Customizing the New Lincoln Aviator and TRASH TALKING ENSUED Things get really serious


Guys we have a brand new lincoln aviator aviator i think this is what uh matt mcconaughey drives we’re doing a lot of stuff to this we’re in the process of clear blowing the floor front end we’re also gonna be tuning in we’re gonna new wheels boston wheels we’ll be doing a chrome delete so all this chrome that you see will be gone we’re also gonna wrap the roof

Retaining the whole vehicle i think i said that but okay because it is a brand new car wanna make sure the paint looks new for as long as client owns it oh and we’re also going to be paying those grills so we got our work cut out for us but it’s going to look really good once we’re done dustin do you think match pecan hey really drives a lincoln so while the

Clear bra is being worked on we have the wheels for the aviator hf5 22×9 got the tires here as well so we’re getting these mounted and get them ready so then once the car is done we put them all on the cool thing is that now we have our own body shop we can actually do in-house painting russell’s getting ready to chrome delete it what do you think it’s gonna look

Like once you’re done like a navigator when he’s done some of the chrome pieces are getting painted as i showed you earlier but the rest of like the window trends we’re going to wrap that so we’re going to go with gloss black on the window trims even the roof rails up here as well what oh you do oh wait this part yeah the white part oh so we were like a two-tone

Look oh so you guys may see this often like a raindrop where like the top half of the car is like blacked out kind of do the same effect with this as well so this paint here is also gonna be black it’s done how does it feel to wrap your own parent’s car feels great my mom’s going to love it i’m so happy for them they just bought this brought it here i got them

To spend some money on some wheels rap clear bro nice my parents love me they asked me to do the garage said nah just bring it to the shops and take me some money are you excited to see what russell’s mom would think when she sees the car i think she’s gonna load come on it’s kind of hard to imagine the aviator coming in any other way now that we’re done with

It the whole front end is completely wrapped and protected and all the chrome accents are now gone gloss black on the trims the badges the grille and the entire top half of the car is completely blacked out it looks so much smaller now which is perfect for clients that want something a little more exciting than your standard luxury look boston hf5s and gloss black

Complements all the new black accents very well and we have high heat projecting with the tin on all the windows to help keep the interior comfortable during the summer this whole setup is the perfect blend between luxury and sport altogether for it’s gonna come in handy today oh my god that’s my mom when i win thanks for getting all those pool tags back in the

Day mom i’m gonna turn up the heat if i see him in front of me i told him i think i’m gonna let this game go on for longer than i need to it’s been a while since i played it so you gotta take a note ralph’s gonna take a dump on you so russell did you do any preparation last night for this game yeah i fell asleep last night i’m gonna thank myself i didn’t know

This game for being the best player i could be how do you think you and your teammate will perform this game last night whataburger with jalapenos so i feel real spicy on it dustin did you do anything to prepare for the game last night swinging you in the way you getting hit dog ah damn my bad clear broad guy how do you think those skills are translated over

To your basketball game tonight i did find my ankle braces you’re going to see some old man basketball i put them on i was like man sean what will this win mean for you and your team i mean it won’t mean much because we’re supposed to win oh foreign oh hey this is never gonna get to 11. man i’m a machine now time right here uh all right guys that

Is it for the vlog hope you guys enjoy the aviator hope you guys enjoyed that basketball game if you want to work on car hit us up our kind of info is in the description down below we will see you next time man i’m a machine now

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Customizing the New Lincoln Aviator and TRASH TALKING ENSUED!!! Things get really serious! By EVS Motors