2023 Honda HRV review by The Straight Pipes. The Honda HR-V is putting down 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque from a 2L 4 cylinder. At $37,130 CAD, would you take it over the Toyota CHR, Toyota Corolla Cross, Mazda CX-30, Hyundai Kona, Subaru Crosstrek?

I’m yuri i’m jacob we’re going for a drive the all-new 2023 honda hrv in the top trim without launch control traction off sport shifting gonna floor it here to the floor who said the check if we moved horsepower 158 horsepower 138 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter four-cylinder and i’m gonna put it into d i’m gonna put it into econ what is this car uh so

This is the all-new hrv it’s significantly better than the outgoing model which we really did not like so this one is built off a civic platform now yeah which is what makes it so good now because of well mostly our interior we love the new civic yeah this interior is pretty much exactly the same as the civic the infotainment the meshes and stuff there’s a couple

Of things that suck about this like it does have the world’s worst cup holders of all time but we’ll get into that later you know what they should have called this in this transitionary period into the hrv what the civic cross yeah because this is kind of the corolla cross ish even though toyota still makes the chr i think okay this compared to the corolla cross

Has a remote start on the key fob that you don’t have to pay a subscription for really like the curl across so yeah i’m thinking for the title of this video r.i.p corolla cross yeah i mean it kind of works uh i’m just going to spoil it right now i really like this more than the coral across basically in every category okay let’s start with the looks because it

Does look kind of weird kind of awkward but kind of good so let’s start with the kind of good i think the front end does look kind of good kind of like an escape though it’s kind of cool it’s got like a little small mouth and like the headlights are really nice it’s civic-ish like the headlights look really good every trim now gets led headlights which is cool

We have the worst color for a press car because black doesn’t show off like the body lines compared to where the grilles are but here are some press photos of better colors yeah and most people are probably going to buy it in this black anyways and then looking around from the side we have 17-inch wheels which comes standard and it’s quite nice they’re nothing

Special but at least you get 17. not offensive what is the continental recommended tire for an hrv the continental cross contact lx 25 and right now get up to a 100 visa prepaid card with the purchase of four qualifying continental light truck and suv tires from now through august 31st 2022 visit continental tire dot com slash the stray pipes and back to the

Side on the door we got the proximity touch stuff which is very very nice to have yeah always body lines nothing special and then if we move to the back i love the tail lights and the weird angle of the back it’s like kind of hunchy i kind of like it even though it’s awkward yeah that’s the worst part for me it just kind of looks like a blob from the back but

Like in dusk like the taillights look really great and tail lights are nice do you like the exhaust tip it’s whatever it is it’s the load thing they don’t have like tips or anything so that’s kind of cool yeah it’s it’s fine what does it sound like from the outside and then if we open the hatch up we have a bunch of room do you think this has more room than

The honda civic hatch or the integra hatch looking at it it does look like it has more but let’s put up the numbers for the cargo capacity of the civic integra and this i would think i’d be fine with a civic hatch because that was one of the cars i was looking at for my family car and i definitely don’t think i would look at this one compared to the civic yeah

Especially for what you get in the price and everything like that like the civic is obviously a better value but if people like to be higher up on the ground and then you get a little drive you can’t feel like they need you can’t get all-wheel drive in a civic so there is a reason for this but okay i want to do something really fun with the uh cvt transmission

I love fun okay if i go to i think normal okay okay i think if i keep it at five i’ll keep going faster and it won’t shift gears all right so cvt song of its people i actually can’t see your attack you can hear it not as fun as like the crosstrek where it just stays pinned like that’s a like i love cvts that do that yeah it’s it’s whatever and you finally got

To the speed limit eventually not as much power as i’d want on the highway it does feel better than the corolla cross but we never drove the slowest civic which has the same motor right this is the exact same civic engine probably probably for a good reason honda knows just keep that out of their hands it would probably feel better than this because it’s a big

Heavy car with all-wheel drive okay y’all i’m going to bomb it at the cliche corner in s shifting traction there’s no handles here oh my goodness hey it’s not bad oh the all-wheel drive pulling me through dude this isn’t that’s actually not bad no it’s not independent rear suspension doing something yo that is actually not bad your foot was pinned the whole

Time all right let’s get you into the driver’s seat i’m excited to launch this thing by excited i mean i have to launch it because that’s the thing that i do that’s your gimmick bro all right let’s try to launch the civic in the dumbest mode ever put the shifter to l okay and then put it to snow mode it’s no mode brake booster now yeah i might as well and

Traction’s off it will stay pink i can’t what’s that shifting yes 6800 go go go go go it was squirrelly under-breaking at the speed limit finally okay let’s see what cliche corner will do so obviously not too much power but it still somehow does feel better than the crawler cross at least what i remember of that now let’s see what this doesn’t cliche

Corner and i’ll see if i can get it as pinned as you did except i’m going to the downhill way so it’s a little bit more difficult no i gotta let off here and okay dude this isn’t bad at all it’s not there’s obviously a lot of body roll but here we go here we go i’m gonna stay in it through the uphill god this is actually so fun just bringing this out we’ve

Turned this into a miata yeah yeah it’s just that’s the best vote for it you know what they’re just preparing a good chassis for the hrv type r yes which i think is a joke i made for the fit like yeah yeah years ago when we started yeah no the fit si that would have been good yeah well no but i did the fit our photoshop uh yes okay okay so out of snow mode and

Uh into econ and normal so we don’t have a sport mode just so we’re shifting every mode below normal is less aggressive than normal so normal is kind of your sport mode yeah but like i think al is the the best shift mode yeah so i don’t know for the for the shifter you know you call shifters like prindles yeah well this is a princess soul okay can we move into

The interior stuff now i would love to uh we have the civic infotainment it is great we have a volume knob we have tuning buttons we have a back button home button apple carplay android auto you can go wireless apple carplay we can rewind satellite radios you’re going to get some free satellite radio if you get a brand new car or a used car hit up

Slash the straight pipe it’s three free months and right now we have lfo summer girls on 90s on 9. there you go i think it’s fly away and girls and we only have a reverse camera but you know it’s all right and then we have that cool civic grill mesh pattern up here i’m surprised that we have that on here because it felt like such a luxury thing on the civic and

Then the integra even has and then this has it like i know and then we have the same climate control buttons like all that that clickiness yeah it’s amazing i’m shocked okay gage cluster is different it is analog on the right digital on the left but the passenger can’t see it it’s like blacked out like a privacy thing which is weird it is weird so it is digital

On the left which is kind of cool because you got to customize that through yeah yeah i want you to let the passenger know that you’re pinging off yeah what’s what’s with that volume the whole time don’t worry about it you know what’s the speed and the sound and everything like while driving it’s it’s not bad yeah if you’re not trying to do dumb stuff with the

Cvt like it’s fine here yeah it’s actually quite nice and then moving back into the steering wheel we have buttons to get you into really good lane keep assist yeah honda sensing is standard there’s a lot of standard features on the base model which honda’s very proud of and i think they should be because like what this even has heated seats on the base model we

Have heated seats here this is the top trim so there are certain things like we’re gonna have nicer materials we got heated area for the windshield wipers that kind of stuff that’s nice and then automatic climate control is actually standard on all models so you don’t have to do red or blue on the base models yeah but i just hate fan you know what i still hate

Automatic um climate control even in my mazda i still yeah always adjust the fan to where i want to because i hate i don’t i the thing i hate the most is getting in a car and the fan blasting full speed at me like i understand that it’s too loud certain cars don’t do that and i i really like automatic climbing for that yeah your fiesta i got it yeah yeah yeah

It’s in certain cars like lexuses and things come on i know the car needs to like warm up before the cold air comes and then we have a wireless charger because luxury top trim and that remote engine start you mentioned earlier standard on the base model how cool is that and you don’t have to pay every year theoretically we don’t like yeah we don’t actually we

Don’t like when stuff that’s already in your car with that doesn’t need support like a heated seat needs a subscription like telematics i get it okay exactly i need cyber security cool whatever but anyways yeah there’s no data being sent back and forth for a heated seo back this cup holder are the worst they like built this whole thing to block it you gotta like

Reach over and around total fail especially compared to how good the civic and integra armrest cup holder area are i agree but the really nice thing is all the materials around the cup holder and all the materials throughout this interior this feels premium for what this is like this is like an entry-level honda yeah but this this area underneath here that’s like

Empty yeah putting my fanny back there and it didn’t fit i got like a lot of it’s like george costanza style with receipts right now and things but it’s kind of funny to grab this whole center console and be able to shift the whole thing yeah whatever base model honda how about divisors are they standard honda sliding three two one yes they are and we’ve got a

Little sunroof which i’m fine with like i don’t need like a full moon roof or whatever and then these front seats are really comfortable no issues long road trips i’d be totally fine on them no lumbar yeah that’s right back seats are also really good for myself at six foot one and a half lots of lots of room but uh pretty firm are you impressed that there’s like

Pretty much no piano black except for on the prince yes because the the civic did the same thing like this is very nice on the steering wheel i guess a little bit yeah a little bit it’s pretty minor yeah no like overall there’s a lot of good stuff in this car and if you need an all-wheel drive honda civic this is a great choice if you’re considering the corolla

Cross this is a great choice to get dealer in stock pricing if you live in the united states discounted price offers for real though like if you are cross shopping check that out especially for this kind of stuff too yeah you could price out civics you can see the actual pricing that you’ll pay before you actually pay look see we got the shirts oh

Yeah i forgot i was wearing it today okay is that pretty much everything i think that’s it yuri let’s get to the price this one starts at twenty eight thousand seven hundred and thirty dollars canadian and this top trim exl navi is thirty seven thousand one hundred and thirty dollars that’s pretty expensive but the looks i understand it because it doesn’t look

Like the old hrv it looks right like something new and something you’d want but the funny thing that i’m gonna bring up is that you can actually get a acura integra for less money than this and it’s a hatchback like the lowest rate yeah yeah and then you don’t get all-wheel drive but like like we like we always say you don’t need all-wheel drive especially for

Winter and stuff like get some viking contact sevens you’ll be absolutely fine as long as you kind of know how to drive in winter but i do like this car if you want to be high up off the ground and you need that all-wheel drive this is a really nice car but i think i’d still go civic i would too without the autograph i get the si manual i feel like they really

Should do like a type r just for fun of this for fun yeah yeah like like honda the hot rod powered development or whatever their little thing is called hpd what is that performance division hpd yeah i think that’s what it stands for just make one yes one type r hrv please yes and don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification bell we do have t-shirts

Still i think we do uh download our downloadable content pack with that mostly visit our sponsors because our sponsors are great yes thank you link’s in the description see you guys next video

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CROSSOVER AWD CIVIC! 2023 Honda HR-V Review By TheStraightPipes