Civic Type-R Fighter? We Track-Test the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N at Texas Motor Speedway

Hot-hatches have given way to the tuned sedan and this Elantra N from @HyundaiUSA may be the most underrated of them all. As we all wait for the next-generation Honda Civic Type-R, Hyundai has rolled out an impressive package in this 2022 Elantra N. Faster, louder, and more aggressive than the @Kia America Forte GT we tested earlier this year, this may be the answer for those who can’t wait on the next version of Honda’s hottest Civic.

Hey gearheads and welcome to garage talk i’m cory and this this is the 2022 hyundai elantra inn with a 2-liter twin scroll turbocharged 4-cylinder under the hood a 6-speed manual and very very sticky pilot sport 4s tires is this the budget honda civic type r fighter that we’ve all been waiting for stay tuned because i am actually going to take this here on the

Track at texas motor speedway starting under the hood that is the real story with this hyundai elantra in you have a 2 2-liter twin scroll turbocharged four-cylinder engine making 276 horsepower and 289 pound-feet of torque all going out through those front two wheels but made it to a six-speed manual transmission this thing is going to be so much fun on the

Track and i cannot wait to get it out there starting up front here you can see the very aggressive styling that was given to the end model so if you see one of these out on the road not only do you get this in badge to tell everybody that this has been track tested but you get a very aggressive front end with this red line on the front diffuser let’s move around

To the side and check out some of the bits that go along with it there you get a flat black arrow up front here and then oh these beautiful pilot sport 4s tires that are very sticky and have been picking up the gravel uh very well out here just before getting it out on the track bright red brake calipers just scream track right so the red theme continues down

The side here with your side sills for additional aerodynamic downforce on this as well you get hyundai’s tried and true i guess new design language very angular and very sharp lines here on the side moving back you do get this arrow look back behind the rear window and then a very functional black wing that contrasts very nicely with this and i am not kidding

Intense blue is the official name of the blue on this elantra inn popping open the trunk you get a very deep uh trunk that goes very far back there and yes because this is the end you get additional red bracing back there behind the rear seats so this is clearly meant to go up against the likes of the honda civic type r because hyundai really pulled no punches

With this vehicle you get an additional diffuser down here to help get air out from underneath and dual exhaust tips and yeah those are real exhaust tips but that’s enough of the outside let’s hop inside and see what it’s like in there so the real story inside this particular one is the six-speed manual that i’ve not yet taken it on the track but i can feel like

It’s going to be a very good one very well gated i i like it a whole lot the clutch has a lot of spring to it and is very easy to tell where it engages sitting in here you get these suede and leather racing bucket seats with a lit in logo inset in the headrest here just you know show off a little bit more that you got the track version there are some bits in here

That are a little creaky and rattly but when you were buying this you are clearly buying it for the track speaking of which firing it up let’s see has a typical turbo 4 sound under the hood and coming from the exhaust back there but you can see you get hyundai’s typical digital cockpit screen in here with their typical red and carbon fiber look on normal sport

Mode but when you push this in button here on the that on the steering wheel you get in mode the track mode and fire and all the good stuff comes up there it’s just so nice so fun to look at you get blue stitched steering wheel here leather wrapped very nicely bolstered controls for your driver assistance and controlling that screen up front here typical hyundai

Infotainment very nice that you actually get knobs here for the ac you get heated front seats and a rather nice interior for what is a compact sedan i do have the window sticker right here and unfortunately we don’t have a price as this one is specked but they these do start in the high thirty thousand dollar range and can be specked up from there but let’s check

Out that rear seat before we hit the track sitting in the back seat of the elantra inn i’m sitting behind myself at 510 i’ve got plenty of room very spacious interior but you didn’t click on this video to watch me sit in the back seat you clicked on this video to see what it is like out on the track so let’s do that all right gearheads setting off track gear in

The 2022 hyundai elantra inn whoops i’ve got eric riding with me uh y’all know him he’s done a couple videos for us here on the channel he also does a lot of editing work so if it looks good thank him if it looks bad blame me so we are at texas motor speedway there is a road course on the infield here that we will uh be having just a little bit of fun with in

This two liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine hang on i’m going to give you a little power boost boom oh ac off so i’m currently in uh there are eco normal and sport driving modes and then here on the dash there’s n with rev match and uh only one on the track only here i’m i’m like i said i’m showing you the course this time so let’s see what it can do oh

Sticky tires all right cones cones we go around slalom wow oh it’s got a lot more to give oh yeah so it’s gonna be fun on the corners in this one long corner you got all kinds of room to get the apex oh you’re gonna get better lines on this one for sure oh yeah watch out oh she’s still got more to give oh found the right limiter this is the funky corner whoa

Whoa not well marked sorry i do apologize eric’s gonna do a much better job taking this one around but oh so much fun and this car it definitely has grip in the corners even during this little emergency break and turn oh my goodness oh my goodness it’s cats that’s crazy oh that was a fun fun little track lap so now we’re gonna pull off swap drivers and see what

Eric can do i love the clutch already yes it’s like a it feels like a like a compound bow like you once you get past the two-thirds mark it just yes all the rest of the way up good feel tight engagement are we clear all right we got the thumbs up okay oh boy all right cones comes oh yeah oh that’s the part where you scared the crap out of me isn’t it oh

Good brakes good brakes oh my gosh the grip in this thing oh my goodness that cone oh my goodness i’m not talking i know i’m trying to do as much as i can for you but oh this oh and we’re out of it i’m sweaty son i didn’t say a word thanks for doing the talking there corey yeah so what are your driving impressions putting it that twin scroll turbo and

The six-speed manual you could always find the right amount of power for the situation you were never really wanting for more power right no matter of fact um the rev match with it doing it for me i’m not having to worry about coming off the clutch and unsettling the car by jumping um to a different rpm it’s just tires are great setup’s great it’s tight but it’s

Not slinging you around i could talk for days about this car but it’s yeah so can’t even breathe right now very good car so much fun on the track hopefully i can get one for longer term on our home turf we won’t get to do any fun stuff like that because we don’t have a track but uh more stuff will be coming from here at texas motor speedway be sure like subscribe

And comment down below of what you think of the 2022 hyundai elantra inn is it better than a civic type r we’re still waiting on the new gen so let us know down below oh

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Civic Type-R Fighter? We Track-Test the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N at Texas Motor Speedway! By GT Garage Talk