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my truck is fixed.

Ten o’clock in the morning there’s sight son besides hello youtubers subscribers and friends at the tool here i have not been able to find too many videos to show how to take off an alternator 99 lincoln navigator it’s not the first time i’ve taken a alternator off but i got the tool to loosen the belt now i’m not really motivated to do this today but i want to

Take it off take it down to autozone and have it test it and they don’t want to have to take up too much stuff so it started hitting the floor starts raining my wife says it’s supposed to rain today we’ll see i saw a video though it says if you want to use a bungee cord or string to hold that belt up to keep it from falling it’s a good idea so i think i’m gonna do

That first oh take disconnect the bed firstly and i get the belt off that’s really tough man trying to use this i had to get a a ball and put it on here and extend it so i was able to do it myself that little string rope bungee club trick works it holds the belt up and in line so it doesn’t drop down now i got to try to figure out how to get it off you see you got

A bullet down there the bolt here looks like i got some bolts over that side i’ve never taken one off when they can have taking mini alternators over my life get some bolts there but i know which ones that are necessary to take off know if i gotta take off all three or just that one i’ll start with these little ones first hey got those two bolts out and i got this

Bolt out on this side and the other one broken loose and it’s starting to sprinkle muggy out right now they got all the bolts up and i haven’t tried to see if i could pull it out yet but uh wish me luck i just grabbed an infill for now i gotta take off this little bolt and take those connectors out and i forgot it’s gonna pull out so far it’s been pretty easy it’s

Raining i’m glad i have a carport i told my wife the next house we buy he’s gotta have a garage alright so i got that one bolt off now i need to get those those plugs off there being a painting has to get off so i forgot to get them off now these little connectors as i’m talking about those two and they should come out all right i got them clipped off those were

The hardest thing so far to do to get this all turning off and i think i left and remove this bracket here that holds her a date cuz they asked them out this way and this is blocking it so get onto that all right break it up i’ll try it out it was pretty easy no i think this is what’s bad voltage regulator i don’t think i have a tool for those take that up let’s

See okay i’m actually sucked i did have the tool and starting to rain harder took all the bolts out i’ve never taken one of these out before so and the film that says that take it off see what happens i don’t know if this is bad or if this is good no clues in that so anyways i’ll put this back in and cuz let’s aaron’s don’t seem bad this means easy no no noises

Or anything i think maybe just this voltage ray or is bad maybe i can just put a new in there this i don’t know what a bad one looks like but i want to go have it tested at autozone put this thing back together back in pretty easy now put the screws back in and run this delta autozone test it up so i’m on my way to tentacle tested alternator the funny thing is i

Called o’reilly they want two hundred and thirty nine dollars or a one-year warranty alternator and i asked if they got remanufactured said yeah 153 for remanufactured and then i said well autozone hasn’t for 115 he said we’ll go to autozone what is going on with the world today that nobody has customer service anymore crazy the guy didn’t even want to say or won’t

Price mater a they just said go to outer zone and how about me and i just thought that was kind of ridiculous i’ve never shopped at o’reilly but after this conversation with this guy on the phone i will never go to a riotous s for sure one one excellent way to lose customers it was an easy job you didn’t taking it out for someone who’s never taken it all today out

Of it he can navigate it took me about 20 minutes would have been fast if i knew exactly what but what i had to take off then i only got bit like five times my mosquito so that’s not too bad so i’m going to go to town and even when i called autozone they told me yet 219 and but they didn’t bother to tell me about the manufacturer one that’s cheaper that’s on their

Website and i don’t know what it’s doing how would people know anything why do they always have to offer the most expensive one to you first you know i’m not gonna buy a lifetime warranty battery or alternate or any kind of part because i never keep anything for a lifetime like i said before this is this suv i’ve had for three years as long as i’ve ever owned the

Vehicle so i’m gonna get the cheapest whatever maybe i can just get the voltage regulator and that’ll be fine because i don’t know what a new voltage regulator looks like but we’ll see when i get to autozone i’ll ask him for one so i can look at him cuz now i know what mine looks like i’ll be able to see what i’m doing and we’ll see just how honest that part’s

Person guy is you know i’m going to ask an old can i just replace the voltage regulator and use the same alternator and we’ll see what he says honesty not too much honesty out there anymore here that alone just go inside and get this tested so i have to leave this auto zone because the guy doesn’t want to sell me the cheapest alternator because i don’t know when my

Freakin lincoln navigator was built i don’t dude 1999 it’s a 5.4 v8 two wheel drive that’s all i know and he’s like well it has two different alternators here and we looked at the pictures and they look identical they look identical one is two hundred and thirty nine dollars and one is $114 the one is $114 he has in stock and the other one he doesn’t have in stock

Tested my alternative failed i asked him well let’s look at the voltage regulators because see if they’re cheaper yeah definitely the cheaper way cheaper like the alternate is $115 of voltage regulators like 49 or 50 9 a.m. i don’t remember exactly and he’s like still i can’t sell you the voltage regular because i don’t know if it’s going to the right alternator

Like can you get one off the shelf and we can match it up and he’s like he just wanted to sell me the most expensive one so now i’m going to a different autozone because this guy he’s date told me be honest with you i really don’t know much about alternators i could tell that by the way he was trying to hook up the alternator to have it test it and his piss-poor

Attitude like he doesn’t want to be at work today is really irritating me really really bad so i’m going to have to go another run and all five or six miles to a different autozone because this knucklehead does not want to sell me that $114 $115 alternator and it’s i’ve never i’ve never run into this in my entire life ever i’ve never i’ve never gone into a autozone

And say okay i need a for a 1970 chevy truck v8 four-barrel boom they gave me the freaking altar i’ve never been asked well what part of the year was at the beginning part of the year was a built in the middle part of the year was it built at the what difference doesn’t man i’ve never an asset that’s the craziest thing i’ve ever been asked ever i don’t know is

Anybody else been asked that is it really make that big of a difference i don’t think so i think he was just trying to sell me the most expensive alternator and they didn’t have it in stock that’s what i think reining in they’re building the overpass over here there used to be a waffle house on this side it’s gone now they’ve started construction for that overpass

Heading to the other freaking autozone braining on the senate santa catalina mountains i don’t know what it is late i used to love to work on cars i mean i clipped cars for a living i biked cars fix them up sell them and even though i’m not a certified mechanic i can work on cars i’m pretty good at diagnosing you know never been taught by anybody self-taught and

Yeah it’s just i’ve never been asked what part of the air that’s just that is making me crazy that this guy i mean this guy clearly does not want to work today his job and he refused i’ve never had i told it this is my money let me spend my money on whatever i want to spin it on he’s like no i’m sorry i can’t i can’t i can’t and even the other guy that was working

On the counter was looking at him and looking at us arguing and it’s man i if i didn’t experience myself i wouldn’t even believe it i just said you know what grab my alternator so you know what i’ll just go to someplace else because it’s quite clear that you don’t want to work and you don’t want to sell me something it’s quite clear and then he just like whatever

Dude was the last thing he said to me is like where are these people coming from their attitudes if you i don’t get it if you’re gonna work in a job or a business where you have to deal with customers and you don’t like dealing with customers get a different job why do you better irritate people man i just don’t i just don’t get it don’t get in at all i i’m just

Gonna go to another autozone this is the one i usually normally go to over here and i should just one here first this this cracks me up the free freaking people out there manages i don’t know i just go to this one they usually go to all the time because they’re pretty knowledgeable over there taking out his own second test so i’m here and i got two guys here just

Don’t know how to test this alternator this is cracking me up this is really really cracking me up i got the $114 alternator after all i should have just came to this all autozone to begin with the two new guys in there that was trying to help me the beginning the older guy his first day the other skinny guy who didn’t know anything about testing all ternary it’s

His first week and finally we got the guy that i usually deal with nicolas he’s a really cool guy really smart intelligent it was a lot about cars he did a lot of stuff for him before i bought this alternator i told him the story what happened this other autozone up there this is about six and a half miles away from here the only reason i went there because it’s

Closer to my house and this one but i usually only come to this one which i will do for now on this nicolas guys really cool guy he tested it three times it failed and then he says might be the voltage regulator so i said you know what how much is it he told me is $59.99 i said tell you what man you want to put it in and you do all the work you pick up the old

Put the new one in we’ll test it out and see if it works a professor is not i said that sounds like a plan so it took longer it’s what it’s one o’clock now i was in there for like an hour took longer no poe to get it tested again after we got the voltage regulator and but it still failed so he says it’s something internally wrong with the alternator so you’re

Gonna have to get a new alternator so i said alright thanks man for all your help i got the alternator i told him the story how the guy up there to say that you have don’t know what part of the year beginning metal in and he’s like that’s crazy thing he’s ever heard he’s never heard of that all you need is a year make model engine size that’s all you need and i

Said well the guy acted like he didn’t want to work you want to do his job and he refused to sell me the same alternator that i have right now the exact same alternator he’s like i don’t know why he would say that to you i don’t know he has no answer why i haven’t asked her why but here we are one almost one o’clock i got the alternator that i was going to buy

From the very beginning i just wanted to test it make sure before i bought it if i could either buy the voltage regulator by the alternator now i know i had to buy an alternate so i got the alternator now on my way back home to put it all back together man this has been a headache i’ve never had this much problem with an alternator for it took more time to come to

Town test it figure out what’s wrong with it and buy the alternator than it did to take delta out of my truck i guess i finally got home with the new alternator it’s not raining anymore time to put it all back together hopefully goes in as easy as it came out turn into a big ordeal today okay eating my lunch – i was shaking i even sent a 2-part this morning it’s

Already 2 o’clock now so for the next person who’s thinking about putting an alternating a99 lincoln navigator make sure you hook up the wires first we put it back in because it’s impossible to get to it with all this crap in the way i had put the bolts in and realize that i need to put the wiring back on so i’m now gonna took the bolts out and i gotta move it to

Where i can get the wires back on this is just a wolf or what’s up for the next person who might watch this alternators in brackets on batteries connected just a piece of advice you and somebody else might try this you put this bolt back in before you put any bolt in you don’t even need to take this bolt out matter of fact don’t even worry about 10 minutes put it

All you need to just take this bolt out the two bolts on the bottom just connect the connectors and then it’ll come out on this bracket don’t even waste your time it took me a half an hour just to get this duke with bolt lined up i had to take everything off and just to get that bolt to line up and i still do want to go so now i gotta do is start it now it’s all

Duck watch monkeys okay oh i wanna trick battery lights off whoops fixed hey oh my bad everything so now i’m gonna do is reset my clock reset my radio stations and it’s all good to go all right that’s how you put an alternator in the 1999 lincoln navigator i’m a clock set radio station set a c running now it’s time to go take it for a test drive very light is

Out truck starts opine feels like it’s got even more power that’s it that’s how you do it this job is done this blog is done i want to think you’re taking the time to watch my videos as always like comment subscribe don’t cause mine is free and i’m going

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