Conheça os detalhes das funções da Central Multimídia do Novo TOYOTA Corolla Cross e Corolla Sedan. O interior do Corolla 2022, está equipado com central multimídia Toyota Play com conectividade para Android Auto e Apple CarPlay, com função MP3, entrada USB, conexão auxiliar Aux-In e Bluetooth. O Corolla 2022 é um veículo com 5 estrelas no LATIN NCAP e conta com pacote de segurança com 7 Air Bags.

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Here in the city of joinville santa catarina today on the toyota 0km board i want to show you all the information on how to use the corolla 2022 multimedia let’s go to another video well guys today i want to show you here how to use corolla multimedia i will show here in the video all the use here of this corolla 2022 multimedia that had a change there, it no longer has

That tube tv back here as personal used to say now there with floating screen the options that i’m going to give here are the same as for corolla 2020/2022 remembering before showing you here we have here on the panel this usb socket and the pen drive also reads if you want to play music, that usb socket that is on the central console also has to be done here, it does not

Read the data to the system to do the mirroring through from the android auto system and also the apple carplay the multimedia i ‘m going to show her home screen that the home option here that has these side keys here both on the left and on the right side to facilitate navigation in the multimedia here in this case that we have 3 points in this option home the information

Here referring to the autonomy and also reach of cruzeiro car consumption this part you can be pressing here which is the quick access menu of the phone that you can add people here so that the name can be displayed here for you call it easier or the source here of the presets if i was listening to the radio it would be on the radio if it had the mp3 it would be mp3 how

Are you connected to the a ndroid auto the android auto option is appearing if you press the menu option here we have all the informational part here with these audio quick accesses the phone android auto which is what i’m using the information and settings here in the case from the multimedia if i click here on the audio option we have this option here right above to the

Source option we can choose am fm the android auto that i’m connected to the bluetooth option and also the wireless mirroring through the miracast system with the option is smart view which you can do with wi-fi only so if you choose fm here we have fm option here the case presets are the songs that are listed here we have a memory function up to 12 options and if you want

To keep adding the new number here, you will first have to save the number that is here as it is as i selected 104 straight here to the other side too and then it stopped at 104. 30 and now i went there and saved this radio here in this part of presets here we have the lists of stations where the radio antena managed to capture the radios that are here it will be here with

The name of all the radio stations that he managed to do the scanning here and here the options you can put here the fm text on or not to appear in the newsletter both here in multimedia also in the computer board there when you’re driving the informational information here this sound option here we have the part for you here, you’re making the adjustments for the treble

Of the bass mids, you can put less or more here and make the equalization of this part with balance here from sound then we have here left and right side and here’re centered in the middle to report that all the boxes are connected we’ll assume you’re with little son back there he’s asleep and you who r only put here on the front boxes then you will put here on the front

And put forward here the sound then this ball that tava here in the center will walk here forward and will work only here the front car twiters and the doors here too the driver the rear doors in the case back there won’t work the sound if you put it back here it will work only the part of the rear sound system if you put it in the front centered everything if i want only

On the left side so you have these options for choosing here and you come back here and there’s an automatic leveler here also the high mid and low sound leveler you can do here in the case the option if you press the menu key here again we have the configuration here on the phone so all here the lists i have of the people saved on my phone will be here the favorites too

If you want to click and be able to add you can add and also here is the part c with the keyboard for you to type directly the number here to make the call or be selecting the device here in the case my device is here at the moment these are the options you have here in the phone field here if i click on the option here android auto, which is the case i’m connected now,

It will do the initial opening here with the gps that it will usually use waze on android auto has this option or the google maps gps also has this option for you to use in the case that i can choose here which address i want to go to at the moment the last two address i selected and then if you click it will make the selection here to go to this address have the parts and

Here of the settings you can choose the mode traffic satellite mode narration you can also choose through the system if you close here you can press this white ok affecting this white button that is here as i showed you it will open all over rte informative android auto then it will show that the apps i can do and in the case doing the option google maps here in the case

Spotify is a podcast music app the phone to toyota ‘s own website news weather and in the case here in in the matter of weather he can even be doing the selection part here of what time will be here at the moment where i’m selected in joinville it’s 24 degrees and cloudy sky so you have this option it will be cloudy today look at the predicted maximum it’s 27 to a minimum

Of 21 degrees and the forecast is basically correct it’s cloudy it’s drizzling all the time really got it right here we have here the option of information that that same initial screen that appears on the home there brings precisely informing here in the case autonomy from 0 to 10 km per liter 20 per liter 30 per liter so it will show a little blue square here on every

Trip you make, but not in case it will show the best previous autonomy and the last previous one as informati vo if you enter travel information here we have the average speed the elapsed time the cruise range and all the travel history if you want to clear you will click here and clear all the consumption you have there since you bought the car as i don’t want to do that

I’ll put it in the option no and here in this part of the newsletter as i clicked for you it appears the same way here, oh in the home field, if you click here, the same option will appear here for the newsletter if you press this button and hold it will turn off the multimedia if you press it again it will turn on these other side keys here you can change the radio or the

Station the music that is playing here you click to go to a direct access by phone and also here below with the car configuration for you, it’s just on the phone to do the connection part to choose which phone and if i go back to the menu and settings option there we have here all this part of the media center settings as a whole so we have language clock here in case the

Project presets refer to the android auto system that is on or apple carplay in case the android auto that i am using is on customization of the home screen here we managed to change this layout here as you can see here it’s audio eco phone and watch if i want to change these three options here i can also change it here it’s turning the beep on and off and choose the theme

Here on if it’s in this blue theme if i want to choose red i also choose red the bluetooth option here you may be adding a new device the phone audio option and also the voice command here we can adjust the volume of the voice and this voice command is on the steering wheel of the car, which is multifunctional and you can do it there in case it is the connectivity through

The voice that you will use through the system android auto ema is also thanks a lot again for watching this video i hope i can help you guys in some way until next time

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