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Chrome Delete on a 2019+ Honda insight

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All right guys so in this video we’re going to start working on the honda inside as you guys can see i already started on one side we’re going to be blacking out all the chrome pieces it is a little bit windy outside so if you hear a little bit of noise i apologize but yeah that’s how it’s looking so far it’s coming out really good and then we still need to do

This right here i stopped a little bit because i wanted to show you the process of doing the top part because the top part is a little bit more difficult requires more work but the bottom part is straightforward all you’ll have to do is just use your knife and then this like rubber piece has a guideline and just cut all the way down which is what we’re going

To do on this side right here i still haven’t cut as you can see there’s a lot of excess pieces so if you start with the top everything comes out good then the bottom is going to be really easy because you just use your knife go right under it and then tuck it in and that one comes out perfect and then here’s the other side it’s a little bit sunny over here

So you can see the black a little bit better here’s how it’s looking as you guys can see it came out really good tucked it in and then with these front ones we have to remove these like rain guards to stop water from getting inside and then tuck it in same thing with the bottom right here i’m gonna remove these brain guards in order to tuck it in i haven’t

Done the front yet but there you go just like that and then pull it it pops right in so don’t worry about it it’s not going to rip or anything just like that and then you want to take it in as well right on the bottom so first things first you want to get your vinyl and then cut it out exactly to the length of the chrome that way it’s all one piece if you do

Two pieces and it’s going to look kind of weird because you’re going to see that line so right now you can see that’s one complete piece there’s no lines but if you didn’t make a mistake you could just overlap and add another piece but it always looks better with just one on there i’m going to do a time-lapse of everything what i’m doing i’m already starting a

Few parts we’re going to be doing like the hard ones right now so you guys can see how i do it but other than that it should be a pretty simple straightforward process all right guys so here’s the chrome delete done i completed the front as well i still kind of want to do the emblem i’m not sure but there’s a few like chrome pieces still around the car so

I don’t know if like blocking that out will look kind of weird but you can see that this makes it look way different makes it look more like aggressive and mean compared to like what it looked like before i think it looks pretty sick i believe some of the honda like accords and the civics come already blacked out or there’s like a black edition or something

I’m not too sure i’m not too familiar with like the hondas yet what kind of additions they have which ones come with the black or maybe they just did it themselves but some of them do have black and it looks pretty sick and i think it looks pretty cool on the honda inside as well and then here on the side you can see the chrome delete as well gives it a really

Clean nice look to it you guys can kind of see it together i have had the blackout on the sides for i would say two months already it’s holding up really good no issues still looks glossy nice clean i use 3dm for the size just because i really like that material it does last a long time this will easily last you like three years the back right here i wish i

Would have made this a lot straighter but i will have to cut it again to give it a clean line but i just use two pieces one right here one right here to black it out you can’t really see it see from a distance like it just looks black doesn’t really look bad and then for the rear we could black out the honda inside logo and then i do want to add the spoiler

That i have i’m not sure that i’ve showed you guys yet but i purchased this spoiler right here this is for a honda accord but i do need to make some modifications to make it fit for the most part it fits pretty good but i need to cut off some of the edges and then kind of cut off the inside as well to make it fit pretty good but for the most part it should

Fit with some modifications to it alright guys so we’re going to go ahead and end the video right there hope you guys found it useful for those of you that are trying to do this it’s a pretty easy process it’s just very like time consuming it does take a while i think it took me like three to four hours to be able to do this on my own and the front grill i

Had to remove the entire front bumper in order to wrap that front piece properly i will be uploading another video on that how to actually remove the bumper because i didn’t see any videos on that i’m sure that you guys will find that useful as well but i will be working on the spoiler as well trying to make some adjustments to it cutting it a little bit just

To make it fit perfect once i get to a point i’ll make a video on that as well and most likely install it if everything comes out good if not i’ll just make it update a video on how it came out if i don’t like it then i’ll most likely just end up selling it or something but thank you guys so much for watching and make sure to follow me on instagram also make

Sure to like subscribe hit that bell notification and i’ll catch you guys you

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Chrome Delete on a 2019+ Honda insight By Chrizleyva