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Day 1 | Hyderabad to Pune | BMW X4 Limited Edition

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So that is not happening at all i don’t know why my suitcase is not at all interested to come towards the camera and the plan was the suitcase comes and hits the camera stops over here that didn’t work out almost six to seven takes anyways welcome back to the channel guys what’s up guys i hope everyone is doing great as you can see simon is super excited

Today because we are going on a road trip that too bmw x4 30d xdrive m sport i’m going to mumbai trip is going to be decently long approximately around 640 kilometers something from here and up and down is gonna be 1300 kilometers and we have already done 400 kilometers in the car so still we’re not reaching 2000 kilometers mark here the reason i’m mentioning

2000 kilometers is because for the ones who don’t know that is where the engine breaks in and from there onwards we can rip open the engine can actually feel the torque that is 650 nm torque of the diesel now a lot of people have this question do you need to break in an engine especially the modern ones don’t they come pre-broken break-in if you go and check

Out on bmw’s official website even they recommend doing that so when an instruction which we don’t follow when the instruction manual says it i think blindly we have to follow it and this is a car that we’re planning to keep for a long time i think let’s follow the rules anyways time is around 10 15 actually had to leave now by 10 o’clock i thought i’d leave

Because i’m doing a solo drive but last night like around 12 o’clock shiva calls and says simon i’m also coming with you which is a great news because sola is always a little bit boring on a bike it’s still fine karma sort of boring but i was like more enthusiastic about driving the car i thought solo be it’s fine but i’ll have to wait for him because he’s got

Some work and all that so plans to start in the afternoon post lunch around three o’clock will start that’s the target and the main thing pretty light luggage as you can see i can just lift it like that this is the only suitcase i’m taking because the trip is going to be for i think five five days apart from this i’ll be taking my camera bag my laptop bag and

All that stuff now why am i going and all that i’ll tell you later but oh yes officially this is going to be our first drive in a car after i think last i did a car trip when i went to visak this is officially going to be my longest third car trip that took me mlw bro after this this much of time literally after half a day almost time is five o’clock in the

Evening we’re leaving now thanks to my friend i don’t know why all my friends are always late that’s okay anyways we’re going in the car so it doesn’t matter much but we’re pretty nervous excited anxious all at the same time because it’s the first time we’re taking a brand new car for a very not very but decently long trip here we will have to sorry we’ll have

To pick up shiva and we are good to go seriously this is the most irritating thing that can happen to a vlogger especially for a vlogger who cares a little bit about cinematography and all that thought i’ll place the camera there i placed my iphone i want to take a shot of me going through but that didn’t happen i have to go into a second shot because look at

This like seriously it is recording recording recording recording and stopped here i don’t know why dude i have to go and do it again but i think it’s worth the shot let’s do it i hope it got recorded okay shiva’s place waiting for him and i don’t understand one thing about this carrier especially this bmw x4 everything with this car is waiting when i

Had to book this car i had to wait a lot after booking i had to wait for almost 33 34 days and now for the first road trip in this car again i’m waiting waiting waiting since morning time is literally 5 30 in the evening and we are starting for the road trip now i mean i just said this oh by the way i did not tell them i’m going out tomorrow i think you can come

Now he’s here by the way i don’t know why is there a lot of waiting for it booking full-on waiting after i worked 33 days i waited now i i have to learn don’t ask me such questions shiva i don’t know anything he’s asking me how to open the d key i was like you figured it out no nothing unlocked you have to press that button logo fancy okay let’s go 5 30. see

You in uh for now yeah we can tell now we are going to mumbai i have some work there today we are planning to stop at pune actually i could do mumbai directly my comfort makes like a hotel room you can do that but then i didn’t 3 15 a.m let’s see 15 p.m such a beautiful planet it just started calculating the mileage we are in eco pro mode so we’ll get extra

Mileage places i press 11.9 under i’ll tell you later i’ll update you i have no clue how many kilometers we have done but it shows seven hours 42 minutes to pune yeah we reduce the time we raise google’s time kind of it was showing 3 15 am now it shows 2 56 almost 3 o’clock will time be at least if you don’t take two hours of break by the way shiva how do you

Feel in a car nice nice nice you’re enjoying the car more or obviously you are enjoying it you can drive bro i’m saying you can drive i’ll sit there for some time oh i can see mumbai about 574 kilometers 178 kilometers but i heard till solar pool roads are good actually till telangana border the roads are good i have to give it for telangana there are always

Good roads either you come from nagpur or any site the london roads are the best after that roads are horrible not horrible i heard one of my friends went recently he came last night from mumbai he was saying it is okay till solapur after that there are more diversions any dinner plans of course right now 7 15. so i think another one army will stop after that

Will not stop at all oh by the way we have 175 kilometers range if we keep talking a lot about range you know it seems it is 75 bmw x4 we have 75 liters car on the highway is a little bit trickier than riding a bike on the highway right agreed yeah yeah we will put some fuel first okay first fuel break on the highway feels so good it feels very different best

Part is no helmets she let me learn in this trip i’ll become a pro okay we had it first time full tank in the x4 it shows you know how much it shows range eight hundred and four kilometers eight hundred and four kilometers so i was getting excited saying 805 kilometers yama range but she was telling me your bike also shows so much which is true 30 liters

But you get to 30 kilometers for a liter so can you bike but you know we have fuel from ot in the gsa you will tell them after we come back we’ll do it bro we’ll do one trip a small trip we need it now one really happy not happy thing it’s a sad thing because we don’t go through toll gates usually on a bike but karma you have to go through it retreat 3ds

Value karma you have to go through toll roads good thing is now we have fast tax it’s pretty fast but the sad news why shiva why why is it sadness now this is a very sad news it is raining bro yeah you are in gothic’s karma that is okay but why why should it rain in april like look at it proper tufa but luckily this time rain you can’t do anything to me okay

We have another we have a bmw we don’t need to stop we don’t need vortex we don’t need anything waterproof but yeah that is like one big curse shiva was asking me simon do you do some pooja well no asham we have to give the update bro this is the first time i think we stopped after literally 5 o’clock i literally sat in my apartment now it’s 9 10 in the night

So almost four hours only for us only four hours we didn’t even move from the seat this is the comfort you get in the car are we having dinner or only chai i need to stretch bro we’ll not stop anymore if we have dinner now and i don’t think we’ll find better places after this because once you cross i don’t think you’ll find good places to eat so let’s have some

Chai and then once we sit in the car i don’t think we’ll stop till literally my butt is like number one and listening to it and we both are laughing like crazy i think not everyone knows khalid are moving the audience will definitely know it okay there is a hindi version individually should definitely watch oh my god full on fun first actually driving here

After dinner actually i started enjoying the car more because i got more comfortable little bit of blood also went into my butt now i’m feeling more comfortable with the car see that is the main reason i wanted to do a long drive but shiva like you said i think i would get a little bit bored if i was doing solo yep see why is there full on entertainment on the

Left so when you come from hyderabad you come keep coming straight till zaira bath from there another i think 200 kilometers and then only one right to pune that is near solar pool i think this is the third or fourth time i’m doing hyderabad mumbai and i can see quite some traffic here lot of trucks you’ll have all these trucks now my elephant race is going

On this is one irritating part about cars on highways but then it’s okay we get a lot of other comforts in the car like she was watching we’ll try to get the exhaust note well only the exhaust note but engine note 30d engine it doesn’t have a great exhaust note but it’s got a very good engine sound so we’ll record that later like a proper dedicated one exhaust

Note though you will get if you do some modifications and all that mileage update i’ll give you once we reach but we have range 685 kilometers okay shiva continue watching we don’t need a thai brick but we are taking a tie break because we have to take a tie break just have 167 kilometers map shows three hours but i think we’ll finish that in two hours we’re

Not able to raise google’s time but we’re getting close i think this route has a lot of trucks we can’t overtake into all that if we had a bike i think we would reach by now and we have arrived literally at 2 40 a.m we bet google’s time by two hours instead of taking two big breaks one break was intended one was not intended do you feel tired no see water

Slept for at least an hour one and a half hour one and a half hour you know how much mileage we got for a liter 12 kilometers per liter this is including everything from zero so only today’s trip i don’t know how to check that we’ll have to first read instruction manual it’s the first time i need an inspection manual but anyways on the whole from zero to total

Kilometers done total we have done 913 kilometers tomorrow we’re gonna reach thousand one triple zero and we’ll click a photo thousand kilometers for this engine yeah let’s check it excellent so usually whenever we ride and come for such a long time how do we look hey we don’t come into the hotel as quickly as we just did today we have to remove our jackets our

Riding gear our tools our helmets and we look so bad 3 25 and then we’ll be all sweaty sweaty looking so bad all the people in the hotel keep staring at us now we come as if we just woke up at home accept treatment if everything else is there next to the contract 324 326 hey 325 run in now 325 326 324 only you

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Day 1 | Hyderabad to Pune | BMW X4 Limited Edition By Sriman Kotaru