Classic Porsche 911 With a 993 3.6l Engine Swap, a GT3 Exhaust, and Viper Green Paint

The more 911s change, the more 911s stay the same. And that’s a good thing. Sure, they’re wildly different cars from where they started to now. But the rear-engine, flat six recipe is still there. And that lets you do some really rad swaps and parts – much like Nolasport’s classic 911 with a 993 swap and a 2016 GT3 exhaust.

Lettering you know it’s fast when it does that what’s up guys larry chan here we’re at nola sport we have to actually head out to the airport but i wanted to do a quick video uh dylan here it has offered me to drive actually i kind of forced it upon you yeah to drive this uh beautiful classic 911 with a lot of modern touches i think we’ll do this video a

Little backwards let’s uh go for a little cruise yeah first and then we can talk about the car or we could talk about car during the cruise as well either way as long as you can hear me yeah let’s do it i just want to make sure that’s there she cruises nice so how often oh that’s that’s fifth right how often do you drive this uh so you know we got a bunch

Of different toys uh we recently finished this build a couple months ago um you know the weather has been terrible for the past few months it’s obviously a car you know we like to drive them all but you got to think about it you got to think about where you’re going before you take this somewhere um a good bit a good bit winter is pretty good here though right

In louisiana winter it i mean yeah it doesn’t get ridiculously cold yeah it doesn’t get cold at all it’s kind of like florida weather almost yep yep right yeah very similar it’s not super stiff either it’s i mean it’s a road car smiles and smiles larry yeah i like it a lot lettering you know it’s fast when it does that oh my god that’s what it’s about i like

That a lot it sounds so good it’s so pure i don’t know if you noticed uh we have a 2016 gt3 rs uh pdk car yeah viper green the same color that one’s paint to sample but anyway as we mentioned you know my dad doesn’t like all the aftermarket components of stuff um you know he was raised that way that’s fine with him so myself and james we had a client that had

Uh got a new g-d-2 gt3 rs and he traded in a dot one gt3 and we put it all back to stock and we had a gmg center section exhaust laying around and uh i talked to james and said let’s just put it on his car and it makes fantastic noises but if you take a look at the back of this car it’s got a 2016 991 gt3 rs center muffler really yeah we got to take a look at

That after we get out man it pulls nice oh it’s strong yeah man it rips so fast you don’t even have time oh my god this is so good i i don’t get why modern cars can’t be like this because realistically we’re not even going that fast and i’m having the most amount of fun like look we just got passed by a ford fusion too soon yeah what a great car you guys

Built i absolutely love it you know this does remind me a little bit of uh um magnus’s 964 that he built yep it kind of gives me a little bit of that feeling yeah really thank you so much for letting me drive it uh i love my job so much and it allows me to first of all travel the world unfortunately not this year but uh also i get to make friends all over the

Place and also be able to experience these cars that you know i may not be able to afford ever but that’s okay you know because uh even just being able to experience it just for whatever two miles three miles was was more than enough for me it’s fun man it’s you know part of the same thing you get you get so desensitized to being around stuff like this all day

Long whether it’s porsches or ferraris no matter what kind of specialty shop you’re in um so you know part of the thing is enjoying it with the other people you know car community all that you know you guys know that more than anybody you see and do more than anything and part of it for me i love getting in the car with my friends i love showing people their cars

We’re in for a drive i love this car so much it sounds amazing so what’s the actual story of this why did you build this realistically it was something that my dad always wanted to do and then back as we talked about when he got into porsches when he was younger you know obviously the air cooled porsche market has just gone crazy and uh at the time he had a ton

Of stuff with my uncle chris and you know they were essentially buying and selling hot rod porsches you know building cars like this for people hot rods and then he had a ton of stuff left over he had chassis he had wheels he had motors this sort of thing and then this was a car that always had a sweet spot for him had sat around in my garage no motor uh for

Forever and then we moved and then it was sitting at the shop and i just bounced around and then you know and part of building stuff you build stuff that makes you money building stuff like this you spend your money right so to prioritize we’ll make our money first and then stuff like this kind of sits around and then one day uh you know we had a donor motor

And uh you know we had the parts sitting around we had the headers we had the wheels we had the car and the seats and we got gold wheels too and everything else and then you know the years and years and years it took to get this car going by the time we had the motor and we went through it and freshened it up i mean the car was done in a couple months wow that

Was that last touch a piece you know that we needed a little bit of motivation to kind of get everything going how much of this is a stock 993 3.6 majority of it so we fancied it up with some of this trim down here all the urethane stuff just to kind of fancy it up the porsche crest all that as well but it is essentially a plug and play 993 3.6 liter vario ram

Motor fits great common swap in these cars a lot of people do them just by the way that everything fits it’s a little bit taller than your typical air cooled motor obviously but a good candidate for a swap on a car like this pretty common right hmm okay so and the intake is just sitting right there oh yeah it makes all the right noises yeah so 2016 991.1 gt3 rs

Center muffler it’s kind of interesting because normally this gets hidden yeah right and you don’t actually get to see this when it’s on a 991 yeah but it’s actually a good looking piece yeah a lot of these get thrown out honestly because people throw these out the interesting fact is too you know uh porsche sells speaker systems yes if you’ve seen those so they

Have like a big one with the muffler and they have another one that’s just the tips um so interesting little piece part of why you see it too you know cars these days have massive uh you know rear diffusers and under trays and all this stuff and front splitters so you know cars of these days didn’t necessarily you know the streetcar didn’t have stuff like that

Essentially so it’s a brand new car underneath it’s so clean oh we went through the whole thing yep yeah every nut and bolt huh like we said we had it all sitting around and then when the motor showed up it was it was game on wow these are interesting looking tires i mean is it is that like an old molding yeah it’s a street tire so i’m not exactly sure which

One it is we had plans to run back in the day when they rallied early 911s if you will um they could they i’m going to say it was the front porsche didn’t offer a wide enough fook in the front for what these guys wanted to run so they’d run a foot wheel in the back and then they’d run like a rally and i have them over there i want to say they’re compogno wheels

You’d see them on a lot of italian sports cars german stuff as well and so they’d run two different wheels one in the front and then the fook in the rear so we had plans to run that with a michelin tb1 tire which i think a lot of people said you know that people are doing builds like this so we kind of were picking around information you know we’ve got 50 60 70

80 fooks around here so we just found some that fit with some tires that fit and uh you know got it running tested everything out it’s been great so you know we can tweak some stuff cosmetically or performance wise but for now it’s doing everything it needs to do i know you guys have a rally course on site is that a thing where you wanted you would take this on

The rally course no we were just kind of going for the look you know everybody does outlaw stuff you know now i say that now somebody’s going to go do it before we actually get it done that’s the story of it all right um but you know yeah there is a rally course on site lee has been here with one of his safari cars um you know we talk about i don’t know if you

Saw a cayenne turbo up front i’m a first generation cayenne freak we got uh two cayenne turbos a couple s’s i actually have an s of their suspension so i’ve beat mine up out there too so you know no this one probably will never see that course larry but it will be driven hard that’s fine the interior i’m sure you probably have a little more fit and finish to do

In terms of like the floor but uh man these seats were great yeah they they were so comfortable yep and i can’t remember exactly where we got these from a lot of people go with the sport classic stuff um believe it or not this is the seed we found in europe uh you know your your standard houndstooth or insertion looks great and you know it wasn’t special order it

Came we took a shot on it um they’ve been fantastic for us uh you got your nice fancy shifter as well yeah that i i couldn’t believe how much more precise that is versus like i’ve driven quite a few classic 911s where if you’re in first gear it still feels like you’re in neutral right right it’s very uh positive you you know which gear you’re in like you said

When you drive it and you know you’ve never driven this car before and you went through the gears once and then it was all good and you kind of remembered it the floor mats that sort of stuff you know it’s just you know fit and finish on it all figuring out which parts we want to buy a lot of our cars believe it or not we don’t drive them with floor mats they like

To get bound up in the pedals and that sort of thing too so we kind of you know roll without that but the fact that all the gauges and all the things work yeah so we see it’s a big thing for me too i think that’s really like the last five percent uh on a lot of cars especially swaps that just don’t just it just gets overlooked yeah so we sent all that stuff out

To a hollywood speedometer and they do a great job we send a lot of our stuff out for all the air cooled stuff everything’s totally functional so it’s you know nice to see nice to have like you said you’re not really paying attention to how fast you’re going other than how you feel and what it sounds like but yeah totally functional you know i mean you drive this

Car we you know we drive it park it on the street whatever you know that’s part of part of enjoying it one of the things i love pointing out when i feature these cars is the fact that it’s made in western germany and then all the trim lights and stuff it’s all just freshened up oem stuff uh with the crew i love this so much that you can kind of see that has

Something special going on yeah you know you already know it’s crazy because of the exhaust but then you see this there’s like a little crest in there that’s what’s cool too a lot of people will do all sorts of wild stuff you’ll see a lot of side stripes on cars like these different wheels which i said we will do but that’s kind of part of looking at it you’re

Like oh cool a green 911 which looks great then you hear it then you drive it and you know same thing with the interior there’s nothing crazy going on it’s really really simple um you know but i mean kind of part why i like it there’s not a lot of stuff to distract you from the fact that it’s got a honking 360 in the back of it and it’s bright green wow

Makes some good noises yeah bud i like that a lot engine was already warm too larry larry wailed on it for a bit it’s just such a um froady and just raspy sound it’s it’s really really nice i absolutely there’s nothing like the flat six it’s so good a lot of people will tinker with the exhaust and stuff obviously you know there’s nothing plug and play really

When you’re building a hot rod to begin with a motor and a car that’s not supposed to be in it just kind of worked out perfectly for us it looks great it’s a porsche part so why not and it sounds great too well thank you so much we’re gonna head to the airport and see you guys next time

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Classic Porsche 911 With a 993 3.6l Engine Swap, a GT3 Exhaust, and Viper Green Paint By Larry Chen