Dakar Desert Rally PLAYED: 10 things LEARNED

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Having racked up a considerable number of hours in dakar desert rally here is what you need to know ahead of my detailed review truth be told i was not expecting much from dakar desert rally a game made by saber porto sister studio to snow runners saber interactive and formerly big moon entertainment the same developer behind the unsightly and physics bodging dakar

18 and yet here i am really rather impressed to the point my full review coming soon is a bit of an epic i did actually want to publish it first having put in tens of hours of play time over the weekend but unfortunately there are two things i wanted to test but were unable to so until then let me give you 10 things you really should know instead because perhaps

You are itching to pull the trigger on the latest dakar game which is available on pc ps4 ps5 xbox one xbox series x and series s because dakar desert’s rally is split into three game modes sports professional and simulation you did not necessarily need to be a compass wizard to enjoy sport has everyone racing off the starts line at the same time and directions are

Done for you that is not to say you cannot take a wrong turn far from it but satisfaction mainly comes from bettering some of the magnificent scenery around you head into professional and you have to learn what to cap bearing and stay on track mean because otherwise you will never reach the assigned checkpoints let alone make it to the finish line two kilometers

Keep left attention danger two downhill the tutorial is good at getting you up to speed but the best thing to do is have a few goes simulation meanwhile unlocks its rank 25. this took me about 13 hours to get to and it opens the door to the biggest stages in the game hundreds of kilometers plus you get all the hardcore rules such as a 140 kilometers an hour top

Speed limit tougher ai little navigation help and tougher penalties yes stacker desert rally takes a page out of the forza horizon playbook the rally racer boasts dynamic weather that can mean lightning storms one second and heavy snow or blistering sun than next not only does this look cool it adds to the immersion and realism of its saudi arabia map on a similar

Note that god desert rally features a day to night cycle this means your headlights are more than just decorative they can be essential when navigating between sand dunes and rocks with only the stars above you to light the way now not that graphics make a game good but it does help when the aim of dako desert’s rally is to convey some of its sheer scale brutal

Nature and isolation and all of those tick boxes are checked here not only is the terrain detailed and devoid of pop-in and other graphical foibles the scenery is more varied than its desert based location suggests rivers lakes tunnels rocky canyons gigantic sand dunes buildings and more all bring saudi arabia alive as for size the map looks absolutely huge although

Currently all 38 stages take place in the more northern areas and there is sadly no free roam option at least not yet bit of a pre-review spoiler alert but anyway i am happy to announce that dakar desert’s rally has enjoyable handling a far cry from dakar 18. the bike trucks and cars are on the arcades side but you can definitely fill each vehicle’s weight and

Grip levels honestly blitzing along at high speeds in such unforgiving terrain is hugely satisfying especially the nimble motorbikes which spend a lot of time flying through the air and the tail happy thunderous trucks the cars can be great fun too especially with the inner cockpit view where you can see the gear shifts taking place a neat touch however the quad

Bikes can be annoyingly twitchy and prone to facing backwards when going downhill or if you steer too much smaller sxs lightweight vehicles can be a little problematic too but certainly nothing as bad as in dakar 18. left said to be inspired by actual dakar races those are central navigation road books provide all the instructions you need to be successful once of

Course you know how to use them and can cope with driving and reading them at the same time easier said than done i’ll put it that way while there are a fair few slow technical moments quite a lot of the dakar desert rally experience is spent on high-speed gentle meandering trails that have you grinning like an idiot the fact some of those may seem familiar is a

Bonus yes vehicle tuning is a thing and look away now if you play slow runner because dakar desert rally has adjustable tire pressure apart from the fact you can see it in action it actually has a bearing on handling pumping it up for instance helps with oversteer you can also mess around with camber differential settings ride height and a whole lot more unless

It’s on a bike in which case you have a mere two settings this gives the game added depth although the version i played is lacking the ability to customize parts or change the paint job factor in the legends pack truck and motorbike plus the three electric pre-order audis and you have 37 starter vehicles within your budget a mixture of trucks sxs lightweight

Vehicles quad bikes motorbikes and cars as previously mentioned this includes official teams drivers and vehicles from the 2020-2021 and 2022 events plus some cool classic vehicles given as these are rather distinctive i will say that much once you save up enough money earned through racing you can choose from a much larger catalog of wheeled steeds many of

Which boast unique engine sounds cockpits and handling speaking of which dakar desert rally lets you rev the engine of every vehicle before purchase and you can even go for a test drive at a circuit where it is possible to switch between weather types that’s the press of a button while the vehicles are not particularly expensive and money seems to come in at an

Enviable rate it is at least cool to pick your vehicle based on how it sounds and handles not just whether you like the color now for steering wheels i know many of you enjoy using them for racing games and dakar deserts rally is particularly enticing in this area the good news is that a variety of steering wheels are said to be supported at launch the full list of

Which is now on screen the bad news is that gearing can only be automatic or semi-automatic although during a race it seems fine to shift up and down using paddles if you want more control as for controller the game plays well admittedly joysticks can emphasize the snappy nature of the quad bikes and sxs vehicles but overall i had a blast and finally for those who

Want to take on the world dakar desert rally has you covered it’s online free mode weird name if you ask me lets you jump into a race and test your skills via quick play or you can set up specific scenarios as part of the custom game mode either way i found dakar deserts rally performed well despite my typically slow internet speeds unfortunately it was not enough

To save me from crashing into multiple trees now the dakar desert rally release date of the 4th of october has been and possibly gone depending on when you watch this so head on over to the relevant gaming platform store to give it a go feel free to use the link in the pinned comment and on that note thank you for watching subscribe like and maybe even donate for

More gaming videos including my aforementioned dako deserts rally review and some tips and tricks take care bye to turn right 324 off track two kilometers prepare for tight left now half 241 off track one kilometer prepare to turn right attention danger one rocks cap 285 off-road rocks attention approaching speed limit zone 30. follow traces rocks one kilometer

Attention approaching speed limit zone 30. start of speed limit cap 342 off track leave traces no traces leave track two kilometers forward on traces attention danger three bump yep forward on traces danger three bump dip keep on traces one kilometer prepare for tight right keep right cap 201 downhill forward on tracy two kilometers prepare for tight left attention danger one bump

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