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Der 1/18 Mercedes-AMG SL63 (R232) von iScale | Modellauto Neuheit 2022

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Das ist der neue iScale Mercedes AMG SL 63 Roadster (R232) in 1:18 in der Farbe Hyperblau. Dieses Mercedes Modellauto ist ganz neu von iScale erschienen. Was ich zu dieser Modellauto Neuheit sage, erfahrt Ihr in diesem Video.

Yes hello dear friends welcome back to a new video of mine. today i show you the new mercedes amg sl 63 from iscale in 1/18 scale. yes, brand new model, both model car and real vehicle. i’ll take a look at the model car without reservation and then give you my this is my first car from iscale, except i already had one in 1/43, the audi a8 also on the channel of course, and

I’m curious about the quality of this it’s a convertible, of course, but iscale has of course supplied a roof, which has a soft shape inside here, unfortunately it’s not soft, but it’s okay, i’d say, but i’ll show the whole thing without a roof, because it’s a and we take a look at the whole thing and now i just have to say something about the vehicle, about the real thing.

The whole thing here is, shall i say, very, very similar to that one, the mercedes gt and i can’t help but think of the shape, it looks like an evolution of the gt and i even introduced a gt convertible in blue, a gtc. you can compare the whole thing, i think they are very, very similar. as i said, panamericana grill from mercedes or amg with large and relatively pointed

I would say we also look directly into the engine, we have a small button at the bottom that we can pull up and then we can also look inside. and the whole thing is very, rudimentarily hinted at. i know the motors are no longer really visible in real life, but more would certainly have been possible here but well, now let’s look at the site and the basic dna of sl is

Still visible here the elongated side line, here also with the shoulder line or muscle line, you can see here as you like, very suitable rims are on here, nice with the spokes and the pin stripes on the silver rims, that looks very good. and yes, what i noticed is that there are no longer any door handles like in the real the rear was redesigned by mercedes and was also

Implemented well by iscale , i would have made the exhausts silver here, it’s not iscale’s fault now, that’s mercedes design, it says amg on it and on the other side sl63. and here also very long taillights, similar to the gt and you can maybe still see a bit of an sl taillight from the predecessor. we look into the trunk, which by the way is actually the hinges are not

Quite as filigree, in reality, by the way, i would say it is a very small trunk hole, it becomes difficult with crates of drinks, if you we’re definitely going to take a look at the interior now, and we’ll open the doors and i hope you can see that the interior is also quite detailed, in the center console you can see the now very large screen from mercedes installed and

In the footwell again imitation carpet flocking, i like that very much. now i would like to tell you something about the vehicle in real life, where the model can do less i don’t like this model as much as the predecessors, i mean, anyone who follows my channel knows that i’m an absolute fan of the sl models, up to at least the r230, and i even like the one before that,

The square one, by now also very good, in the color combination red with light equipment, which i have already presented here. i think they made an evolution from the gt to more or less but the basic dna has, in my opinion, been massively changed, as a result of which there are no longer any normal versions of the sl, but only an amg variant. that’s a shame and i don’t

Know why, as i said, that’s from mercedes amg and so in that sense they were right that they wanted to abolish the sl, so the way it used to be, i’ll say it doesn’t exist anymore. i’m not saying it’s a bad car, but i don’t think it’s an sl anymore. it should be named differently in my opinion, or how do you guys see it? feel free to write me your opinion in the comments,

I would be interested, otherwise, the model car from iscale is rock solid, i was positively impressed in any case. especially with the flocking, i would not have expected that. as i said, write me your opinion about the sl in general in the comments, i would be interested in that, otherwise look at one of my other reviews, otherwise

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Der 1/18 Mercedes-AMG SL63 (R232) von iScale | Modellauto Neuheit 2022 By GK Modelcar Universe