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Hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and to another video we’re today it’s going to be an epic one flip it out that’s a valkyrie uh wow that sounds absolutely insane perfect timing for the intro we are here today back at silverstone at race circuit we are going to be driving an suv this about crack over here an suv around a track and see how we get

On today is a track day uh so there are going to be a lot of other cars out there but my friend he is in today he is in a bmw x5m there’s another one so here we go it is time for what is going to be epic like i say we are here at silverstone and today well there are some amazing cars out and about but what you know you come to your usual track there you get

Your you know your supercars you get everything else but today we’re going around the track in an suv we’re going to see how we can keep up with cars in an suv i’ve never done this before but johnny cocker who is an amazing racing driver he’s going to be sat next to me we are going to be out with all of these cars which are here today in this this is what we’re

Out in today ladies and gentlemen this is the beer brand new bmw x5m so isn’t this just absolutely insane as cars are revving near me but this is just absolutely incredible an suv going around the circuit how is this gonna end you may think well i don’t actually know at this point all i know is that man out there is revving way too much anyway how cool is

This doesn’t that just look the part i’ve always been a fan of the x5 and now getting the chance to go around the circuit in an x5m i think is even cooler look at it as a gt3 rs is just leaving our garage very nice indeed but i personally have the bmw m8 and i think the x5 i’ve seen so much about it online 625 brake horsepower absolutely rapid but today we’re

Gonna see the handling of this car because i don’t know how they handle personally i know how the m8 handles very very well indeed but in x5m we’re going to find out exactly how this handles against supercars today around the circuit how cool are these lights as well at the back ladies and gentlemen aren’t they just amazing these wheels i’m a massive fan i just

Think that’s got loads and loads of prints i’ve actually heard these tuned this the figures are mind-blowing let’s have a little look inside because we like doing that don’t we on these videos we like having a little look and look inside very nice seats which you have in here perfect for the track day it does uh does look the part so we’ll see how we get on but

Johnny is going to be at the wheel of this x5m today i think the best thing to do is uh build this one up um i’m not sure we were going to be drifting it but we’re just going to see this is a new experience for me taking an x5m on the circuit i don’t even know how that really works but uh let’s go let’s jump in and let’s enjoy it’s gonna be fun people be like

What down we go the pit lane an suv people giving us a little weird looks but that’s fine nothing to complain about we’re quite a nice position to be here it’s very very odd i feel like i’m driving a bus people are generally like what is going on oh but it’s fine they they’re just a little bit confused that we’re going out in the next five m but it’s fine will

It handle well either well or be on our roof build it up nicely i mean oh i mean that’s not a thing i mean i feel like i’m gonna cry we’re going way too fast you’ll see me mean the gt3 rs can’t keep up with us always get around the outside of us oh my god what is going on i mean you can’t go on the clock on your inside flip it out i don’t know i can deal with

It i mean we are racing supercars in an x5m and we’re currently keeping up oh in she goes is going to be very confused when an x5m is going around the outside of him wow it’s actually very good um i can tell you seem to be doing a good job in it she goes we’re just following a duty through a wrist through it’s light rain shower but you’re gonna have part of

The gt4s yeah easy okay gt for our races back through oh we can follow mate that’s the proper range go easy on this one yeah it’ll be all right yeah i think come on mate it’s impressive isn’t it it’s actually got massive grip it’s good just a bit of a rain shower for when we break it on the brakes 145 no worries and she goes i mean i mean to be fair that

Gentleman of jesus is a very good track day driver and we are well i’m very much keeping up with him oh my god that was two wheels it’s the 720. i don’t feel well wow then she goes the thing is we i thought i am amazed how well this handles are you ridiculous it’s mega oh make that was fast that was fast does it feel like a good road car it feels good to

Me i’m pleased you broke there oh this is come on yeah that was nicely done he’s full power we’re full power and we’re gonna go faster i mean you would be fuming if you’re in a racing m2 and an x5m came past you it does stop quite well yeah but i can see that mate but you’re on it not many people will be able to be this on it you know oh it’s red yeah we should

Pick now anyway that thing’s broken down anyway well uh from what i can see that was a lot mate what car it still brings the uh still breaks when you try and slide it though does it yeah he said i want one of them i said your brakes are glowing oh um does it so like if you get a bit of a wobble on does it kick in yeah maybe it’s a proper beast isn’t it look at

Your breaks are glowing ah so you’re just gonna cruise i should probably shouldn’t just no nothing on the brakes no touching it it was good it’s a good little good little fun uh battle of the gt4 rs and the 720s but uh that was unbelievable oh man uh so as a road car i’ve done as a 4×4 it’s really it’s really like i mean the fact that you can drive it on track

Like that like it gives you a pretty good idea of how good it is on the road obviously when you’re driving on the road you’re nowhere near the limit nowhere near so just dynamically it’s just impressive i mean it took that gt3 rs like is five miles an hour faster maybe in a straight line just just got us in the straight line not a lot but just the tiniest bit

In a straight line but uh that’s probably the most fun i think i’ve ever had on a track day pretty good fun so we’re gonna head back to the pits and that was madness so there we go what an amazing day i’ve just arrived back and it was just incredible going around a race circuit in an x5m like that it just makes you realize just how flipping good an x5m really

Is it was just crazy the handling the speed of like you in terms of the other supercars we were keeping up even my gt3rs tiny bit quicker um but there were so many characteristics to that car that really impressed me the braking the cornering for an suv and everything just made me actually i’d love one one day um but it really is just it’s just unbelievable

When you get out and we saw the suv parked up there um everyone was coming up to us going were two racing drivers just going around in an suv and uh one of the guys like yes because i think people were a little bit worried that that thing was coming past them so fast as well what an amazing day johnny is massively talented if you’re thinking oh anyone can go

And do that no he’s a le man racer he’s raced so many different things uh and many accolades to his name as well so okay yeah it’s a massively talented driver driving it as well but let’s not take away just how impressive that car is i’ve gone away mind blown to be honest with you my thoughts are wow absolutely wow but i hope you guys enjoyed this next year

Uh because obviously lockdown restrictions etc that was filmed before but next year i really do want to do more track day stuff and uh get the chance to potentially drive so many different cars because i know you guys love it and it’s so much fun to make i really have a smile on my face every time i’m on a track whether it’s a road car or a race car i really do

Love it so i hope you guys liked it give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more of this style of video because i’m sure we’ll make it happen on these rma days next year but thank you very much for watching like i say thumbs up comments down below don’t forget to subscribe you haven’t already you

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