Chris Harris Fast ELECTRIC Car Buying Guide: Tesla, Taycan, Polestar, Honda e | Top Gear: Series 30

Whilst filming the new series, Chris Harris found some time to run down the best (and the not-so-best) EVs on sale right now. But which should get your wallet’s attention? The Polestar 2, Tesla Model 3, Honda e, Porsche Taycan or Ford Mustang Mach E?

Anyone fancy a quick electric car roundup first of all sub 30 grand lecky vehicle starting with the mazda mx 30. curious won this beautiful styling lovely paint job but a range of just over 100 miles they’ve dropped the ball there maz has been on fire recently but this one not quite right the beautiful quirky honda e imagine apple making a car this would be it

Again let down by a tiny range i’m not sure it’s long enough but people love the interior it’s super funky the say at me electric this is interesting a much bigger range than those two 160 miles or so but it’s an electric powertrain wedged into a rather old city car so got to make your choice look cool but go nowhere go many places but look uncool so what

About this one the little 208 electric remember alton towers last season paddy driving around in that vauxhall underneath this is a similar car so what we’ve got here is range styling i think of the small electric vehicles under 30 grand we’ve got lined up here this is the one to get right moving on sub 50 grand sub 50 grand how expensive these electric car

Things 50 000 pounds here we have the volvo pulse r2 the one everyone’s talking about because people are saying this is the next best thing to a tesla and to drive and for interior quality it beats the tesla but it doesn’t have the charging network it’s fast and it’s very good to drive though the volkswagen id3 the money vw’s throwing at becoming a big player

In the electric car market is staggering billions and billions of pounds i keep looking at this and thinking is that your best effort think of it as the new golf it’s pretty good it’s pretty good but i’d rather have the pole star right now the ford very confusing mustang mac e so it looks a bit like a mustang but it’s an suv ish thing look it’s very well

Conceived it’s gonna sell well and it’s a solid solid product but there’s something weird about latching onto this mustang heritage throwing it into an electric car shape i’m not quite sure i don’t know i remain to be persuaded on this one but i don’t on this next car because this is the best electric car on sale all round the tesla model 3 this is the long

Range version it’s incredibly fast incredibly clever it’s built by people that don’t seem to really care about build quality but who cares because you get the tesla charging network you get everything at the moment if you’re buying an electric car it’s very very difficult not to automatically buy this one moving on over 50 grand i mean why are these things so

Expensive mercedes eqc i’m baffled by this car sometimes i think it looks great on the road other times i think it looks like a bar of soap but the numbers aren’t great the range is okay the performance is okay but they’re not selling very well and they are expensive very quiet and refined though this is the volvo xc40 with lots of other names on the back of it

That make it sound too complicated but what you need to know is this the pole star is the one that looks better and it’s better to drive so i don’t know why you’d buy this one even though it’s more money the audi e-tron now it is a better car probably all-round than the mercedes eqc but it’s still one of those weird suv things like someone sat on it and it has

These rear view cameras that get clogged up with road dirt that i don’t understand they also look like sort of little spaniel’s ears don’t they odd looking vehicle but if you want a prestige expensive electric german vehicle there is just one choice at the moment the porsche thai cam drives like nothing else powered by electricity so fast so competent but sadly

At well over 100 grand so expensive but if you’ve got the money go porsche

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