Daily Driving a Land Rover Discovery II TD5: MONSTER Overland Build (Straight Pipe & Stage 2 Remap)

Daily Driving a Land Rover Discovery II TD5: MONSTER Overland Build (Straight Pipe & Stage 2 Remap)

Hi guys i’m smee you’re watching more george enjoy hello guys welcome back to another more george video and welcome to the cotswolds i’m down here with my girlfriend and my baby and our friends callum and alex and we are having a bit of a vacation a bit of a trip away a weekend away here in one of the most beautiful parts of the country in my opinion i am here in

My bmw 330e hybrid which i have to say this does this car doesn’t fit in particularly because something like this in this area is way more common this really is land rover country out here in the cotswolds but i have to say on these twisty roads i had a lot of fun in the 330e earlier extra boost sport mode manual paddle shifters that was a lot of fun however today

I do want to show you my friends insane land rover discovery from 2002 the td5 which they have heavily heavily modified i’ve just checked with them and they’re happy for me to show it on the channel today we are heading over to tomorrow this video will pick up jeremy clarkson’s farm shop on our way out of here back down to brighton where we live so land rover

Discovery 2002 very nice and what on earth have you done to it though well um it’s a work in progress for a start it’s got a two inch suspension lift on it and uh obviously massive 33 inch tyres wow really wide some wide arches a snorkel it’s re-mapped to stage two plus it’s got straight through exhaust very loud it’s faster than my old golf gti and you’ve

Done a lot of work yourself pretty much all the work yourself pretty much all the work myself because you are yeah you know what you’re doing basically that’s right yeah there’s uh yeah lots to it and retrofitted ice fix seats inside yeah can we have a look at that baby yeah so this is your first discovery but you have loved land rover products for a long time

We have okay cool so you actually yeah you want a family seat installed them yourself yep so we’ve got all of this yeah safe for the kids love it that’s right so you’ve had other land rovers in the past yeah a defender 110 so that had nine seats which is amazing but um yeah it was a bit ropey for us and this one is a lot nicer yeah the drive 100 cruise control

Which you fitted yourself as well yes yeah so you find these quite easy to work on or you at least know what you’re doing with them yeah nuts and bolts and what is the plan you were talking about you want to get like tenths on here and yeah we’ve already got um like a roof like a roof tent and it folds out we’re just waiting on a roof rack to then install that

And have an awning coming out the side of it perfect bit more of a lift as well so we can do all the off-road stuff yeah yeah yeah because you’re currently i mean i don’t think i’ve ever seen a discovery like this on the road before i think it’s pretty unique isn’t it it’s pretty good yeah you don’t see very many of them that is an aggressive looking car you

Can hear you coming you can see you coming definitely it’s missing the front bumper at the moment which is going to be steel with a big winch on the front hence the red wiring love it yeah that’s all they’re ready perfect so absolute beast absolute beast i love it and mpg about 15. that’s about it great stuff okay have a look at the interior i do love these

Oh it’s gonna sit in here you sit so high up in these just hopped in your car mate hope you don’t mind i do love the interior these you sit so high up the view of the road and a little sneak preview lucy and i coming soon we’re thinking of joining the land rover family becoming land rover owners we are new to it we’re totally new to the brand um but part of us

Have always wanted to own land rover or range rover a little hint there maybe yeah plenty of room such a cool these guys like go camping in this and chuck all their stuff in the back so much room and i’m a big fan of these interiors callum has the manual which is rarer he was telling me but a little bit more fun especially as he’s had it mapped i was following

Him earlier and you hear this thing this thing so um it’s okay it’s the next day and we have made it out after a really nice drive through the cotswolds to dalesford farm shop i’m actually still with our friends we’re gonna grab some breakfast before heading over to diddly squat but from what i understand this is quite a high-end farm shop and judging

By the car park i would i would say that that’s true full of land rovers full of range rovers we’ve seen the new bmw i4 the new mustang emac we’ve seen a lot of cars here jaguars audi’s all sorts of things it’s a sunday so people are out driving their nice cars around the cotswolds and stopping into a farm shop so we need a little bit of food we’re going to pick

That up i have to say my 330e although not suitable for some of the more off-road sections that you find yourself driving through in the cotswolds fantastic on the narrow windy country roads absolutely a joy to drive this car a little bit filthy we will have to clean her up when we get home bit of a muddy day today oh wow that is very nice what a personalized

Plate on that did you see that 850x very very nice oh the wheels on that as well incredible yeah super muddy along here all the way all the way around you like to clean that up when we get back no okay should we walk in yeah pretty big oh so next okay we are heading out of clarkson’s farm shop obviously a lot of cool cars in the car park as

Well huge range rover up very very high on huge wheels and tires i hinted that we may be joining the land rover family at some point at some point but if we do that we would definitely have to bring it back up to the cotswolds because this is land rover country man it it they just fit in so well they just look so at home here and it was so fun thanks to my friend

Callum if you’re watching for showing us around your discovery yesterday and with that i’m gonna end this video it’s been kind of like a bit more of a vlog um but i’m still finding my feet with this channel i’m a vlogger if you don’t know i my main thing is vlogging my life on my other channel so but this is my car channel because that’s one of my huge passions in

Life so i hope you enjoyed it if you want to see more with callum’s land rover then i’m sure he would be up for being in more videos and we can go out on it take it for a drive maybe do a little bit of off-roading he’s basically turning it into an over landing monster he wants to put a tent on it he’s getting a leisure battery so he can run kind of appliances off

It he wants to oh okay he was saying he wants to turn the whole rear of it into like a cooking area and build like an inbuilt grill with gas hookup gas bottles and things so it will be cool to see the progress he makes with the discovery but thanks so much for watching if you did enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up really help me out i’m trying to build

Up this channel this year really enjoying it vlogging about cars so thanks so much for watching please also subscribe that would really help me out and i’ll see you in another video very very soon you

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Daily Driving a Land Rover Discovery II TD5: MONSTER Overland Build (Straight Pipe & Stage 2 Remap) By More George