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Compare RAV4 Prime XSE Premium vs No Premium

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Review of 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Premium Package vs one without Premium Package. Plenty of features and key benefits for buying one.

Hey everyone i’m jeff teig your toyota resource we’re in raleigh north carolina it’s beautiful today it’s a great day to look at the rav4 prime we’ve got xse with a premium package and without the premium package let’s compare contrast you decide this is blizzard pearl it’s an xse rav4 prime it does not have the premium package but it does have something else premium

Premium audio added to it it’s got weather package to it it even has rear heated seats added to it if you can believe that so there are ways to customize to equip it as i say make it your own supersonic supersonic it’s supersonic red that’s right this is an xse and it has the premium package as well as premium audio weather package so again even though you get

The premium package which is like mucho deluxe you can still equip it with other options on it and why all the fuss about rav4 prime anyway well there are several jumping out at you right out your screen 3d scary movie kind of things that jump out and go wow i want a rav4 prime we’ll talk about those later but for right now remember rav4 prime is one of the hardest

To get vehicles in the entire united states only a couple handfuls of states actually are allowed to carry them or do carry them so if you’ve been searching you know what i’m talking about factory msrp on an xse rav4 prime rav4 prime xse is about 41 600 and then as you add options it goes up from there let’s check them out this is the rav4 prime window sticker i’m

Going to focus on the options right now it starts at 41.6 you can add in the weather package which gives you heated external mirrors heated front seats then we can do premium audio that adds in dynamic navigation plus the 11 jbl speakers with subwoofer with amplifier and some of your connected services as well if it’s a special color it adds 425 the premium package

Adds thirty seven hundred dollars to the price but thirty seven hundred dollars in value and features head up display the extra bumped up 6.6 kilowatt on-board charger we’ve got the panoramic roof bird’s eye view camera going on here the seating is a little bit different heated and cooled front seats eight-way power seat memory seats four-way power passenger seat

See there’s a lot going on here digital rear view mirror there’s a lot going on you got extra plug-ins adaptive front headlight system led projector headlights there’s a lot going on foot activated power liftgate rear park assist with automated braking let’s start by breaking down the interior because the seating is going to be definitely different here on the xse

Rav4 prime without the premium package you’re going to get soft-tech seating but you’re going to have red and black fabric inserts that’ll be upgraded to all soft text if you get the premium package and you can see here it’s very cool though red accent stitching throughout the cabin this one has a moon roof it’s not panoramic okay let’s go to the back seat now

Because i want to show you the rear view as well again it has the fabric inserts okay all right here’s the back it’s got rear vents rear usbs and then we’re gonna poke our head in here it’s got a nine inch touch screen see that it’s got the premium audio so it will have jbl speakers on it just want to give you a preliminary view and now for the premium package

This has all softex seating it’s perforated you’ll be having heated and cooled seats in this one okay and definitely the pattern is a little bit different as well okay let’s check that all out here and then we’ll go to the back just like we did before it’ll be similar it’ll be similar all soft text oh it’s so pretty then we’ve got vents chargers challahs

This one has a color head up display it’s a 10 inch screen that projects on your windshield with the video it’s going to seem like a strobe light but it tells you valuable information like your lane departure alert radar cruise control the position you’re in charge indicator eco information and your speed limit as well and it’s right there so it’s not distracting

If you don’t want to look at it you just look through it no big deal but head up display that’s a big one for me we also have in the premium package a panoramic roof so let’s see if we can open this sucker up here for you it exposes light to everybody in the vehicle whether in the front row or whether you’re in the back row and then it opens up almost all the way

For the front section blizzard pearl does not have the premium package so it does not have bird’s eye view camera so you won’t see a little bird’s eye indicator here and then when you put it in reverse on that big screen it’s going to show you your typical backup camera rear cross traffic alert very cool and then see that so it shows you backward but it does not

Show you forward it does not show you the overhead cam as well now you’ll see that it does not have ventilated seats but it does have heated seats we’re in the premium package red one here it has the bird’s eye view so now we’ll just take it over here to the screen push bird’s eye view and you can see a curb view you can also see an overhead view or overhead

Depending on whether you say the word overhead with a v or a b like i did all right let’s put it in reverse so now it can show you behind you and overhead it has advanced braking too so if it gets close to something in theory it should stop you very cool and then with the premium package you’ll see cooled seats as well as the heated seats you’ll hear the

Engine engine you’ll hear a motor run right here especially if you have it on high so that’s what that sound is plus with those ventilated seats you’ll feel it cold on your tushy you got a chilly rear end oh boy you always have a power liftgate right but on the premium package you get hands-free so you can kick it so i just come over here and as it closes i

Can show you the on-board cable this one the white one over here this one has a 3.3 kilowatt on-board charger this one here has a 6.6 kilowatt on-board charger because it’s the premium package repetitive premium premium premium right so that might be something that you want to look at for faster charging times let’s go inside this little beauty and we’re going

To compare of all things rear view mirror why would i compare that well because this one has the traditional auto dimming rear view mirror and it’s fine there’s nothing wrong with it the driver will look back here and they’ll see if it’s clear they might have people’s heads in the way they might have headrests in the way but they can still see we’re all used to

That nothing different about what we’re used to seeing this one here has the digital rear view mirror because it’s premium right so how is that going to be any different we’re vlogging now let’s turn it on we’re going to check out our digital rear view mirror we can still see right there it’s the same but if we flip a switch now we get to see what’s behind us

Okay so watch this see now you can see traffic you can see people no obstructions nothing in the way you can see everything it’s clear because it uses a camera that’s inside the back glass right it takes a little getting used to i’m not gonna lie about that one because it’s different it’s like sort of magnified it’s like right there like in your face so just

Get used to it and see if you like it it’s kind of bright at night but you can dim it both of the vehicles have a power driver seat this one right here has a power passenger seat forward backward not up and down and it reclines the seat as well so the passenger wins with the premium package yeah welcome everybody wnbc we’ve also got two position memory seating here

With premium package so one or two pick your choice the premium package does not give you that that’s part of premium audio jbl speakers but it does give you the extra 1500 watt 120 volt plug-in right here in the back so that could help you out for tailgating for working for camping whatever you want it to be it’s available all right rav4 prime also has with the

Premium package adaptive front headlight system and probably the layman’s way of putting it is the lights are going to turn in the direction that your steering wheel is going or your car is headed right so if your wheels are pointed this way they’ll tweak just a little bit it really helps you with cornering imagine a country road that you’re on you sure would like

A little help to see where you’re going that’s what does it adaptive front headlight system rav4 prime pricing can be as basic or as expensive as you want it to be it depends on what you want what options you want and then what your budget is so you can determine that based on what’s important to you and here’s what i mean i’ve got the window stickers here we’ll

Start with the one without the premium package so xse made in japan here’s what’s so special about it 94 mpge when you combine electric electricity with gasoline 94 mpg it can go up to 42 miles on one electric charge and it gets 38 mpg if you’re just doing gasoline no electric help at all okay this is standard you’re gonna see this on everything 302 net hybrid

Horsepower it’s got ev modes hv modes it’s really incredible it’s so fast if you drive it toyota safety sense 2.0 eight airbags led projector headlights vertical accent lights moon roof 19 inch alloy wheels this has the 9 inch screen six speakers we’re gonna upgrade that five usb ports here we go 41 675 weather package premium package and heated rear seats

Are 440 as a line item so think about doing that if you want we deliver it to the dealerships every car has some form of options on it some have none some have some some have a lot toyo guard platinum carpet mats paint protection led interior lights i like that package a lot i like you a lot mary 47 459 and then here we’ve got similar supersonic red instead

Of blizzard pearl the ratings are all going to be the same these are going to be all the same so stop the video if you want to look at this one by yourself because we’re going to keep going okay here we go 41 675 we’ve got the weather package premium audio the premium package stop the video if you want to check that out on your own i’ll try to get it close all

Right so that changes the pricing a little bit we’re going to put it at 49 on this particular one it’s got carpet mats carpet cargo mat led interior lights so this particular one will be 49.5 and remember because it has less options on it from the port regional assembly port it’s about what two thousand dollars difference when you get down to the nitty and the

Gritty so ladies and gentlemen all around the world now is your duty i did my duty and compared them showed you the benefits the cost so we have to determine honk honk is the juice worth the squeeze is the 3 700 a good value for you to get the premium package what do you think about rav4 prime do you own one have you been searching for one we want to hear stories

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