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The Citroen C5X houses an eight-speaker system but can be upgraded to ten in the Shine Plus trim. Watch our review to see how it performs!

Hi there chris from totally ev and here doing a dedicated audio review of the citroen c5x if you’d like a detailed review of the vehicle itself do check it up on your pop banner down description below or indeed in the pinned comments now to kick off we have to talk about its audio configuration and as standard you’ve got an eight speaker setup you’ve got woofers

That are found within each of the four doors tweeters that are found within the rear doors and then tweezers that are found within the a-pillar so therefore totaling to eight if you go for the shine plus model you will have the option to upgrade the audio system for 500 pounds and therefore allows you to add a subwoofer and a center speaker as well now if you’d

Like to tink around with the audio drivers you want to navigate to the appropriate menu on the infotainment system and here at least on the model that we have on review which is the stock system you’ll find an ambiance sound whereby we’ve left it on natural and then a three band equalizer we’ve added one notch to treble one notch to mid and three notches to the base

Eq then we’ve less the balance and fader at center of course this very much depends in terms of your own music taste so do let us know your settings down in the comment section below now for you to connect up to the infotainment system you have got bluetooth although it’s quite disappointing to see that only the spc code actor supported which is the lowest quality

Of the bunch but thankfully you have got the ability to connect over a wired or wireless connection via android auto or apple carplay therefore furtherly heightening the audio experience so moving swiftly on we get onto cabin noise and here as standard you’ll have an acoustically glazed windscreen but if you want a better acoustic installation you might want to

Go for the shine plus trim like we have on review but it has acoustic glazing both at the front and rear windows now the numbers will be on your screen and these are our own measurements that we recorded within the cabin what we’ll say over here is that it’s pretty impressive it’s not as quiet as some other vehicles out there on the market but nonetheless for a

Vehicle of its class and indeed its price tag it’s certainly impressive you just hear a little bit of tie noise creeping in from the front of the cabin a little bit of wind deflecting off the top segment of the a-pillars now with all of that in mind let’s get on to a sound demo which we appreciate it’s not going to be ideal over youtube nor is it going to give

You a lifelike reproduction but i’ll give you a little bit of a taster we’ll be placing the camera and a microphone in four separate location and playing back pria j’s track which is titled like me if you wanna be here like me now indeed an audio demo over youtube is never ideal so let me get onto my subjective opinion and here these sub bass tones

Are somewhat cut short indeed here we have the stock eight speaker system on review now if we were to go for the upgraded audio system in the shine plus model what you’d find is a subwoofer actually delivers much better low end prowess giving you a bit more rumble and emphasis on the low end tones as such is something that you might want to consider if you’re

Somewhat of a basshead thankfully however the mid bass tones are actually done pretty well both in terms of quantity and quality of course you can eq it a few notches via the infotainment system like i did and in this respect will give you a pretty lively and exciting sound now this does lead on to the lower mids and therefore means there’s a little bit pushed

Back and recessed of course here you might think that you could eq it to the nth degree via the infotainment system but by doing so you’ll take away from the overall accuracy as such i just added one notch to the mid eq in order to try and counteract that sort of mid bass press presence now the upper mids on the other hand are pretty impressive and we’ve got no

Real complaints in this department similarly as for the highs you’ve got tweeters both at the front and at the rear cabin and therefore means that the top end presence is actually done pretty well one notch added on to the treble eq doesn’t add too much sibilance or harshness and therefore can be enjoyable and non-fatiguing to most listeners ears now finally we

Get on to its sound stage and here it’s actually not too bad the overall width and depth might sound closed in comparison to more premium systems out there on the market but given the fact that you do have a stock eight speaker system it means that the oval cabin will feel full of sound similarly here the instrument separation is not too bad at the front and rear

Of the cabin thanks to the inclusion of dedicated tweeters indeed what we’re trying to portray over here is that the stock audio system within the citroen c5x is pretty impressive and as a result gets our approved audio awards however if you’re an audio file you might want to consider upgrading to the shine plus trim and then adding the 500 pound option in order

To bolster the overall instrument separation and width and depth thanks to the inclusion of a center speaker and also to improve upon the lower frequencies whereby the subwoofer will add a bit of extra oomph now i would be intrigued to hear your thoughts of the audio system within the c5x down in the comment section below and if you’ve liked this independent detail

Review and want to see more from the channel and of course myself definitely do drop a like subscribe and hit that bell notification all of which are greatly appreciated as such i’ve been chris from toyota ev and hopefully see you in the next one take care of yourselves and goodbye

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