Delivery Day – Tesla Model Y – Austin Build

Today is the day we take delivery of our second Tesla Model Y. Come with us for the journey.

Hi everyone welcome back to the channel it’s jim the iowa tesla guy today is a special day and it’s been quite a journey for us for those of you that have been following us on the channel know that we placed an order for a second bottle y i have a 2021 red model y and we decided that our family was ready to go all electric and we ordered another model y uh for

My wife in october 2021 um it was supposed to be delivered in march 2022 clearly we’re sitting here in september 2022 and so it’s taken a little bit longer and actually it hasn’t taken as long as tesla originally told us because at one point we were not supposed to get the car until june 2023 or over a year and a half but it’s been quite a journey i’m going to

Document all of the steps of what it took to get us from where we started to where we are now because there were quite a bit of twists and it turns along the way and i have to say that in 2022 if you want a tesla you kind of got to really want a tesla because there are a lot of things that happen during this buying process after we bought it with apple pay which was

Super super simple that just kind of made this whole thing a bit of a mess and again i’ll cover that in another video but today we are going to be covering pickup day hopefully everything is going to be good we’re 125 miles away from our destination 130 pickup time we’re going to document build quality we’re going to document any issues that we might find with the

Car we’re going to check it out we’re going to look at all the things and we’re going to bring it home and give you my final thoughts when we’re done so if this interests you stick around for the ride thank you all right welcome back we are almost to the tesla service center in des moines and we’ll be pulling here in a second and it got a text message a couple

Of minutes ago saying we need to find our car and then follow the instructions in the app so we’re just pulling up and we’re gonna see if we can track down the car all right this is it this is our new model y says congratulations on your new model y so i guess we’re going to start the process by looking over the outside of the car and i got a checklist we’re

Going to go through foreign so far we’re going through the checklist and i will say that we haven’t gotten too far into the car but the build quality of this 2022 model y this came out of austin by the way it’s in the 8 000 ish long range model wise out of austin so far we’ve seen a couple of small paint issues in the back we haven’t completely gone over

Everything but the panel gaps are substantially better on this car compared to when i bought my model y back in 2020. all right one of the things that sets this apart from other tesla model y’s is and one of the ways to determine that it’s actually an austin build is this it’s got the uh i guess trunk canopy cover that folds back like this and probably unpopular

Opinion is that i don’t really care for them so i don’t know if it’s actually going to stay in the car but it’s up to my wife so and i don’t think she really likes him either she’s holding the camera in motioning now so anyway that’s what you get our new model y all right so we’re going through the checkout process and inside of the car is actually perfect um

But they’ll run into a little bit of a hiccup we went through the app and we confirmed that we accepted the car and usually everything lights up and says you’re now it’s now your car but for some reason the app is still saying even though we’ve um i guess even though we’ve accepted delivery it’s still showing that we haven’t accepted delivery and the car isn’t uh

Registering that we’ve accepted delivery either so service guys have been really helpful so far but they’re working with us to try and get this figured out so we’ll check back in and we know what’s going on right so we’ve made baby steps forward it’s they claim that there’s been problems with the network today with the app but finally got the app to connect to the

Car the car no longer says that it is um needing to be picked up or anything however it’s stuck 50 downloading and when we try to turn off wi-fi it doesn’t want to connect to the network yet the cellular network and i just put in our home address so we can navigate from des moines to home and when we said it is it said it was going to take us a long time to get

There and as you can see here um it thinks the car right now is in southern california which we are not we were actually way over here in des moines i don’t know why the car isn’t picking up a gps signal so still trying to work some things out we’ll get it figured out all right i think we’re approaching the end of the road here at the service center it’s taken

A little bit longer to get this car up and going it’s had some software glitches that the the team here has had to work through and i have to say that the the uh the guys here at the service center in des moines iowa have been absolutely fantastic top-notch guys so thank you so much for all your help it’s just that for whatever reason we had issues with the lte in

The car and the gps and we’ve got guys right now a guy in there right now getting that all set up and squared away and getting the lte turned back on and getting the gps set okay you know it’s basically a computer on wheels and sometimes things don’t go quite as planned with computers but we’re about all fixed up and ready to go and it’s been a couple hours here at

The service center which is fine it’s cloudy avoided a lot of the rain we’ll be grabbing some food and then hitting the road back home and we’ll kind of check in when we get back to let you know how this whole process ended up and so check back later all right so after about two and a half hours at the service center we have our car and we are headed home i’m in my

Model y my wife is behind me in her brand new 2022 midnight silver metallic bottle y herself um got all the chinks out of the arbor the you know the bugs out of the machine whatever you want to say but overall the even though the experience took a little bit longer um it was a positive experience in part because the people that worked there and helped us out were

Just incredibly accommodating incredibly patient incredibly helpful as far as the build quality of the car compared to mine which is almost two years old almost night and day difference this is an austin build and i can tell you it looked really good top to bottom the only issue that we had with the car upon inspection was there were some scratches and actually

A couple gouges out of the back bumper cowl and they were quick to point out that they noticed that themselves and that they have already ordered a replacement rear cowl for the car that we’ll have to come back to des moines at some point in the future and get that swapped out now when you buy a tesla you want to make sure that within the first 24 hours you give

The car a very thorough look over because that is the grace period that you have to report to tesla any issues that you find that they will cover basically under warranty and say this is how i got the car kind of similar to when you get a rental car and you walk around it to see what kind of pre-damage there is this is your chance to find anything that you’re not

Happy with whether it be paint imperfections uh gaps in the body panel any dirt or smudges or problems on the interior now where this car really shines is in its build quality on the outside i have a 2020 model y and i didn’t know how bad the panel gaps were until i got this car this car is tight this is an austin build and everything that i’ve been hearing online

And even the tesla guys reported that this build quality is looking really well panel gaps are non-existent they are and the gaps that are there are consistent and equal and it’s just a really tight well-built car from what i can tell absolutely perfect let’s take a look at the inside of the car how well the build quality is on this particular model why we went

With a black interior which gives us the wood grain dash have to admit that living with the white seats and the white dash i am not a fan of the wood grain actually not you know black’s fine um interior is from an inspection point of view is perfect nothing loose nothing smudged nothing dirty the seats are perfect i’ve spent about a half an hour going through

The inside of this car thoroughly and i have yet to find a single problem which is fantastic for those of you that are concerned about picking up a tesla of your own a bit to my surprise with this new model y is that we actually got a physical mobile connector with the car i knew that we were getting one we paid for one because we bought this car and ordered this

Car almost a year ago but what has been reported recently is that they’re actually giving out vouchers 200 vouchers to go on the website and pick one of these up if they’re in stock this car actually came with one which was uh surprising and the service center said that they’re in the process of transitioning and some cars are getting them and some cars are not

This car got one so very happy to have it a new member of the family midnight silver metallic 2022 model y all of the new features that uh that that we don’t have and i’ll probably have a separate video comparing the two um but for now we’ll leave it at that hopefully you enjoyed this video i certainly enjoy getting this car it’s always exciting to get a brand

New car um but if you like this video and you want to see more videos like this or road trip videos or anything like that just hit that like button even better hit that subscribe button to hit that bell icon to be notified when those videos do come out so tell the next video catch you later

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Delivery Day! – Tesla Model Y – Austin Build! By Iowa Tesla Guy