Chrysler Voyager & Pacifica DISABLE Auto Start/Stop Feature – Turn ON and OFF permanently [2018+]

To disable the Auto Start Stop feature on the Chrysler Voyager & Pacifica 2018 and newer our Start/Stop Eliminator will allow you to turn it On and Off permanently.

Hi this is scott with 4d tech today we are in a 19 and newer chrysler voyager the 19 and newer chrysler pacifica is the same install as well and we will be showing you how to put in the start stop eliminator from 4d tech in this vehicle the start stop eliminator eliminates the need to press the off button every time you get in the vehicle to disable the auto start

Stop system this plugs in easily into a module behind this panel that will remove it doesn’t affect your warranty whatsoever and it makes no other changes to the vehicle now we’ll show you how to plug it in we’ll just need to unsnap this panel that’s got the controls in it and the easiest thing to do is take a plastic dash removal tool and start in the upper corner

Here and get it released once you get it released you can work your way around with your fingers and pull the control panel out of the way you can do one of two things with this control panel you can put a cloth here uh to protect the dash and let the panel hang or you can unplug the three connectors in the back of the panel for ease i’m going to unplug the three

Connectors you just need to push the tabs there’s little red sliders on a couple of these that slide back to release the clips and then you can set this out of the way if you unplug the panel you may get a parking brake fault the first time you start the vehicle once you run the parking brake once it clears that fault next we need to get to a black module that’s

Back in here in the opening you will see the black modules right here where i’m pointing my finger and there are three screws holding it in one two and three and we’ll remove those three screws to get that module out these are seven millimeter screws and we’ll use our seven millimeter nut driver to take them out with the three screws out this module will flip

Down in the opening and pull towards us on this module there will be two connectors going out the back side of it that i’m putting my fingers on back here the releases are facing up so if i follow my finger around and touch the two connectors the releases are right on the top we’re going to unplug the left hand side connector on the driver’s side foreign and

You’ll see we now have the connector in our hands so it’s going to be the driver’s side connector and we’re going to take our device from 4d attack and plug this connector into one end make sure it plugs in all the way until it clicks and then we’ll take the other end and plug it into the black module where we unplug the connector make sure as i said as you’re

Plugging those things in that they are firmly seated until they click in we’ll flip this module back up into the opening and put the three screws back in and with the module mounted back up in there we’ll now replace the front control panel make sure you plug all three connectors back in where they came out the connectors will not interchange so you don’t need

To worry about plugging them back in the wrong place and then just simply snap the control panel back in and now when we start the vehicle the off setting is automatically applied to the switch by the 4d tech device if you want to re-enable the system anytime you can push the button and re-enable the system and then disable it again that is how simple it is to

Install the start stop eliminator from 4d attack in the 19 and newer voyager in pacifica i’m scott thank you for checking out our video

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Chrysler Voyager & Pacifica DISABLE Auto Start/Stop Feature – Turn ON and OFF permanently! [2018+] By 4D Tech