Chrysler 300 Stuck In Park: Get Into Drive + Fix

The Chrysler 300 had a new problem; it would not shift from park. I show how to get it into drive so that you can at least move, and also mention a fix that has worked for me.

Howdy folks fugly milestone get into 300 got 141 thousand miles on it that’s nice but now i’ve got myself a new little problem here first i press the brake pedal all the way down and then i try to shift but it just won’t look it just just hates me i mean i parked on an incline for about a week mauro’s away now i’m just just can’t get out of gear and you know of

Course you don’t want to force this kind of type of thing because what if i break the transmission are you cable or something but but um okay so i’ll just figure out what it is exactly later but for now i’ll show you how did one way to get it into gear right real easy first you pull this up then you pull this now normally there’s a shift release there’s there’s

A hole here right and there’s a pink tab that you can push and that will only allow you to move this but it’s not moving so i’m guessing it’s another plastic component but anyways this out throw it away right now you’ll see that you have a screw here and a screw here phillips right that’s it fortunately these come on very easy no help just a few turns here good

Enough few trains here good enough set it aside make sure you don’t lose them cuz if you lose them it’ll be sorry now there are now there are four plastic connectors there’s one here there’s one here there’s one here and there’s one here this is my least favorite part because i feel like i’m gonna break it because it’s plastic but you know just wiggle it around

Try to get from plastic connectors out yeah now this is the most important part for me so i’ll just try to pop this out a little bit and then i’ll continue the video so i got the top two connectors out you know at this point what i’d like to do is just hold it as you can tell there’s a connector here a connector here connector here okay so you get an eensy teensy

Weensy little bitty itty bitty screwdriver and there’s a cable there’s a cable in there and you follows cable to the pink thing and you just push on this pink thing i said you just push on this pink thing and you’ll notice that that thing wiggles right it’s tricky to do with one hand very tricky to do with one hand so i’ll try my best here but again i try and you’ll

Notice the best coming out so i grab the real quick oh put it in reverse you can drive side note i just noticed that there’s oh that’s gonna be hard to see but there’s a broken-off piece of plastic right there that’s probably my problem i’m probably gonna have to replace this entire thanks thing i think i think so you know disassemble this and check it out but

At the moment this is one way to actually get driving which is good you’re not marooned or anything thank you side note when i do drive around and i have to go somewhere i find level park level ground excuse me level ground i put it into neutral and i put the handbrake on and i just shut it off and for now this is the only thing i can do until i get this problem

Fixed hey folks another quick update while i’m putting this video together to get everybody to upload to youtube i actually managed to fix the problem and it was in fact the shift interlock switch or whatever it’s called so i’ll put up some video some pictures and but most importantly i’ll put links to other videos that really helps me in my video description so

That if anybody has the same problem i hope that they’ll find this helpful because when i fixed this thing i was working off of these two videos thank you

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Chrysler 300 Stuck In Park: Get Into Drive + Fix By The Roads Here Suck