Detailed Walk & Talk Review of 2017 Ford Transit Connect Limited

Detailed Walk & Talk Review of 2018 Ford Transit Custom Limited

Here we have a sail our 2017 on a 67 plate for transit connect l1 which is the short wheelbase it’s the two hundred 1.5 tdci 120 brake horsepower and it is the limited spec so we’ll walk around the van now and talk you through some of the spec that you get as standard on a limited so to start off with you get rear parking sensors obviously this van has got rear

Barn doors you also get alloy wheels these are the limited alloy wheels and then you get color coding so you get the color coded moldings here and the color coded door handles color coded mirrors and the color coded front bumper which you can just see there has got the front fog lights in as well we’ll walk now into the cab and see some of the spec that you get

In the car as well because this is where the limited model whether it’s on a connect or a custom this is where they really kind of stand out from the rest of their competitors is the spec that you get in the cab of these vans so to start off with you’ve got the electric windows and electric folding mirrors you’ve got auto activated headlights and wipers we’ve got

The leather multifunction steering wheel and on the right hand side here you can control the radio so the volume you can also answer your phone and then on the left this is where you can control the on-board computer which displays up there with the mileages looking at the driver see we do have some adjustability here so some height adjustability there in the

Driver seat just one thing to mention there is a bit of we’re just there in the carpet not massively noticeable in the flesh but if you were to put a mat in there that would not be seen very common on vans where people’s heels dig into the soft floor also then looking at the multifunction steering wheel we’ve got the cruise control and speed limiter here on the

Right hand side we’ll just start the van up now as well so we can display the mileage and things while that’s going on there so now i link correctly and we’ll look here we’ve got the conditioning and then you’ve also got the heated windscreen button just there 6-speed manual gearbox as i mentioned previously on you know being that it is the 120 brake horsepower

Model a very very nice feature to have on one of these vans great on the move to a then when you pair that up with the cruise control that this fan has got this is the heated seat button this is for the drivers heated seat so you can toggle here how much you want that on we’ve got some really good versatility here in these patterns your seat so you can pull this up

Which reveals some extra storage under there and also a usb aux port just down there you can actually fold the back of this seat down which has got two cupholders and a place to store it’s you know some paperwork and then you can form this seat down all the way there we just got the nice metal back to the seat and that allows you then to make use of the load hatch

Which is there to go right through into the back of the van great if you’ve got some extra load lentz there that you’d like to put inside looking at the radio we have got the da b radio not sure if you can just see that up there you can also connect your phone to this and that will allow you to use bluetooth audio as well if you put the van just turn the volume

Down here if you put the van into reverse it will display this little image here which shows where objects are in you know behind you so again a very nice feature to have when i walk around on the outside and have a look in the back of this van as well this is being the 1.5 tdci and be in 2017 this is also euro 6 so you could take this into the ultra low emission

Zones without having to pay the congestion charge relating for that area so aria barn doors you can open these up and you can press on these little tabs there the yellow tabs and that opens the door up there too it’s 180 degree position you can do that on both sides as well so just looking at the condition here in the rear this is the the factory rubber mat that

You get in these very hard-wearing and only these are again the factory plastic panels here on the side this val can be ply lined as well if needs be got the nice led load light there and then this as i mentioned is the hatch that you can load all the way through there so if we go around to the side live in door we can just see how that works there a little bit

More detail so you’ve got the also the nice tie-down points here around the vans who’ve got one just here and there’s six in total all dotted around the van very nice to have but this the hatch this is magnetized so you pull that up there and then it clips in at the top and then that allows you to load right the way through then into where the passenger seat would

Be so gives you a really nice load length certainly for a van of this size so just to summarize this is a one owner from new transit connect limited with a hundred and twenty very coarse power engine as to say 6-speed manual gearbox and euro six as well so you’ve know into london and you know a lot of the ultra low emission zones which are now popping up around the

Country without having to pay that congestion charge really nicely spect and condition wise is very very nice eighteen thousand miles so very nice low mileage of course you know it is covered under some manufacturer’s warranty and it will be going through our workshop as well before it leaves us if you’d like to inquire on this van here our contact details listed

At the bottom of the sign please feel free to give us a call on either of those numbers listed there we’ll be happy to arrange finance we can get finance a very competitive rates and we can take cars or vans in part exchange so give us a call and we can arrange a test drive and you can come down see what you think for yourself thank you very much for watching

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Detailed Walk & Talk Review of 2017 Ford Transit Connect Limited By Bridgend Van Centre