Chris Harris Drives The New Aston Martin DBX 707

“I don’t like SUVs” – Chris Harris (September 2022)

Foreign i don’t like suvs but when a company like aston martin releases one with 707 horsepower i’m willing to give it a go this is like being a restaurant critic stating absolutely that you hate japanese food and they’re going to review a sushi restaurant everything about these sorts of cars i think is unnecessary i don’t like them they’re too big they’re too

Heavy you’re too high they look silly they present the wrong image to everyone else i mean the list is so long but they’re immensely popular and people still keep buying them but there are one or two that naturally pique my interest and this is one of them the 707 i don’t know it’s the horsepower the idea of an aston martin suv with over 700 horsepower even i’m

Quite curious as to what that means i also know or knew some of the people that are involved in developing this and um one of them has now left the company but he’s a talented guy matt becker the idea of him a sports car purist chassis engineer doing an suv is fascinating so what’s it all about well first of all we’ve got the the standard mercedes four liter twin

Turbo vehicle as a standard it remains a remarkable um engine and this time boosted to a crazy output it provides this thing with eye-opening motive force this is it feels quicker than an rs6 to me maybe i’m getting a bit wrong but it’s about that sort of performance it’s and this is a big vehicle so when you put your foot down bang there’s some symposer nonsense

Going on in here that’s a bit of fake noise and the exhaust noise isn’t quite as musical as i’d have hoped all it does seem a bit about uh and and fake but there’s plenty of noise i’m in sport plus the members are on a circuit there’s lots of engine drive modes two comments about the um the powertrain other than the fact that it really does feel very very potent this

Must be the fastest of all the suvs it must be faster than the euros maybe a cayenne silly thing gt we’ll we’ll take care of it i don’t know the engine calibration is a little bit off for me i can’t make it settle i’ve driven i’ve done a few hundred miles on it now and i want really fast responsive gear changes and throttle and i sometimes it’s too much for me and

Then when i’m slowing down it won’t settle in traffic i it just doesn’t feel like the engine cow is is all the way there for me i think if i live with it it might annoy me but there’s no doubting it’s exciting the chassis is is pretty remarkable for me how they make something this big so responsive so athletic this thing will even slide we’ll have a go at that in

A minute that’s part of the reason i’m here obviously because the idea of an suv that will drift around is so ridiculous it’s a real trick the chassis is is more trick than the engine and gearbox if you ask me with some more it’s a greater achievement and of course i’m at a circuit i’m at a tiny circuit where i always come little land out my favorite in a two-point

God knows what turn suv i shouldn’t even be contemplating doing laps but i’m i’m about to let’s just go a bit quicker there’s that crazy noise down to the back of the circuit here go we just go straight over the curb to an suv we don’t even acknowledge them that’s a mighty mighty effective little kit get a bit of already getting a bit of over to steer there on the

Exit of a very fast corner it’s going to the chicaney bit smash the base i’ve already bragged hard quite a few times not even thinking about fading they’re not even thinking about fading sliding already what’s happened with the big right hand here then slide that’s full oversteer in an suv what about the quick one yeah it’s doing it there as well what does

That look like from the outside of this place it’ll sit on the video i never really get to see that what does that look like i’m gonna from in here i have no idea really that i’m in a massive suv beyond the fact that i’m sitting very high even the driving position is spot on my feet are nice and straight ahead of me the seat’s gripping me well if you if you’ve

No problems with being tasteless and all the other negative connotations that come with being around the color of this they are they do present look at this they do present a pretty strong argument in terms of in terms of what human beings can do to the laws of physics that’s ridiculous we’ve just done a transition and then drifted back out i need to just take

A minute to consider that it’s bonkers so impressive i don’t know i just wish it was i wish aston martin had made a panamera and not a cayenne that’s what i wish what a piece of kit for what it’ll do cheapers okay yeah i’m impressed i don’t want one but i am in damn impressed damn impressed if you’re on the road don’t turn the traction control off because it

Will slide everywhere it even turns in how does something this big and heavy turn in 15 on that short burst there foreign we want your watch so how do you make a dbx 707 well you take the usual amg base 4 liter twin turbo v8 you add some roller bearing turbos change engine calibration you end up with 707 horsepower that is ridiculous 664 foot-pounds of torque

Normally when there’s a step up model you expect 50 60 horsepower more this is about 150 horsepower more than a normal dbx it’s an absolute monster i suppose aston martin needs to make some noise at the moment and what better way to push sales of an suv than to come out with one that just shouts on the spec sheep i’m the fastest thing ever having driven it i can’t

Believe that iris is any quicker than this or the or the cayenne with the funny back and the silly name obviously you get an even bigger mouth because all cars have massive mouths these days but come down the side and this is a much much bigger job than just an engine front discs are now 420 millimeter get that again 420 millimeter carbon ceramics 390 at the rear

It’s running a 23 inch rim which some of my age still finds absolutely ridiculous the tires at the back are well over a 300 section the whole thing’s a monster it’s about 2.2 in a bit tons and they claim naught to 60 in 3.1 seconds what’s that all about i mean you’ve seen it sliding around it’s absolutely ridiculous and you really can transition it around the

Chassis changes are interesting so there’s there’s changes to the whole platform basically it’s the same basic architecture dbx but now there’s damper changes there’s spring changes the diffs work differently all i can tell you is from behind the wheel it actually feels playful in the wet i wouldn’t turn the esp off in the work on the road for fear of firing it

Into the barriers it really is quite lively come around the side of it there’s two things of note here one aston does some weird things that never get enough credit really if you look here there’s no window rubber down the bottom here look at that and when you actually concentrate on the fact there’s no window rubber when you have that unit of glass straight to

Bodywork it looks a bit strange but it looks it does look cutting edge but on that weird rear three-quarter light thing there is a bit of rubber so your eyes are drawn to that when it’s not there it’s a lovely thing but you wonder how much that cost likewise i’m still fascinated by the rear door hinge here in terms of just needless expense it’s lovely it’s gorgeous

But it must have cost a fortune it’s got a gas strut that works in a sort of cantilever fashion i mean it’s just wonderfully complicated you’d think keeping 2.2 tons on the ground wasn’t difficult but apparently it is so this massive spoiler here actually does produce some downfall sorry reduces lift and it has a double diffuser which must mean that sebastian’s

Vettel would be quicker driving this than a normal one if you like your f1 you’ll get that very obtuse gag it also has a massive boot which is quite unlike any other aston martin isn’t it fits several sets of golf clubs and i like this there’s a button here that if that’s a bit too high for you believe you’re very very old and have too much money it has a button

Here watch this to make it easier to load your protrus into the boot do you think it’s good looking i don’t i think the back of it is pretty compromised and this duck’s tail thing around here there’s too much volume but the front of the dbx is surprisingly attractive because i think it copies the porsche macan which is the best looking of all the suvs okay a mixed

Bag inside for me in the old dbx i love the steering wheel and i have to say the steering feel of the car is superb they’ve really worked on that i can’t think of an suv that steers anything like as well as this thing but the cabin yeah materials gorgeous it looks funky but the ergonomics are all over the place for me this mess of a center trough whatever you want

To call it the old interface from mercedes really does feel old mounts you have to use this rotational thing here everything takes too long it’s too much of a fuss on the screen also you can see here the light that comes down in bright sunshine onto the screen creates a really poor reflection i know it’s all nitpicking because it looks funky and if you bought one

Your friends think you were cool as hell but it is yeah lacking some some sort of basic ergonomics for me um front seats though they’ve been upgraded they’re really really good driving position is excellent this is a weird machine because it’s kind of a driver focused suv which is something i’m not interested in but it has been done really quite well would i want

One absolutely not but for those that do want a very very fast silly truck this is comfortably the best one i’ve ever driven foreign

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Chris Harris Drives The New Aston Martin DBX 707 By Collecting Cars