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Day 2Im still at CarmaxCheck out this 2018 Porsche Macan in Deep Blue Sapphire&Caramel Interior

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Commit to changing commit to trying something different stepping outside of your box changing your energy accepting that today is going to be an amazing it’s already an amazing day we’re here at the back of this car this is the sapphire blue and this is the back of the porsche macan right and this is a 2016 18 2018 porsche macaws it’s kind of small huh do you

What do you think this is larger or the same size as the audi exactly exact five audis only real lens wheelbase all that top is going to be the same okay this one has the panoramic sunroof too correct yes there is some of the coupon obviously it’s just the q5 is not going to be as as high performance as this one when i have the same interior features because it’s

Obviously a porsche what tire is on this one this one has got us to the 255 18 inch i think of pirellis but as i said you can you can change your opportunity or dunlop or oh let’s see let’s see in the game the game yeah let’s see um what’s in here is it um is it a donut again or what is it these are pirellis okay so you have to hit a butt by the drop the button

By the driver’s side yep now i think on your remote control there’s a button to open it up and then that’s your on the file on the file and it’s the same tire as your your q audi q so it’s like a special run flat donut type of attire okay yeah it’s sort of thick it’s thicker than a donut okay should i say wider okay and it’s a very very low profile it’s only meant

For a short distance okay and this one has the second row so what the cayenne is up from this correct a little bit bigger that’ll be like the same size as your audi q7 this one has the um tint as well only in the back yeah so the front windows now you have to add that um but is it tan on the orange side or tan on the brown side more like the caramel sauce oh

I love that one now that’s my favorite okay let me see what’s going on here let me see so i was just wondering what’s the same features as the uh yeah so same thing you got your temperature control from here and then just your heat address it’s exactly the same as the uh the audi revolve yeah how long have they been the same company well they own ruffles for

Them volkswagen yeah owns them literally yeah so a lot of the things are interchanged wow the other one little button up here oh my gosh i should just pull it i think i think yeah this knee just pulled yep and then you’ve got to do here this was another thing that does it have i’m trying to think no i’m just trying to think if it’s got like a pair suit for like

Golf clubs or something but it doesn’t oh okay how do you close it oh you just want it i’ll just push it yep okay that’s cool okay so those are all the features back here same as it’s kind of i will say this one feels a little more snug though because the roof line is a little bit more down at the back oh really yeah oh like the hatchback yeah it’s more it’s more

Down where the reality is more square yes so that’s why it’s a little bit small snug well these seats i don’t know who was in here last time but the seats feel a little bit more like they feel higher up like more plush but it’s more small it’s like a smaller experience leather is going to have a better quality and the porsche and the audi and porsche actually used

Leather pop a leather way like the audis are typically like that they’re direct that’s what i was gonna ask you it doesn’t feel like supple like the other yeah but anyway okay what color is that one that’s the belt gray that’s almost the same as yeah okay i’m looking forward to seeing that hold on let me get up in here this one you really got to get up here yeah

This one’s smaller for sure this one’s smaller yeah the body’s gonna talk to her oh it actually has a shift in this one yeah that’s the safeties which does have the pedal shifts behind the steering wheel you do yeah it’s hot out here huh they say 72 but it feels like 80. okay oh it does have the mario on there we got some paperwork yeah i’ll say the portion is

More set up for sports you know that’s also because you’ll actually have more control of it you know your fuel management or your engine management you can get your sports mode the type of stuff oh let’s talk about that can you see um it’s a quarter of a tank and it says 132 miles on the and this one is just solid gas not a combination this is premium you have to

Use premium gas just lock it out yeah okay so we have a panel here do we have screens do you notice we have like rear view or 360 cam on this one it’s going to reverse that’s right i’m not gonna move so yeah it’s got the backup camera it looks like a it’s a top view from the vehicle side will have all the sensors to tell you if you’re close to a car or anything

Like that oh that’s wonderful but it doesn’t have the 360 cam like the audi huh oh you mean yeah i’m not sure if it has that because i said it does have the car and it’ll warm wait i’m gonna close the door if i could be put it in drive let’s see if it goes to a 360 again no huh look at this air on me yeah i don’t think the air conditioner is on well it says on

But it’s not it’s like very light yeah oh yeah we feel that okay oh i feel on the feet too yeah so that’s heated and cooling seats in the front but we didn’t find the 360 camera huh it’s only just rear yeah i don’t think it has no front cam when you go to park that’s what giving me any of that no okay there’s no colors in here i’m no ambient again not that

I’ve seen that no and then um this one has the panoramic sunrise okay let’s check it out exactly the same as the audis and it’s gonna like pop and come true all the way open okay lucy that is happening then you can just pop it open or if you’re all pulled back it will always go all the way up so you have where it can just pop open slightly i mean it’s always

Like okay and those controls are wear down or up for the controls for what oh it’s right in the center up here yeah right in the center of the console yeah do they have the lighted vanity oh that’s good is there a little slot you know how you can put your garage no and you don’t need to do that because you can program it in oh really yeah you’re gonna just three

Places you can sit for your locker garage opening or if you want to switch like a lights on in the house those type of things so you have three buttons wow okay that’s cool what’s in your door panel over there same thing would be the uh memory seats because you’re gonna have to two positions you’re obviously you’re locking the clothes off door locks your controls

For your mirrors and then you open and close window and then one buttons open the tailgate no you didn’t tell me about memories yep what about okay so what’s on our steering wheel here you just got your phone controls and your volume behind the strings your pedal shows for your gear positions and then there is where you can control obviously your volume and

Stuff like that so this one doesn’t do drive assist either no i don’t think so yeah if you don’t see cruise control although i have your normal cruise control it does yeah now this one doesn’t do like nine speed automatic or anything like that right we’ll have to you can go to manual mode okay yeah and then i’ll do what like six feet seven yeah i’m not sure we

Have to actually draw off oh really and then it’ll pop up on the screen what your options are well you’d have to go up and down select i don’t know where jamie’s getting there with the car oh she left us yeah we’re back in a little guitar we’re not we’re not gonna stay too much longer i like this one it’s just it’s definitely smaller though yeah the thing with

The passenger side you guys see what your memory seats then you can actually hold up just three different positions oh and that’s on where on the screen no on the actual control right here by your door panel really yeah a little bit further forward there you go you got the streets oh let me ask you something on this on these um side view mirrors do they light up

As far as letting you know like blind spots yes oh they do is it in the is it closer outside oh okay on the audio is inward so that’s nice okay you can control okay that’s dope so it is at the front or it’s at the rear oh she’s turned the same way okay okay all right well let’s go check it out i did in my whole walk around this one so i found out what i like wait

How many miles was on this one again 25 just over 25 000. okay and this one was how much again um showing forty seven thousand forty seven thousand okay like that

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Day 2💭I’m still at Carmax👌Check out this 2018 Porsche Macan in Deep Blue Sapphire&Caramel Interior By VILife WithKelli