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Comparison of electric cars – 2023 Genesis GV60 vs 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5

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Hello everyone i assumed that the genesis gv60 of 2023 would be the first crossover of the brand but genesis continues to undermine established luxury brands with exciting styling exciting acceleration and a loaded standard suite of luxury features it seems almost unfair the compact crossover gv70 of 2022 received the luxury car of the year award a year after the

Larger three-row crossover gv80 received this award my doubts about the brand’s first electric car arose from the other side what could make it 12 000 better than a similar hyundai ioniq 5 of 2022 both models share an electric vehicle platform with the kia ev6 with the ionic 5 the clean slate approach changed what was possible in a compact crossover space earning it

A high rating the retro atmosphere of the hatchback with futuristic lighting elements makes it both familiar and fresh and the z-shaped fold above the doors allows it to look different inside the ionic 5 transforms into something completely new a wide open cockpit a sliding center console a fixed glass roof and two 12.3 inch screens on the dashboard a thin strip

Of touch sensitive climate control buttons gives the dashboard a spartan look but physical buttons would be more welcome the flat bottom spoke less steering is not the only difference between the ionic 5 and the gv60 genesis uses round and elliptical design elements throughout the cabin and covers them with corrugated metal surfaces that are pleasant to the touch

The center console eliminates the difference between the ev6 and ionic 5 with a group of drive mode buttons located under the armrest and leading to the crystal ball the bulb lights up before launch when it turns into a gear disc surrounded by finger slots so as not to confuse it with a smaller infotainment disc closer to the edge of the console little things like

The glove compartment which slides out like a drawer and the power buttons on the inside of the passenger seat allowing it to be easily moved for the driver or rear passengers are a luxury the exterior design is also distinguished by sophistication the z-shape also adorns the gv60 but it is a barely noticeable bend of the rear window connecting the rear door to

The elevator door short overhangs complete the hatchback squad design it is unlike any other car on the road even without bright colors separate headlight design or non-standard wheel selection and yet they could never be confused with each other this is platform sharing done right both cars use a 77.4 kilowatt hours rechargeable battery located under the floor

And between the axles hyundai offers a single engine rear wheel drive base model but i tested a limited all-wheel drive system with a 320 horsepower engine on each axle and 446 lbft of torque all this instantaneous torque provides acceleration without shifting gears and acceleration to the 60 miles per hour takes about 5 seconds the genesis gv60 performance reduces

The time to 4 seconds perhaps even faster thanks to its 429 horsepower and 516 lbft power output the boost mode button on the steering wheel produces another 54 horsepower in 10 seconds which change you to the seat however the suspension setting on each of them is shifted towards softness despite the lower center of gravity provided by a discharged battery jumping

Over road bumps seems more natural in the higher ionic 5 with its front struts and 5 link rear suspension the gv60 performance uses a more advanced active suspension controlled by cameras that predict road changes and adjust settings however it feels softer in turns with noticeable understeer and elasticity at the road seams which gives it a much looser feel than

Its powerful engines suggest in short this is no longer in his nature and is set up for comfort rather than performance both models use convenient lever switches with multiple rigging braking settings including the option with one pedal to the stop the gv60 performance weighs about 200 pounds more than the ionic 5 limited awd and its mileage is 235 miles and 256

Miles respectively both devices have an 800 volt charging architecture for fast direct current charging up to 250 kilowatts which provides charging from 10 to 80 in just 18 minutes this is the fastest and most affordable charging time for electric vehicles on the market judging by the numbers the ionic 5 stretches about 5 inches longer and offers more interior

Space with a wheelbase of 118.1 inches compared to the gv60s 114.2 inches the ionic 5 has almost 2 inches more legroom at 39.4 inches and its roomier rear field is backed up by features that indicate a 5 cubic feet increase in passenger volume the same applies to the cargo compartment behind the reclining rear seats with a 60 to 40 split the volume of the ioniq

5 is 27.2 cubic feet or 59.3 when the seats are folded the dimensions of the gv60 are 24 and 54.7 cubic feet respectively there are plenty of thoughtful storage spaces especially in the door pockets and under the center consoles but a front the size of a briefcase can only store a charging cord hyundai’s advantage over other brands lies in a rich set of features

And genesis further expands this advantage over luxury brands the driver assistance functions in the ionic 5 include automatic emergency braking and active lane control and blind spot monitors and camera displays a surround view camera system and an advanced adaptive cruise control system that can automatically change lanes and limited traffic without the help of

Hands are installed in the upper part of the body the gv60 has all these standard features as well as a backlit display even luxury requires an additional fee for many of these features the five year or 60 000 mile base warranty covers ev components for up to 10 years or 100 000 miles which is another industry leading advantage for both both models show a clear

12.3 inch instrument cluster and a 12.3 inch touchscreen under a single blast curved towards the driver it is easy to use after setting up and getting used to the layers and voice commands are excellent the charged ionic 5 has heated and cooled front seats with a massage driver’s seat but the gv60 adds a bang and deluxe and sound system with 17 speakers nappa

Leather heated steering wheel and heated rear seats in addition to a facial recognition system that allows you to enter the car without a key fob or phone and a fingerprint scanner to launch it ultimately style and character will affect buyers more than the twelve thousand dollar difference or it may all depend on patients the ionic five is sold in most states

While the gv60 only launches in four ev states for starters thanks for watching have good day you

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Comparison of electric cars – 2023 Genesis GV60 vs 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 ! By Car World by Wolf