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Coolant temperature Sensor Chevy Express Can

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Changing the temperature sensor on my 2005 Chevy express van that has been having overheating problems. Finally got it fixed with this one! Please like and subscribe the video and we will keep coming out with new content!

Here we are again with the 2005 chevy express the end i got the 4.3 liter v6 today we’re gonna be replacing the coolant temperature sensor which is located on the back of the engine basically this guy right here it’s pretty easy it threads in and threads out it’s already pre basically sealed so you know twenty sort of sealant on the threads or anything like that it

Also comes to some other wires as well to put an option to change out the plug as well sometimes the plug goes bad so i just went ahead and bought the whole kit to do it all they said what you gotta do to get this middle center panel off on the chevy express van is you need to first remove this panel which i already took off located under the driver’s side it’s got

Two bolts on it one two very simple and then you’ve got a hook on this side which you pull it back unhooks i’ve already taken off the emitter middle center console but there’s basically just four bolts back in there one two three and four and it should pretty much just fall out fall off the deal and there’s two more latches located underneath on the passenger side

We’re gonna go ahead and do the same thing right now we can’t get over here on the passenger side we’re gonna do the same thing remove these two bolts one and two over there no got the outside piece off not too difficult again it’s just the two ten millimeter screws they just basically rip it off and i should come off pretty darn easy so now we’ve got off all the

Screws these two plastic panels this plastic panel passenger plastic panel front panel on this so we can unlatch those two latches the two latches on either side now this thing should just pretty much move right out of the way you can take it out if you want um i don’t need to because the piece that we are looking to access and you know i’m gonna go ahead make this

Video extra clear for you guys cuz there may or may not be another video on youtube that looked like the guy was using a flip phone and didn’t even focus it so this is the piece we’re replacing right here okay this is our temperature sensor for the coolant what i’m gonna do since i’ve got the new adapter piece or whatever you want to call it is i’m actually gonna

Snip this wire up here because the new piece i bought came with some really nice crimpers to where you actually don’t have to strip the wires you run you know one wire through one side one wire through the other side and when you crush this metal piece together it actually penetrates the the rubber surround so you don’t have to strip them so i’ve got two of them

Obviously one for each wire and then that’s about it i’m gonna go ahead and go and start removing this here i’ll let you know once we get it removed so the wrench ended up being the 3/4 what you’re gonna want to do is unplug the plug off of here which it’s not too difficult to the task psyching it under it unplug the plug so i retired with one hand unplug the plug

And then what you’re gonna do is get this real loose and have your other one ready to stick right back inside of it so that way you don’t lose too much coolant and all honesty if the vehicle is cool you’re not gonna lose a ton of coolant the vehicles warm or even hot which i wouldn’t recommend doing it while it’s hot you’re gonna lose more coolant other than that

I’m gonna go ahead and pull the plug and go from there all righty you guys we got the temperature deal put on there i drove the van around the block the gauge is being a little bit funny but on my way back home everything kind of leveled out i’ve got the van idling right now ac blasting and as you can see it’s 110 degrees in arizona right now and the temperature

Is doing just fine sand pretty much right where it needs to be which is technically a hundred over ambient is usually perfectly fine from what i have understood so i think we’re doing okay here you guys have any questions comments anything like that i’m usually pretty quickly getting back to comments or you have any other questions that i might be able to help you

With just let me know other than that guys if you can go ahead and hit that subscribe button and like that help us go a long way in being able to do more of those car videos for you thanks no that’s disgusting i’m sure this is the reason why we’ll go ahead and see i’m gonna take it for a test drive right now kind of button things back up together slightly and then

Give me a test drive see she overheats and open their police $11 idea finish nvidia

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Coolant temperature Sensor Chevy Express Can By Smith Twins