Defender V8 v Jeep 392 v AMG G63 v X7 M50: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so i’m sat in the new supercharged v8 powered land rover defender next to me is another hardcore off-roader this one though from germany it is an amg g63 and next to that is another hardcore off-roader it’s a v8 hemi-powered wrangler v-8 hemi next to that is not a hardcore off-roader but we threw it in there too

Syed sayed satisfacto to appease the bmw fanboys because you’ve got to keep them on side that’s an x7m50 now let me tell you about this v8 which has been provided to me by amt auto london so link to them in the description if you’re looking to get a high-end car with lots of style go check them out okay so this has a 5 litre supercharged v8 and it puts out 525

Horsepower and 625 newton meters of torque it has an eight-speed automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive it’s quite heavy weighs in at 2470 kilos yeah and it’s quite expensive as well hundred thousand pounds now moving on to that g63 which is actually owned from nabil from topaz detailing hey how are you good how you doing matt yeah i’m all right nice white g wagon

Not quite as cool as having one in red just saying but nice nonetheless come on you can’t have a g wagon in red what are you trying to say why can’t you anyway let me tell you about the g word good it’s got a four liter twin turbo v8 with 585 horsepower and 850 newton meters of torque it’s also got a nine speed automatic gearbox all-wheel drive locking diffs and lots

Of hardcore of rotariness about it because of all that hardcore off-roaderyness it’s rather a v comes in at 5000 no doesn’t it comes in at 250 kilos yeah importantly it’s quite expensive 165 000 pounds next to that is that wrangler v8 it’s got a 6.4 liter hemi oh yeah hemispherical pistons i think that means they look like but kind of like convicts on the top

Anyhow that has 470 horsepower and 637 newton meters of torque it’s got an 8-speed automatic gearbox all-wheel drive all the discs proper off-road capability blah blah blah blah blah but it’s nowhere near as heavy as this or the g it weighs in at 2 150 kilos now if you want to buy one of those you need to go see my friend clive sutton because clarkson he got all

The american cars boy and that says all our american subscribers and subscribe and subscribe and subscribe and subscribe please don’t but if you do want an american suv or an american car and you’re living in blighty you need to check out clive link in the description below finally then we come to the bmw which is the odd one out because it’s a luxury seven-seater

Suv not hardcore off-roader like the other vehicles still it does have a 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 and it puts out 530 horsepower and 750 newton meters of torque it’s got 8-speed automatic gearbox all-wheel drive of course but also launch control it is the only of these four vehicles with launch control that’s actually driven by nabil’s brother maz hi maz how are you

Doing he likes to ignore me though masters hey matt you’re right i think so i am now you’re talking to me i thought you’re like in a mood of me or something we haven’t put a camera on you is that why you’re in the mood with me if we just didn’t have enough cameras i was gonna say your brother’s better looking but i don’t actually think that personally no i’m not

In the mood at all it’s just every single time i come here you put me in the slowest possible car no no no no no no no no no you think that’s not going to be the case you might be surprised at the outcome right so yeah stick with it it’s not going to be the slowest fanboys bmw fanboys it’s all right it’s not going to be i’m sure of it now just in case you missed

All those stats because it’s just too many to remember what i’m going to do is actually put the comparative statistics side by side for each vehicle so if you pause the video now you can just peruse them at your leisure there we go one thing i want to tell you before we crack on with the race is if you’re thinking about selling your car check out carli because

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Googling wow mikawa and we will wow you buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one stop car buying comparison site before we do this drag race we need the custom car wire sound check so i’m gonna rev up this beautiful english built v8 wish i didn’t have a soft limiter but i also wish that

I’d press record on the camera so you can see the revs there we go just try again oh yeah got another let’s have a listen to your german v8 it’s off limiter but also still nice nonetheless okay faceless racing driver sam in the wrangler can you rev up your american v8 that was sweet and finally then on the end maz can you rev up your german v8 i can hear

That soft limiter again but still quite nice okay that’s enough of all of that kind of nonsense let’s get into the race and by the way to the guy who’s written the comments race starts at x minutes in thanks for coming we appreciate your hard work three two one oh the way that g went off the line but nothing compared to that completely nuts wrangler seven is

Quick i’m last can i catch the wrangler i’m not going to catch that g or the x7 ah the seven got me right i lost that great britain beaten by germany in america first off that wrangler off the line winner it’s a monster line isn’t it i’m having to shift at 4 000 into second gear and then i can shift at five into third gear i hit my limit with 99 miles an hour

So i don’t know if that’s something built into this i don’t know i wanna know who won between the topaz boys it was like brother on brother better sibling rivalry my money is on maz even though he thought he was given the slower car got mars what happened i’m actually surprised i’m not actually in the slowest car it took off really well and towards the quarter i

Was ahead which is a nice surprise so second place then the bill right yeah but i think we need to do that again i think i was uh half asleep when the countdown happened i told you sibling rivalry i think i might jump that here comes the g63 can i come past that wrangler just i think your start was a little bit slow again the bill i might have been a little

Bit too quick yeah i was a bit slow on that one do you know what let’s give it one last go because i was probably a bit early let’s go again okay this is it final go what happens now is what happens excuses over oh it’s a bit slow getting off the line oh here comes the g63 and the bmw this is gonna be so close come on wow that was good this launches really well

When you brake booster okay so wrangler i think that was your worst launch out of all of them wasn’t it yeah i started to get a little bit of slip so i was trying to take care of the car on that one so i didn’t try to launch it as hard as the last one but yeah it’s good it’s just it’s trying to change gear you have to shift off at just about four in first otherwise

It hits this weird limiter and then the same when you go from second to third one pathetic soft story later and then by the time i’m doing 99 miles an hour you’re all gone to the distance so what happened though between the x7 and the g nobel did you do it so the launch was much better this time i think we launched a very similar timing i was ahead slightly probably

About an inch for a little while and then after that the aerodynamics there’s like a brick going through air so then aerodynamics just got to it and then i think the exception just went past it kept on going well let’s find out so then what exactly happened well the bmw won crossing the line just ahead of the mercedes though both cars completed the standing quarter

Mile in 12.9 seconds the land rover was third taking 13.3 seconds and the jeep was last finishing in 13.8 seconds okay now we have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour the car’s in just normal drive for the automatic gearbox and just comfort mode or whatever normal is you know like you’re just cruising along and then you see three other suvs and i’ll erase them so

I’m gonna challenge them three two one go kick down that mercedes shut off everybody’s shot off i’m last here comes the half mile what’s happened to that looks like he’s dropped an anchor that’s what i want this is doing better the top end now can i get no it’s between those two i wasn’t looking at x7 and all of a sudden i looked to the right and was there next

To me did he beat you though did he cross the mar mark before you i don’t know i don’t know what happened yes i did oh there we go victory for the bmw again i suppose it’s not a proper off-roader though is it so we should probably do something off-roadery with them and then like even the balance but anyway let’s take the kick down of the gearbox out the equation

Let’s do another rolling race now we’re going for rolling race once again from 50 miles an hour but the cars in their sportier setting and we’re going to start locked in third gear so i’m going to call this in again let’s see if we get a different result this time here we go then three two one go nice pickup from the supercharger still last that wrangler seems

To get to a point that it’s just like no no more but there’s now a clear difference between the bmw and the mercedes it’s not like he’s catching him up he was always ahead in the bmw nobel mining growing up getting beaten up by your older brother i can’t believe it i thought i’d give him the hearse and then i’d better lose i thought i was gonna win that’s why

I’m in this car they are both your cars aren’t they do you picked him anywhere and he went for that so just the wrong choice i’m never gonna hear the end of this matt but i think you misled him a little bit as well you’re all my fight today i’m not on anybody’s side apart from my own okay now we’re going to break test from 100 miles an hour well i say 100 miles

An hour that wrangler doesn’t quite do 100 it does about 99 it like tops out it’s got some sort of limiter on it that’s why i was able to come past it so what we’re going to do is just get level with the wrangler it’s going to set the pace and when we hit the line full emergency stop see which of these suvs stops at the shortest distance here we go come on stop

Stop no no no that was nuts that was incredible really i didn’t think there’d be this much difference between this land rover and the two german cars no way i was expecting that jeep on those crazy off-road tires to do pretty poorly but i’m really unimpressed by this land rover anyway the bill it happened again hasn’t it i can’t believe i was literally effing and

Blinding because i could see i was breaking and it looked like i was gonna beat him but he’s just there it’s such an ugly car result to look at from the outside and look at it and going it’s just there beating you now before all you bmw fanboys get all moist in the comments about me will be the best and all that kind of stuff listen this land rover that mercedes

And that jeep are all proper off-roaders right the x-7 isn’t you take them in some serious off-road terrain that x7 will lose we just put it in there to appease the bmw fanboys i think overall nabil for the proper off-roaders you won yeah yes but you’re still my favorite topaz brother overall that’s what i’m talking about i love you too matt no of course that’s

Not what i say to mars actually you know off camera anyway if you’re thinking about buying an suv then click on the pop-up they’ll throw the link in the description below to go to car wow okay make sure you get a fair price for it i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like click on those windows there for more videos and on that box there to go to car

Wow if you want to sell your car just upload some photos brief description and our dealers will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it thanks for watching

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Defender V8 v Jeep 392 v AMG G63 v X7 M50: DRAG RACE By carwow