Chris Harris vs the E250k Rolls-Royce Cullinan | Top Gear: Series 27

SUVs are usually met with a healthy measure of scorn from Chris Harris. But can this luxury £250k Rolls-Royce Cullinan warm his heart a little? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

It’s called the cullen it costs a quarter of a million pounds and though it might look like an suv according to rolls it isn’t an suv no this is an all-terrain high bodied car so an suv then and to all those people saying should rolls-royce really build a massive suv i say why not if anyone’s entitled to build a massive off-road tank it’s them it’s hardly like

Their normal cars are small and dainty is it furthermore 100 years ago rosa’s entire best car in the world image was based on building off-road vehicles because there were no roads just ask lawrence of arabia and the cullinan is a proper off-roader it’s got four-wheel drive it’ll weigh through half a meter of water it’ll realistically go anywhere you’d expect

Your 250 thousand pound off-roader to go but let’s face it the cullinan owner isn’t going to do any of that they’re going to drive around on road from this very high driving position wondering why everyone else looks a bit poor and out on the road the cullinan is every bit as refined and imperious as you’d expect from the world’s most expensive suv listen

To that the silence is just glorious this is the most refined suv ever made you really don’t even know the engine switched on i mean driving on this road now there’s no suspension noise no tire noise and the ride it’s just extraordinary it is so supple it’s like the road ahead of you has just been resurfaced with marshmallows and like every other luxury suv out

There the cullinan doesn’t just do comfort it also does power and it really is more than powerful enough it has a twin turbocharged six point seven five liter v12 560 horsepower i’m not sure anyone’s going to be brave enough to really hustle one of these though it goes really really quickly and it does a great job of hiding all of its weight until you get to a

Corner like that and you are very aware of how heavy it is let’s be honest this isn’t an suv for driving hard it’s an suv for wafting along in glorious soothing silence and for that the cullinan is in the class of its own however it does have one teeny-tiny problem it is to use a technical automotive term utterly hideous to look at i mean it’s a little bit new

London taxi there it’s a little bit chinese knockoff it’s all bad i mean look at the grille all that money that design team but that’s the best they can come up with it just looks like they’ve taken any old boxy suv and just slapped a grille on it and a flying lady where she must be gutted and i know looks are a subjective thing but this is just wrong if i’m

Gonna get inside cuz it’s safer on my eyes it really is quite an achievement rolls has somehow managed to build a two hundred and fifty thousand pound car that turns heads for all the wrong reasons sorry sorry it’s not my car but there’s something much worse going on here the cullinan should feel like the peak of british engineering but actually just feel

Cynical it doesn’t feel like it was created through passion or love or innovation it just feels like it was created to make money raw greed because let’s face it there are too many rich people on this planet for this tasteless car not to exist i’m an apologist for the motorcar fast big inefficient i’ll defend them because i love cars and passionate about them

But i cannot construct a defense for this car i’m in the flagbearer for british engineering a rolls royce and i’m ashamed to be in it so if you want to experience a world-class piece of british engineering that doesn’t make you know yourself you don’t want one of these oh no you want one of these now that is british engineering what’s this the brompton folding

Bicycle what a machine frankly it’s a blessed relief

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