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Chris Harris talks to Jack Rix about the Ferrari 812 Superfast featured in episode five of Series 25. Find out where to watch the latest series of Top Gear in your country:

Chris on the scale of one to ten how annoyed were you that matt got to try this and not you already done a web film on it for you guys you know that look i was gutted because i’d love to have another go in it yeah and to make a beautiful television film wouldn’t be wonderful but you know matt nene’s have a go and this is your kind of car i love these yeah i think

The front engine v12 berlinetta ferraris are are the ones that appeal most yeah i think they’re it’s a simpler type of machine it’s a bit more upright it’s a bit less the low racing slipper the mid-engine layout i love how practical they are yeah there’s something about just pointing a really big v12 at the horizon yeah and just following where it goes i think i

Think there’s a lot there’s a romanticism about me and and a v12 gran turismo ferrari that i’ll never i’ll never get over i’d or it but there is a problem yeah the name we need to talk about the names superfast i think the historical precedent of the of the superfast model that was in in america means you can get away with it yeah i quite like it but they’ve just

Launched the 488 the superfast for a tape what’s that called it’s called the pista i think that’s a really bad name i mean maybe you bought that in germany and went for driving it that would be the piece does apart other than that best name yeah on the piece you know all sorts of fun we can have with the headlights for that one and so you don’t mind the supercross

Name that’s know but you have to imagine that the italian saying it yeah salt but back then it sounds sexy there’s maybe go on my it’s superfast or a brazilian your mates superfast yes i’m right but if you imagine you know italian guys sit down pose meal and he’s just explaining to his buddy i think then it sounds really cool talents made everything sound cool what

The report they pulled off all right the engine is this just an engine car so we there were six point five really a lot of it is engines avoid that is its front mid-engine its beginning around about there yeah and it’s it’s coming back right into the bouquet because you forget you think it’s very cleverly designed they deliberately have this black area hiding how far

The bonnet ends yeah and the actual steering will start we need a good meter there it is just an engine with some wheels attached to it so nearly 9,000 rpm isn’t it yeah nearly 800 bhp eight hundred seven eight nine bhp yeah editor on the magazine asa thank you very much but does the engine dominate experience it does on a dry road yeah the normal p0 it’s struggling

To deal with it yeah if you add any kind of problem temperature moisture anything else and it can’t deal with it but the shatter systems are amazing that’s the thing it’s not just mention it’s the ferrari electronics these days around this world without that rod without the electronics the thing would be on well it would be drivable but if you got it wrong it would

Just fire itself off yeah ridiculous and so is this are we looking at the sort of last bastion of naturally aspirated v12 the ferrari got more to come or is this the kind of love letters but you have great to send whenever you’d have to say that there must be space for a special one of these yeah right what do you think that it’s really very super fun toward the

Pista everything faster maybe so after that i think you’re done yeah i think after that you’re looking at some level of augmentation either electricity or something else to get to them and make somebody makes it heavier and probably loses some of the pad you get more upset no a little bit i mean look i can see where the world’s going and i’m not gonna rage against

It too much what i will say is the way to track whether the market thinks is this is the end just look at the prices and also to look at the popularity the car is sold out now that’s unprecedented v12 front-engine ferraris normally are a bit of a problem there are some committed nutters that find them and they depreciate terribly in the first six months well look

At s12 prices yeah you still have to pay two hundred thousand if i use that twelve yeah and a late f12 is pretty much list so that’s never happened before the mark place that means these are probably going to be a premium and they’re 300,000 pounds basic so ferrari all the money they’re doing something right which it segues neatly with my last question which is

Is this car just too much too much power we have to keep going upwards annulment but would you have this or an f12 on your right now that’s a dynamically this is better but unless twelve is nine-tenths of it so if you wanted to just have the driving experience and save the money have the f12 that’d be my view yeah but people that are in this marketplace want the

Latest don’t know and as for the too much thing jack you know this there’s this pedal in the footwell right the middle one stops it and the one on the right you just push it as far as you want to go and if you want to push it into the car for it then the car might be too fast so just come back a little bit you drive this the way you ride a very fast motorcycle

Yeah because you don’t your opportunities to use it all are few and far between now you can view that through work two ways either that’s a frustration because you don’t get to use it or it’s a fascination because at the moment that you do get to use it all is one of those life-affirming oh my god one day you unlock that extra twenty percent is the day you just

Remember forever all right you have the f12 all of this yeah deal jello fly as well enjoy you

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