Come See Our Brand New Car | Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van 2021

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I guess we just bought a van we got the sprinter van for real this time guys we actually made a decision we made a purchase we bought the sprinter she’s ours so today we’re going to give you a little walk through show you some of our favorite features give you a little tour inside but before we get into it don’t forget subscribe to our channel hit those post

Notifications and give this video a big thumbs up alright guys let’s take a look let’s go when our daughter was born she surprised us with our down syndrome diagnosis and at that time we had no idea what our lives would look like but we quickly discovered extra needs bring extra joy through the good times and the challenges and the adventure and the routine we’re

Learning to live this life to the fullest with a little extra okay guys so this decision was not easy for us it was a it’s a huge thing one of the biggest things we’ve ever bought aside from our house but we’re so excited about it we really feel like we made the right decision so let’s let ella take us inside and let’s start checking out our purchase okay so

First we got the doors now we have to be very careful with the doors because you can cut a finger off you have to stay all clear before you open it it opens all the way though and it clicks into place so it won’t come sliding at you only setback we have is that we don’t have an electric door so there is options to modify everything we can get put a step here if

We want but this is what comes standard another big thing with such a big purchase is we’re really worried about the kids messing everything up which they always do and you can see they’ve already made it very dirty look at that oh we’ve had this car for not even a full week not a full week yet and it it the first day i mean it pretty much looked like this but

Jill made mention that we want to get a little dust devil so uh that’s on our list of things to get also other things to get we want to get some of the protectors for the seats we actually did take this thing to the beach today so this van has already had its first beach day so there is sand everywhere but yes either whatever look we’re gonna go in the passenger

Side real quick let’s show the cockpit and then we’ll get into the seat from the back okay come in come on so super comfortable seats they’ve got all the electrical uh movements and everything here this guy right here is lumbar support that’s pretty cool another cool feature that we found out the other day is that this little part of your seat slides out which

Is really neat then up here in the front we’ve got the ten and a half inch screen look at that beauty ten and a half inches awesome huge screen the biggest one they make this is another really cool feature of the cockpit this little opener right here this is a wireless phone charger you just set your phone on there and it charges it really cool we’ve got all

The usb connections in there we also have some power down here there’s usb there’s a standard like cigarette light lighter charger and there’s also a normal plug like a 115 volt plug that’s all down here apparently okay jill what didn’t you tell us about these features over here your window stuff uh your mirror all that and then you know all the usual stuff over

Here and then you can fold them i couldn’t find the door locks though so that’s important to know that the door locks are right here they’re down there because yeah other day i couldn’t find that i’m not really good at all the features though okay what i really like about up here what’s your favorite i like the storage up here look at that full overhead storage

What i don’t like about up here is there’s no visor mirror yep i just feel like a car that has all these features like how do you not have a visor mirror that feels like that should just be standard on every i don’t understand the logic of like we don’t put visor mirrors in the car so we have to get one of those but it’s very that’s very difficult because i

Don’t know maybe you guys don’t feel this way but as a female it’s very common when you stop somewhere you’re like or you feel something in your eye or something and you’re like oh there’s no mirror there so that’s something yeah you know what i have to say that i do use my visor mirror in my van all the time because i get stuff in my eyes at work and that’s a

Big thing i’m like looking in there like picking out my eye so yeah so that’s the thing up here we’ve got dome light leds so there’s just a bunch of lights and then there’s like this sos feature here which you push the button i don’t know what happens but it’s like i don’t he didn’t really say what happens he just said if you’re an emergency you push that button

He pretty much said don’t ever push that button he’s specifically actually what he said is batman comes no i don’t think batman really comes but something happens and then there’s like you can call for i think that’s roadside assistant yeah beautiful steering wheel here gorgeous look at that it’s like glimmering got all of your features i guess we should we should

Probably get the keys so we could like turn it off yeah let’s get the keys let’s go get them okay here you go why don’t you plug the you handed me the truck oh sorry that’s gonna do something push the button and then it just turns on awesome look at that beautiful so you’ve got all your great stations right here you got navigation you can hook up your phone so

We’ve already taken a few phone calls on that i know that you can connect your like all your devices and um and all your music and everything from your phone whatever you’re playing you can connect it to like play in the car i haven’t gone that far with it yet but i know you can’t do that my favorite feature is hands down with this car because of how big it is is

This little button right here wow 360. well let me close this door so we can really see everybody clear look at that that’s crazy oh that’s the front way it’s the front okay it also has an awesome backup camera it has an amazing backup camera because they’re playing out there right now i’m not even going to mess with that because i don’t want to take any chances

Of running somebody over but i think we kind of played around with the backup camera in our test drive so the vlog that we posted about the test drive i can link right here if you want to go check that out and maybe in the future we can bring you some more about if you guys want to see more of the back up here and how that works go ahead and give this video a big

Thumbs up boom and we can bring you another one about that but because they’re outside doing scooters right now i don’t even want to play around with that so look at this look at on the side i just noticed this yeah you can change you can change it so you can see your cameras what and so you can see them in the back right now oh that’s the side she okay she hit

The card is the car okay then there’s the back oh yeah that’s the back up camera and there’s there’s our view with both and then one of the things that the kids and devin are like obsessed with like it’s really cheesy but they love it so i’m gonna go ahead and let him show you you know what i’m talking about oh yeah you already know watch this hey mercedes how

Can i help take me to starbucks cancel okay guys i didn’t want devon to actually show you the screen here because i don’t want to give away too much of our information like you can see all of our navigation our address the closest stuff to us so i’m not gonna play around with that so you can’t see the screen but it’s really cool it’s really cool and she is uh

Ai so that means that she’s gonna learn uh continually the more we talk to her the more she’ll get used to how we’re saying things and and what we do um kind of all the time so this is cool right here so these are all the buttons that you have here this is your adaptive cruise control and we can talk about that and then your volume you can answer calls and stuff

Like that but these are kind of cool these buttons right here because they’re like swipe so you can see the screen here and then if i swipe this just like a phone that changes so you can see different readouts it’s actually got specific fuel consumption for the types of driving that you do really cool totally unnecessary but awesome i like that it just has your

Digital readout of how fast you’re going when you’re driving which i realized today that this is also a speedometer i know i accidentally swiped away and then i was like wait where’s my gauge so um yeah that’s cool so the last thing that we want to talk about up here there’s so many features we i don’t even think we’ve really gotten to the tip of the iceberg yet

But the really cool thing that we really like is the adaptive cruise control it’s crazy so basically you set your cruise control and you can set the distance from the car in front of you like by car length so between one and four car lengths you can set that distance and the car will automatically slow down and match the speed of the cars in front of you and keep

You at that distance which is just phenomenal one of the biggest pet peeves i have when we’re traveling is having to take my cruise control off when i’m going like 70 and somebody’s going like 68 it’s like the worst thing for me so this will just slow right down and keep you at that speed you don’t have to turn your cruise off and then once that person gets out

Of the way or everything clears up it speeds right back up so another thing which is cool is in each one of the rear view mirrors there’s little triangles that light up when there’s something in your blind spot so it kind of is a little warning when you’re going to get over that’s another cool feature yes that’s totally a cool feature and to make it even better if

You put your blinker on and there’s someone in your blind spot it dings at you so even if like you don’t happen to see that red triangle for some reason it’ll beep at you so even when you’re like turning and you’ve got your signal on because you’re turning if you’re in like a turning lane where there’s like a lane next to you it’s gonna beep at you because there’s

Cars alongside you even though you like you’re not getting over but your blinker’s on there’s someone in your blind spot i appreciate that there’s so many features like that that help make driving this car really easy and really comfortable there’s so many like lane assist things yeah i was going to say the lane assist yeah it actually like when you start to go over

A lane or you get like close to it it’ll like buzz at you it like vibrates and then like it adjusts for you from the way that the salesman explained it to us is that it actually breaks on the opposite side and it pulls the car back into the middle of the lane um but it won’t do it if your blinker’s on i i figured that out when i was getting over it well i i went

To get over without my blinker on and it started to do it and i’m like oh i need to put my blinker on because it thought i was veering i don’t get it so i was i’m driving and i was gonna get changed lanes without putting my blinker on and then it started to kick me it back in and i said oh i need to put my blinker on in order to get over because you just put your

Blinker on absolutely awesome that is the laws of the road but anyway it helps you do that which is so like okay here’s the thing this car is so big it doesn’t drive like you’re in this massive car it’s really easy to drive but i feel like it makes you drive safer it does because there’s like all those little things you can maybe get away with in a different car

But like not only is the car going to tell you not to do it but like i don’t know it’s just i know it just makes you drive safer i feel so it does and it watches you and if you get tired it says hey do you want to take a nap this is serious it seriously will like it’ll watch your movements and if your movements seem tired it’s going to suggest that’s a feature

Drowsy drowsy something something yeah yeah so it’ll like pick up on all your habits and if it thinks you’re tired it’ll up screen pops up that says do you need to take a nap like it was a little creepy thinking about that while i’m driving i’m like it’s watching me as i’m driving mercedes is watching me but yeah there’s so many cameras around it too that when

You’re near something like too close it like dings at you and then a camera pops up to like show you and there’s like all these colors like yeah that’s pretty cool so we’re going to grab the kids and they want to show you the back because that’s kind of their domain all right so next we have the back seat area which is super cool so here’s the first thing i would

Like to show you is that the seats back here there’s a little button you can press and they recline so you can chill in your seat on a vacation and all three of these seats do that the seeps up front do that those three but the seats in the very back don’t do that unfortunately and it just pops right back up okay so you got the cup holders are right here very

Fancy there’s four on each row except for the very back unfortunately next is this little device holder you can stick your phone right here and then charge it super cool and there’s the air conditioning with i think we decided there was 10 vents right there’s like one two three four five six seven eight nine nine ten no nine nine because there’s one here oh no

No ten yeah ten so as far as the air conditioning in the back goes this is its own unit so this is something that is an upgrade i believe in 2020 they upgraded it the other vans used to have it on the front this one has it on the back it’s totally much better system keeps the back super cool way cooler than our other car huh guys oh heck yes yeah and so it’s all

Controlled from the front i can either sink everything together and have the same uh climate in both sections or i can separate them and have a different climate back here as um different than the cockpit and see that button up there on that front light this one turns off all the lights oh look they tried i didn’t even know that i did i know you guys have already

Seen this in our test drive vlog but look i can stand up you guys i have platform shoes on right now which are like i don’t know how big are those like three inches maybe yeah all right guys so our other camera died unfortunately we switched over to the canon real quick not as great of sound on this one so i apologize if there’s like an extreme sound difference

But we want to show you one more thing in this van and that is the amazing cargo space which was really the biggest selling point of all okay real quick get a shot of that there’s a camera right there boom here we go next look at this hold on this door this is special right here not all of them can do this boom opens all the way that’s a special feature look

At this wow okay guys so just note this real quick we have our veer wagon and our bob double stroller in the back double together right now look at this with room this is actually all the way toward the back there’s a ton of room right here wait cubby wait let’s here let me pop this down real quick so you get it come on baby a better idea look at that go get

Our bud okay look at how beautiful that is another really cool feature that we love about this is if you come down with me here you can see underneath all the seats going all the way forward good boys no no okay so as you can see all the way underneath all the back seats it’s all open that’s all storage area for us when we’re traveling that’s super cool we’re

Really excited about that the other cool thing is this like rubber this is all underneath the entire thing okay so you can literally hose out the bottom of this van what do you need to sell you want to get up there it’s got a little step right here tow package tow package just oh what are you guys doing it’s as easy as that oh my gosh you got to put a little

Yeah star in there this is the color we got it’s called like sandstone or stone gray or something like that i don’t remember but i wasn’t stoked on it on first but we actually really like it so cool color yeah it’s not black not a service car doesn’t look like one either it doesn’t look like a service car so i’m stoked this is the low roof option like i said you

Can get it even higher but this is perfect honestly yep it’s already big enough look at this beast look at this beast compared to our pilot i can actually touch the roof of the pilot this thing there’s no way look at this all right guys so that’s the basic tour of our brand new car so exciting we cannot wait for the first road trip if there’s anything else that

You want to see specifically come chat with us on our instagram we’ll put it right here let us know if there’s any features you’re curious about anything you’d like to see more of we’d be so happy to share with you we’re so excited about this purchase we’re gonna take you with us on all of our road trips don’t worry you’ll get a first class seat as long as you

Subscribe to our channel that’s right ring the bell notifications and give this video a big thumbs up thumbs up if you loved it and we’ll see you guys in the next one all right bye guys shut the door okay watch your hands watch your hands

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