Configuring My Rivian R1T

We build our R1T to our spec and color along with finding out the launch edition was sold out a day before we where able to order. Hopefully they open the Launch editions for more orders!! Either way We are still going to make content to give to you guys. Like, Comment and Subscribe!!

All right we’re going to order or not order but configure the truck we got the email so let’s go welcome to rivian do you remember your password no i’m creating one um perfect might as well all right let’s configure it so ah no more launch editions lame why can’t i get the launch edition oh do you see that delivery begins january yeah i don’t know why

Can we go back change model r1t pre-order date man i wonder if there’s only a certain amount of launch editions the reservation’s full oh it does say reservation so well oh well we’ll just configure one like this of course we’re getting the ruby in blue and off-road i would really love these dark wheels yes now let’s do it stupid camp kitchen i don’t know camp

Kitchen would be kind of cool if we did like um we bought the camper for it too when they come out with it that’s cool i’m saying black because i don’t know about any of these colors forest yeah black for sure go to ocean and coastal that’s white leather blackety the only upgrades well well save the preferences preferences estimated price delivery begins i

Am probably still going to email them to see like hey it’s gonna be the truck though oh i need to make sure that that badass audio system in it hold up though yeah ruby 360 don’t know okay sweet put the yellow braid calipers hmm i’ll go work with it i’m not red no so i guess we just wait now that’s the pre-order process i’m probably gonna email them seeing if

There’s any way to get a um what is it called i can’t even think of it now but the the model that comes out in june see if that’s possible but if not i guess we’ll just have to wait peace so it’s a few days since we configured the truck um i kind of got a hold of rivian kind of talked to him and we missed the launch edition by day what can you do sounds like

My luck actually but i think so we they said that if they do end up opening the launch editions again that we’ll get an email for sure so we can upgrade the the reservation or the pre-order i guess so i was thinking about it i was kind of down but then i thought well this gives me time to produce more content on my truck um i can actually record going off-road

With it you know um towing i kind of got a little towing loop set up um or in my head not necessarily set up but um that we can do like figure out like a gas mileage thing how to compare the two like depending on fuel usage usage versus battery usage i don’t know how it’s gonna work i’ll figure something out um but other than that i’m just checking my email

Every day hoping that the launch edition pops up or something from rivian saying that we’ve released more launch editions or something like that um but other than that the next videos i don’t know how often i’m going to make videos right now since i do work full time of course and don’t get very much time on the weekends sometimes but i’ll do my best to keep up

Maybe every two weeks every month from now on and then when of course the truck gets here whenever it does we will try and produce videos more often because i imagine that’s when everybody’s going to be interested in it and then i can either go back to old videos and uh like kind of compare the two i plan on doing like a a gauge view and then maybe a time lapse

Of the whole thing the the uh driving loop that i have set up is pretty much all uphill so i’m gonna go up and then come right back and uh i’ll fill up with gas before i start and then i’ll fill up with i guess electricity when i start i don’t know how that works full charge um and then i’ll go up it and i’ll record it of course i’m just gonna set the cruise

Control at the speed limit and see let the truck do the work because i feel like that’s you know i see some tv or some things on youtube where like they’re strictly like try and keep it at a certain mile per hour and i don’t think that’s how it works out it’s not realistic sometimes especially if you’re towing a heavy load you know you’re going to slow down but

The truck is going to do its thing no matter what whether it’s going to grade shift or and stuff like that so i don’t know how great that will work with the rivian if it’s going to use like regenerative braking to hey maybe i’ll gain mileage when i go downhill with the rivian who knows um but i know towing in my truck um i’ve done i’ve put more than probably

2 000 miles at once towing my truck like within a week period i mean that’s probably not a lot but you get to know the truck pretty well and going downhills for being such a small displacement engine it’s only a 3.5 it did really good of actually engine braking and kind of holding you there and not like having to tap the brakes a lot now i’m not saying i towed

Super heavy it was um it was a mustang on a steel trailer with a 55 gallon barrel of e85 in the back a bunch of tools and an extra set of uh wheels um and for three guys and all of our crap golf clubs we brought for no reason because we never played golf we were too busy sleeping and doing other hooligan stuff um but i mean i can’t complain about the truck i

Have now there’s nothing there to complain about it did great on all my needs so far heck it’s probably even done better um but it’s going to be a cool journey to kind of compare the two now that i’ll have time to actually just focus on my truck and like do some off-roading and um towing and then a drivability loop and stuff like that um i know somebody’s probably

Gonna have a question um about whether me having the toe tune on the truck is going to affect it and of course it’s gonna affect it you know they adjust shift points a more boost you know different things like that more fuel but i’m not going to take the tow tune off my truck um i just i mean that’s how i’m going to drive it you know not to mention the rivian

Has like so much more torque anyway so if it does good or better than that pickup you know the tans down the better pickup it is going to be a little bit smaller so i don’t know if they’re able to make the stability as good you know um but it may be actually heavier i’ll have to look into that i haven’t really done much thinking about that um with the battery

Pack and everything and i don’t know how that will equate to being behind the tr or being in front of a trailer because i know like and the air suspension too man there’s a lot going into this truck that may make it a lot better because you won’t have any their suspension can equal out and you won’t have a dip you know stuff like that so i i don’t know what i’m

Getting into but i’m ready to try something different um and document the process on the way so go ahead and give a like comment subscribe anything you can flip me off in the comments it don’t matter to me um but where do we go from here there’ll be a couple videos on that and i’ll still do a whole like basically story time about the f-150 that may be a long

Video um but all right we’ll see on the next one latest

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Configuring My Rivian R1T By Paul Propps