CSR2 Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing How to Drive, Shift Tune Review

in this video we check out the Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing in CSR2 Racing, i show you a stage 5 shift and tune for the Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing, i show you a stage 6 max shift and tune for the Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing, i show you a live racing setup shift and tune for the Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing and i do a review on the Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing

What’s up everyone danny lightning i’m back with another csr2 video today we’re checking out the cadillac ct5v black wing we’re gonna do a stage five shift and tune and it’s stage six shift in tune we’ll do a review on the car and we’ll see if we can find a live racing setup for it as well today i’m gonna actually speed the kings account thank you asho there’s a link

To his channel in this video’s description alright so let’s get into it don’t forget to like and subscribe for more csr content like this but nitrous goes all the way to the right when you have it maxed out final drive 3.06 entire pressure on 26 psi that gives us a 10.397 on the dyno 10.397 so the driver our goal is to get a perfect start and then instantly shift

From the second a split second later third fourth nitrous fifth gear right about 5 000 rpms and then all good shifts after that okay so here we go three two one go second third fourth nitrous fifth gear sixth gear and it’s actually really easy to drive it’s just a little bit weird it’s a little hard to get the hang of that but once you get the hang of that shift

Pattern it drives really nicely there we got a 10.127 i’ve had 10.0s 10.1s so it’s gonna run on the 10 0 to 10 1 range on most runs if you get the shift pattern right and when you look at the dyno time it’s almost a 10.4 so it is beating dino by a nice amount on stage six okay so we’re gonna set this car up on stage five and show you the stage five shift pattern

In tune i’m gonna put my nitrous all the way to the right final drive 3.62 in tire pressure on 53 and 47 and that’s 26 psi and that’s going to give us a dino of a 12.101 on stage five so now let’s get on how to drive it alright same shift pattern three two one go second third fourth nitrous fifth gear on by a thousand rpm six gear right on the perfect or right in

The red there and that’s all she wrote very easy car to drive guys shift the same on stage five as it does on stage six the tune is a little bit different there we got an 11.816 so it’s also beating dino by a pretty nice amount on stage five and stage six now let’s talk about a low performance point high evo live racing setup technically this car should beat the

Pants off of most every cars we got 538 on the performance points and 15 22 on the evo so that’s like pretty much three times more evo than performance points so on this type of shift in tune we don’t want to beat the dyno time to make this work engine stock turbo stock intake stock nitrous on stage 3 body stock tires stage 3 transmission stage four so most of the

Parts are stocked except for the three tunable ones are upgraded to tune it for the live racing setup 110 and 1.6 on the nitrous final drive 3.57 and tire pressure 26 psi that’s going to give us a dynamo of 14.4 so they should put us in the 14.4 lobby so we never want to run faster than 14-4 that way the car always stays in the 14-4 lobby we don’t want it to go get

Moved down to the 14-0 or the 14-2s so we do not want to run faster than 14-4 when live racing this car normally this type of tune dominates in live racing but not always but usually it does since we don’t want to beat the dyno time we’re just going to do a perfect start in all perfect shift so three two one go second to nitrous third fourth gear fifth gear and

Then sixth gear right there so pretty much all perfect shifts nitrous on second when you launch let the go to the gas right about number one very easy card to drive there we got a fourteen four seventy six the last one was a 14 398 the main difference is on the last run that was faster i got the start just right on that one i didn’t so when getting your launch

Proper is very important on this car but you get the idea of how this works this should be a great live racing setup if it works the way cars normally do for live it should give it a big lobby advantage and it should win the majority of the live races okay so i think it’s review time for this car and i actually like it there’s a lot of good things about this so

When you max it out it’s capable of running in the 10.06 range with 200 308 miles per hour top speed 0 to 60 in like 1.7 something zero to 100 and about 2.6 something when it comes to tempest 3 tier 4 this car is not going to be able to do it unfortunately it does not have the 0 to 60 time required you have to do a 0-60 in around 1.3ish and this car just cannot

Do it 1.4 is 1.5 but i’m not getting the 1.3 so if you’re using this car for tempest it’ll hit the top speed it’ll beat the boss but you’re not gonna have the zero to 60 times needed unfortunately now it does beat dino on stage 5 and stage six which is a big plus it’s not the fastest car in the game but it’s a great dino beater it does have a live racing setup

Overall i would say it’s a very nice car should you upgrade this car yeah kind of i mean if you if you don’t have a good tier 4 car already this will probably do the trick for most things very nice car overall i like it that wraps this video up thank you guys so much for watching it would really help my channel if you like subscribe leave a bunch of comments and

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Support you guys are awesome lighting out have a great day see ya

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CSR2 Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing How to Drive, Shift Tune Review By Danny Lightning CSR