Could this be the next Telluride??? Kia EV9 All-Electric Concept

Kia came out swinging for the fences with their latest entry to their EV family of vehicles. Right on the heels of their EV6 setting a new record for charge time efficiency traveling across the US, a record previously held by Tesla, Kia shows of this very boxy and rugged EV9 concept vehicle.

Please let me introduce the here concept ev 9. so hey gearheads welcome to garage talk i’m corey i’m matt and this is the kia concept ev9 electric suv and i am here for it i love the color i think yes i i think i was smiling you can’t tell where in l.a wearing a mask but i was smiling ear to ear from the moment i first saw this oh yeah the

Looks are on point the color is on point i am in love with this it’s a little boxier than the ev6 which they showed us earlier this year i like it what about you it’s very concept still obviously it’s brand new it’s right out today i mean we don’t even have rear view mirrors it doesn’t even have rear view mirrors it’s got actually a solar panel built into the

Hood of the vehicle which is a nice use of space so that you still get a full glass panoramic roof yeah full panoramic roof and seating for six yeah so i i think they’re on to something for sure with this three row suv very unique in every aspect what do you think of these headlights they are otherworldly pretty wild that yes the starlight pattern that it invokes

We’re going to do just a quick walk around here with it to show you a little bit of the styling and we want to know what you think down in the comments below right this is a three row it’s two two and two all the way back but from what i can see inside quite spacious from front to rear and very flexible seating inside you might mention that this was like miniature

Bronco standing next to it yeah it’s much more full-sized broncos size i mean it’s huge it’s bigger than i thought from a distance hyundai and kia are bringing their a game here at the la auto show just look at the interior on this it’s a two plus two plus two so you’ve got two in the front two in the middle and two in the rear and kia was very uh talkative

About all the different seating positions and functions that this interior could do this middle row actually folds down to be a table you can actually make that a table and turn around the front seats uh just to show off exactly uh the room and space inside and this rear seat can turn into a tailgate mode that when you open the back has lounge-like seating back

Here this thing is truly impressive and i think a stunner from just about every single direction i absolutely love it again gearheads thanks for following with us uh on our trip to the la auto show if you have not already hit the subscribe button ring the bell so you get notified every time we post and uh find us on facebook and instagram both at gt garage talk

This thing is just absolutely gorgeous we cannot wait to show you more here from the la auto show and there is more to come please welcome senior vice president and head of kia global design center morning ladies and gentlemen i’m happy to be here today to show you the kia concept ev9 the next chapter of our future vision it points towards the second model of

Our dedicated ev lineup and our first all-electric suv with the concept dv9 we promised outstanding performance as we delivered with the kia ev6 for example it will travel 300 miles on a full charge and it will charge from 10 to 80 percent in 20 to 30 minutes but performance is only one part of the story we want to make a product that not only takes you to

Your destination but also creates meaningful human experiences we believe our collective efforts must have a positive impact on the world and the concept ev9 serves as a clear sign of kia’s commitment towards that sustainable future the world presents us with a multi-dimensional and rich balance of opposites and often contrasting concepts this idea is reflected

In our design philosophy opposites unite as for the concept dv9 we believe the tension that lies between nature and machine can inspire us and lead us to a better and more sustainable way forward the concept ev9 is inspired by what we call bold for nature we’re not trying to superficially imitate nature but rather understand how it works and mimic its ways to

Create better products that enhance your quality of life our mission is to provide the most rewarding interactions with our customers from every point of view the concept ev9 fuses big suv attitude like the kia telluride with full ev credentials in the concept ev9 smooth soft surfaces are balanced by technical shear forms a soft and elegant treatment to the

Fuselage gives the concept ev9 a friendly warm and approachable demeanor at the same time elevated angular fenders on the body rise up giving the concept ev9 a sharp strong presence high gloss cladding stands out next to the satin blue paint while geometric precise triangular forms give the vehicle a modern and capable character the concept ev9 welcomes you into a

Brilliant new future now as you approach the vehicle our signature tiger nose comes to life proudly telling the world this is a kia for a new era led lights form a star map pattern providing a sense of clarity and radiance at the start of any journey moving towards the rear of the of the vehicle unique led tail lights echo the star map that’s also at the front

The taillights trace the vehicle’s wide and stable stance with its strong shoulders and very upright windows furthermore the large daylight opening of the panoramic skyroof gives passengers great views across day and night whether in the city or out in nature a solar panel built in the hood helps recharge your battery inside we craft and create interiors that

Innovate push boundaries and give you a first class lounge in which you can relax focus and be inspired these qualities have all been carried into the concept edna with an imposing and solid exterior and an open lightweight interior we believe we perfectly express our opposites united ethos the naturally integrated pop-up steering wheel and a 27-inch ultra-wide

Display provide all passengers with a broader sensory experience while on the move now electrification offers the advantages of maintaining the in-vehicle experience not only in driving but also when the vehicle is stationary when the vehicle is on the move the concept ev9 is in what we call active mode but when it has come to a stop there are two modes to access

Pause mode and enjoyable in pause mode the second row seats fold and become a table creating a living space to gather and interact in enjoy mode the third row seat can be switched from front to back to see the outside the concept ev9 various seat modes are flexible and give the occupants new perspectives opposites united also encompasses a world of color and

Materials that are reflected in nature the concept 89 was inspired by the idea of water and we wanted the oceans to guide us and help us understand how to address our environmental responsibilities for example we use we are using recycled fishing nets for the flooring and seating fabric made from plastic bottles and recycled wool fibers for every design element

We have strived to create a meaningful connection with nature and the world around us so with the concept eb9 and the wave of easy products to come we believe kia’s future is looking exceptionally bright all of us at here invite you to join us on this exciting new and beautiful journey thank you you

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