oh alex can i get a beautiful model wave a model wave oh there it is there it is damn i can’t uh dude i’m telling you you’re the model man initiative there you go oh atlanta come on here we go okay um chris forsberg oh hang on but man after shooting fd for a little bit dude let me tell

You something like i just instantly became a huge fan it’s so sick and chris forsberg man amazing and also i got to hang out with the forsberg racing team so that was awesome like this is just an awesome experience i want to come back like every year but uh yeah there’s a lot of dope clips honestly for anybody that hasn’t gone to formula drift i don’t know how

It is everywhere else obviously but if you live in the atlanta area you gotta go even if you’re not even into the stuff just check it out but i’m going to link back up with the homies shim sham and we’re probably going to head out early um battery’s dying anyway on the actual big body camera so i’m back on the gopro well damn i walked all the way over here

For nothing shimmy’s not even here ah damn it shimmy just know when you watch this video i was looking for you but i’m leaving i’m like yeah we’re like this one but it was pretty lit dude like um honestly they’re like really tired we cannot both vlog at the same time i started first bro what is this like like i said it’s pretty lit that uh you know empty is

Just lit it’s you gotta go if you’re in a surrounding area where they actually have it like you just gotta show up so it’s actually uh chris forsberg versus uh rad dan and i’m heading out a little bit early uh we have a long drive ahead of us nonetheless man huge shout out to chris and team everybody at forsberg racing for actually showing mad love honestly

I had a lot of fun uh definitely i know i’m gonna have a lot of fun with this edit and always and also shout out to all the new subscribers uh if you haven’t already please follow me on instagram which is nor tm uh my name is ray i have a vr30 swap uh 370z i copied mike mike and we’d be out here you know what i’m saying even though i am the vr king so that

Being said stay blessed i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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Chris Forsberg RIPPING The New 2023 Nissan Z!! | Formula Drift Atlanta 2022 Recap By Noir. TM