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Hi lovesss, Zharia Selayna here💓. I was soo excited to decorate my car. I got all things *bling* and cute. Dont forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe!🥰 Links to Accessories & Must Haves are down below.

Decorate my car with me i got a special guest fancy yeah so she’s gonna be a part of this car tour video today because i got something in here for her so the first thing that i’m going to be doing well actually if y’all haven’t seen my car tour video i have a 2023 kia k5 gt line so y’all make sure y’all go ahead and check that video out and then y’all can watch

This one it don’t matter which order i watch it in but the first thing that i got obviously is this steering wheel covered now i haven’t seen how tough it is to put these on yeah i’m already oh my gosh i am struggling okay let’s see let’s start from the bottom because the bottom of the steering wheel is flat okay well maybe i should start from the top i do

Not hey okay let me shuffle my knee shut it okay so i got my knee hold on one side and i’m pulling with the other i don’t know i don’t think this is gonna fit he said it fit oh my goodness oh oh jesus okay whoa i got it on it looks good it fits good oh my goodness it’s not even even now i got to somehow twist it and that would just be my look that is

Just my look it’s not even even are you serious okay well let me take the bottom off no no no no no no yeah it’s on there it feet it looks good i love it i love it so much oh my goodness and you got to see i already got a few things in here so i got this bling um seatbelt cover these actually came as a set and i will show you everything that came in that set

As well so i got them on both sides and i got four of these on the back of each seat so i like to hang you know like grocery bags and stuff from like my purse and whatnot so i came i have my purse on there so the next thing that i have it came in this set it was a pack of two of these coasters but i actually ordered these so i got these extra ones because i

Forgot about this because i had this for so long so so i might put the black ones in the side of the door that does look cute so i’ll put the black ones in the side of the door and put these other ones in the center also in that set i got these tire valve stem caps and they are also blingy i i just love the bling outs i’m gonna put those on as well nothing

Wrong with my tire valve um caps but these are cute so i mean why not it came with these mask hooks or you can use these hooks for anything i guess but i guess they’re supposed to be for masks i don’t really have a place to put it unless i stick it on to the other side of the car for my mom to put her mask in here because nobody’s gonna be riding in here but

Me and fancy and my mom right now so i’m gonna save these for future use so i’m gonna hold off on those right now i know y’all seen a lot of this these little things in there so i’m gonna put this on my drive mode thing oh i heard a lot of bad things about people putting them on their push to start thing so i’m not gonna do that and this barely even would

Fit up there it’s not even working i’m gonna pull this off stick that on there we go and stick it on here it’s cute i like that i mean i mean i don’t know it might not stay like that but who knows and then the next thing i have in that set is this it go on the gear shifter so i’m gonna go ahead and put that on there and show y’all that oh this is does it fit

Oh okay so yeah it does fit it’s just not as tight as i thought it would be that is cute okay the next thing i gotta take this plastic off so i’m gonna do that now because the next thing i want to show y’all gonna is going to go on the visor take all the plastic off oh it’s stuck on this side of this way okay open up the mirror and pull this plastic out of

The mirror oh this mirror is crystal clear oh my goodness and it shows a lot i’m not used to this my mirror was soft now for the other side i have this of course because mask you know we’re still in a little panoramic so i want to put this on my visor and i have this in my old car i also have this this right here i also have this it’s a carbon fiber sunglasses

Holder i’m going to clip that up here as well are you serious it just broke oh oh my gosh it just broke are you serious so now the pretty much the last thing but i still have one more thing to do like i see i told y’all fancy was gonna be a part of the video so i have her dog car seat back here that i need to put on the seat back here and see or i can

Set it up right here in the front and see how how she likes it in the front but i think she needs to stay in the back now she is not messing with me right now she does not want to get in it i’m not going to force her into it and to be honest i don’t really care for it it just looks i don’t know i just personally don’t care for it so this might be going back because

She is not having it oh i got hurt because the scent is going down but the last thing that i have are these car car light strips i thought it was upside down but it’s the guvie rgb car led strip lights and so i’m gonna go ahead and try to put these on which i’m not gonna be able to see them until later let’s see i have some of my old carpet the adhesive wore

Out so what is that zip ties okay so i got this because i got this app on my phone i can control my lights in my room and everything through this same app so that’s why i got this this brand of lights this is going to be this video is probably going to be over the course of a couple of days because i have a few supplies or whatever that have not come in and

Another thing that i do have because like y’all i was so scared of the night i had these deer whistles i never had deer whistles on my car because there was just no place for them but fun fact they have flat ones and this would have fit on my car perfectly and now the front of my grill is black so this would do really good on the front so i’m going to peel this

Off something quick that i forgot to show y’all was my key fob so this is the key fob that i ordered it is translucent pretty much all the way through that sort of new kia logo which i love push to start on the remote push to start remote start i got this silicone key really called wristlet and this right here is marble it is so bright oh yeah this is marbled

And red of course and i don’t know if y’all seen like my graduation picture i had this this whole time graduation and i had this but i returned it and this was just empty of course like you always walk around manifesting with an empty key fob holder and i got this z right here that my mom’s friend got from vegas for me as a christmas gift and then i got my house

Key po box key storage key all that stuff on there so the car is done um i’m going to pull off the rest of this plastic in here because there’s still a little bit plastic you know on the center and what now so i’m going to pull all that off because the dealer did leave some plastic for me to pull up and i said i want to put a plastic off so they left it so go

Ahead and do that excuse how i look i know i said i had a few more accessories and i’m sorry if there’s like wind or whatever but i had a few more accessories that i did not get to film and so the this just came today this is my trunk organizer so i’m gonna put this in my trunk this also have um these these um i don’t even know what you call these like these

Are vent clips for sauce so you just stick them on to your vent and put your sauce container in there if you driving but i eat in my car on my lunch so that has come in handy a lot and then i just have this cleaning putty that if there’s like any dust or whatever it’s just easy to grab it rather than trying to get it because i’ve had a lot of stuff that i’ve

Had to get with it recently i’ll show you all that and show me y’all what i’m putting in my trunk as well this is also another feature or accessory that i forgot to mention this is just a bullet i think this was an air freshener i got it out of my dad’s truck but this has been in my old car as well so i just keep that in here this license plate frame was

On my old car and i do believe i got this from amazon me you

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DECORATE MY NEW CAR WITH ME + Amazon Must Haves | Kia K5 By Zharia Selayna