Chris Harris Drives The Ferrari 812 Competizione

Chris Harris goes for a drive in the new Ferrari 812 Competizione at the Fiorano Circuit in Maranello, the latest limited edition V12 Ferrari. This particular car weighs in as the highest revving and most powerful V12 the marque have ever produced.

So we’re rolling out in an 812 competition another one of these crazy exercises ferrari’s making hybrids is going to make an suv but as raphaeli just said they still have to make a crazy car and this is the crazy car it’s soaking wet at fiorano i’ve got way more power than i need so let’s just see what it can do fourth gear coming out of there taking that

Traction is pretty impressive front of the car wants to understand but i can feel something clever going on the back that’s the independent rear steering hole holding me in line he says with a massive snap of oversteer it’s slippery today i’m not gonna go up over the bridge in fourth gear because it feels like that’s where the majority of the traction is yeah

It’s fast good god it pulls and i can’t quite believe that i’ve got a limiter of 9500 rpm from a massive b12 so much talk oh it’s a monster it’s accurate as well it’s an accurate device but i tell you what on the day like today without the systems i think i would be looking at basically being backwards in the scenery the brakes are immense it’s just a it’s

A beast it’s a beast of a car right this really is a smash and grab day for me so if you look around this competition as you can see a load of carbon fiber stuff on the bonnet that isn’t normal front end massive intakes for the brakes towing eyes because it’s fiorano a different wheel different wheel but also now we have this independent rear wheel steering i

Mean the calibration working with the slide slip control but the rear is incredible i mean it is just so complicated how they calibrate it i do not know this back end is it’s busy isn’t it no rear window just a camera there and then those sort of louvers and aero louvers and the exhaust is the party piece there’s always a party piece look at that it looks like

It’s straight up a prototype loads of diffuser flicks wings arrow management everywhere i mean it is an eyeful don’t get me wrong it’s an eiffel it’s a send-off model isn’t it to send off for the v12 normally aspirated ferrari and as such so it should look inside there’s my lid just in case you didn’t know what it was otherwise it’s quite normal 812 if you can

Call such a thing normal um that’s important for the passenger i can assure you harness belts are standard there’s no inertial belt that i could feel anywhere it is a beast but i think tellingly less of an animal than a tdf more drivable and yet with nine and a half thousand rpm probably just as scary when it needs to be but more usable on the road there you go

Chris cam out let’s turn a few things off see what happens i think it’s going to be a bit of a handful so this is third gear on a damp hairpin let’s see what it does they just can’t believe they can make stuff like this anymore in these conditions you feel like you’re just a millimeter away from your shambles every time you do it and i want you one more thing

We’ll do one more for the cindy giggles dearie traction you know it still defies all expectations being front end rear-wheel drive it shouldn’t have this level of traction and without trying now just to keep things calm go up a gear fourth gear that’s just about everything and i’m still not having to back off once i’ve gone up the gear for 830 horsepower and it

Weighs under 1500 kilograms it’s two-wheel drive well then everything off the lights fading end of november it’s not perfect for this type of car but i mean it’s unbelievable the control you can have these are quite big angles people quite big angles you just control all of the insanity with your right foot it’s very controllable though i find myself i’m scared

Of it i’m apprehensive but when it breaks into the oversteer it’s not instinctive so i’m not worried about that god bloody hell it’s a workout the engine is just off the scale how they sell these things with a warranty i do not know there she goes 9 000 rpm third gear wet weather skids at fiorano in november enjoy it while we can people it’s a mad world we live in wow wow you

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Chris Harris Drives The Ferrari 812 Competizione By Collecting Cars