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Colorados Least Visited National Park Shocking

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This national park in Colorado is one of the least visted parks. Due to Colorado having so much to see. All the outdoor activities at this park are all dangerous, due to the steepness of these cliffs and sharp edges, from kayaking, hiking and climbing. Some parts of this canyon are so deep, that they barely receive any sunlight! It’s a pretty cool place to see, especially those steep cliffs!

Thank you so let me just start this video off with what’s in this um i planned out this long road trip for a while obviously so one of the things that i knew i needed to do was make sure that my little one was going to stay safe and all these wooded areas and forests and stuff that we were going into and as you guys know i’m very protective of them over my

Little one um so i ordered her the front line flea and tick medicine and i know i ordered the one for the small dogs and uh so i got the medicine and everything but the day that we left is the day that i went to go put the medicine on her and i realized that the box said for large dogs so i googled and everything to see if i could still use like just a little

Bit on her but nope it said that uh you know each box is for specific weights of dogs and stuff and for small dogs if i was to use the large dog one it could poison her so that was the day that we were leaving so i had to wait till i got to my first location which is in the middle of nowhere and i had to see if there was a uh a pet store around so i had to drive

40 miles to go find a pet store and get the correct front line for her so i put the front line on her today and um it takes a little while for it to start working so just wanted to let you guys know that where we went today um she wasn’t able to really get out and walk around and stuff um because it is a bunch of forced area and stuff and go figure i’m filming

This right here talking to you guys right now after we have already left but towards the end of us being out there i saw some ticks and that’s why my hair is up because i don’t want ticks getting in my hair so thank goodness i left little one in the jeep for this adventure right here so yeah so i won’t be able to really let her out and walk around and stuff in

Some of these places um until the time period is up for the medicine to start working just wanted to share that with you guys okay so i am out at the black canyon afghanistan national park in colorado i’ve been wanting to see this place for a while wow so this place is a 8 000 feet above sea level it’s really cool they call this little area right here the

Painted wall i guess because everything else in this area is all black canyons and then we add a little bit of color over here yeah not too much but a little bit foreign foreign so one of the things that i noticed about colorado that’s so beautiful is their fall colors out here oh my god look at that behind me like so pretty they’re fall colors i think

I came out here at the right time well it was definitely a beautiful beautiful place but as we already know colorado was very beautiful um i haven’t done too much exploring in colorado though uh little one she just decided she wanted to bark at everybody i was able to leave her in the jeep because a lot of the pull-offs here at black canyon is uh just that a

Pull off so i would just leave her in the jeep and i’d crack the windows and it’s like 66 degrees up here today and uh yeah she just barked at everyone but pretty cool i’m excited to see um a lot of things in colorado well not a lot but i am seeing three different places while i’m out here so that’s pretty cool so beautiful day she looks exhausted look at her

What a hard day she had of barking what a hard day

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Colorado's Least Visited National Park! Shocking! By Wandering Jeepsy